Screenshots and dad jokes


Yes, you can fish here in the amber water.


This is a toy made by engineers in Legion, Blingtron’s Circuit Design Tutorial. it provide a mini-game which starts simple then get complex and it may give you headache, or worst makes you pull your hair.


But with some thinking and strategy you can solve 20 levels to get an achievement, here is a hint: each dot have either 2 or 3 or 4 connections, knowing that could help you know where that dot should be.


Happy Blizzard updated horses models and that includes Gilnean mounts, alas Stormwind mounts still look the same old model, sometimes i prefer simple horses as a