Few safe transmog sets

Sometimes i don’t know what transmog i should use, so until i figure this out i use few sets, they look nice on any race/gender, and i use them until i collect enough transmog for the class.

All: Noble Set, it have three pieces: chest | legs | feet, it’s the set i use when i have no other option.

All: Stormwind Set, hide the helmet, add a tabard and you get a nice looking set, Alliance only.

Plate: Demonsteel Armor, also hide the helmet, this set comes from blacksmith crafting in Legion, so you can grind for it or buy it from other players.

Plate: Demonbreaker Battleplate, hide the helmet, i rarely like any helmets, this set comes from LFR Hellfire Citadel, it have nice little details, a dagger and a bag on the belt, green crystals on the shoulders, i thought the color will be a problem but it wasn’t, i tried it and it looks nice.

Mail and Leather: Flowing Water Armor, hid the helmet or change it to Rayne Scarf, add a tabard.

Cloth classes have many nice looking robes so i never have a problem to find a nice transmog for these classes.

One more thing:


This is my Mechagnome warrior, on the right is a pet battle! it looks cute and almost big enough to be a mount for the gnome!

Anyway, Mechagnomes have a problem with transmog, they can’t show gear on feet, legs, wrists and hands, when i made this character the second first quest gave me a tabard, using this tabard solved the problem with transmog, it looks nice, it’ll work until i get the Heritage armor for Mechagnomes.

Mechagon, Mechagnome, Mekkatorque

Mechgnome is beautiful

Many WoW players love the gnomes and wish to see more lore for them, 8.3 give us all a good chunk of lore for gnomes, unlocking Mechagnomes as allied race is a must for everyone, even if you don’t play gnomes.

Spoiler Warning: don’t read if you want to do the questline yourself.

I needed to go to Mechagone dungeon first, and i’ll admit it was way easier than i thought it will be, joining groups always makes me nervous but this time i prepared, changed my talents so i removed Barrage and changed the talent to passive one, Barrage is perfect for soloing not for dungeon groups, i read the dungeon journal while waiting for the queue, but the dungeon in both sections was too easy we ignored most mechanics.

With that out of the way, i found Kelsey Steelspark waiting for me in Boralus, she start the questline to unlock Mechagnomes, and she is afraid that Mekkatorque is losing his life slowly, she arrange to transport his pod to Mechagon.

In the island prince Erazmin help us with restoring Mekkatorque health, i have to collect items, click on things, and help with the operation, one part of this questline is asking gnomes about what they look for a leader, and the gnomes love their leader.


Mekkatorque wakes up safe and unharmed, we go to Mechagon dungeon to clean it from remaining bots and make it a city for all gnome-kind, Mekkatorque become the king of all gnomes and prince Erazmin is his counselor.

Now this is a happy news, i wish to see more, i wish to see Gnomregan return to gnomes and renewed, also that means the Trolls in the horde side get their island restored and renewed.

I created a new Mechagnome warrior, the transmog for this character will be a challenge since legs and arms show no armor.

Mechagnome Strider … looks weird but i like it

8.3: But first .. Nazjatar


Three things i loved so much in 8.3:

  • Magni wielding his hammer Fearbreaker and a mace, he is the Mountain King.
  • Ny’alotha in the Vale.
  • Anduin punching Wrathion!

Magni fighting like no other NPC, he jumps around, stunning mobs, killing them, i was impressed, and i understand why Blizzard made him powerful, 8.3 mobs hit hard and melee players will have hard time with them, i’m glad to play hunter because i can solo mobs easily.

Magni made me think about making a dwarf warrior or elemental shaman!

Uldum is my favorite zone and i’m glad it’s being used for new content, The Vale of Eternal Blossoms is fixed but right now the Black Empire appeared there and with them all the void things, i love the whole place.


This patch is the last content for BFA, and from now to Shadowlands there will be time to farm all what i need from this patch, maybe even level some characters if i’m in the mood for it.

I’m complaining here, feel free to skip this section 🙂

Linking quest lines with Nazjatar quest line, to start with Mechagon quest line or Heart Of Azeroth, you need to start with Nazjatar first, i guess Blizzard wanted to simplify the process, but in doing this the alts have to go with the same quests to unlock the content, no skipping here.

My Horde main have level 61 Heart of Azeroth but no Essene, i didn’t look into it, i thought i need to grind reputation, but no, the problem is the quest line is hidden behind another quest line.

And now patch 8.3 require Nazjatar quest line.

Unlocking Mechagnomes allied race needs a dungeon, i thought i was done with the grind, but just few days ago i found that i need a dungeon, i know it’s in LFD now and i can do it quickly, but why?

This is the second time Blizzard lock an allied race behind dungeons, Kul’tirans was the first one, in the Horde side all allied races don’t need one dungeon, this is frustrating, and i still can’t think of a good reason for this.


A Backpack


8.3 patch in WoW coming in few days and with it there will be a new item for transmog, a backpack, not the first one because the first is from Recruit a Friend, which made many people upset because they can’t have it, now there is another one and i guess it won’t be the last one, i hope so.

In Guild Wars 2 there are so many back items, but not one cloak, and a back item could be anything, like this Monkey Lantern! just recently they added capes.

I’m glad Blizzard is trying something new here, because few months ago i sent them this suggestion, i told them why not add something like backpack instead of cloak? now i’m not saying my suggestion made them do this, i’m sure they planned this for years, they talked before about cosmetic items for each class, so the backpack could be part of this project to add more cosmetics options.

8.3 provide good amount of content, the backpack is my goal.

Back to WoW


Today is the last day for the WoW 15th anniversary, i needed to finish the grind for PVP mount, and i did as you see in the image above, it’s a nice looking mount and it will look perfect for Dwarf alts.

My shadow priest was level 110, by going to Alterac Valley she reached level 120, but her gear was so poor, most of it came from Legion, so i spent some time giving her gear, it’s amazing to see item level jump 10 or 12 points by adding one new item.

The PVP event was perfect chance to level many alts, but i could not do it, i never saw the alliance win once, and trying to do something different than PVPing was hard when the other side does not leave you alone!

Ah well … Shadowlands should change my feeling for leveling, and 8.3 is not far now, i’ll have things more things to do soon.

The Darkening of Tristram Returns


Diablo 3 event is back, and it offers stuff, i didn’t know about the pets and the achievements, i remember first event have nothing of that or maybe i never noticed them until today.

To get the butcher pet you need a level 1 character to enter the event dungeon and finish it, i made a new monk alt, with level 70 legendary weapon, and in normal difficulty, it was so easy to finish the dungeon, you don’t need legendary weapon, it can be done without it … i just love the feeling of being overpowered 🙂

There is a cow pet and it need some simple steps to find it, so i won’t talk about it, maybe you want to solve the puzzle yourself.

If you want to know everything the even provide, then read this guide.

Ultima Online: too much freedom


Most video games have goals or a clear way of playing them, you know what to do or the game itself tells you what you should do, some games provide a long tutorial to teach you how to play the game.

And there is Minecraft, which throw you into a world and you have to figure it out,  Minecraft is popular and you’ll find a lot of tutorials for it, and many videos showing how to play the game, for people who love Minecraft it’s easy to decide what they want to do, first they usually try to survive the first night, then look for more resources, build the first house, then they can plan a number of things to do, from exploring to going into another world to fight a dragon.

Ultima Online is similar to Minecraft, there is so much to do and you as a player should choose, the game does not provide any guidance, there are no achievements, no levels to gain, you have skills to level but which ones? you can make your own class of fighter or crafter but you can’t be everything, so you have to choose your skills.

Even if you know what you want to be, the question still remain: what now?

So i decided that my character will be a mage with tailoring and inscription, level my combat skills, go to dungeons, maybe try my luck with taming animals.

Since UO is free to play (with some limits) it’ll be a long term project, no need to play it for hours every day, yesterday i leveled my inscription skill to 50, that didn’t take long time, so every day i can do a little to level my skills.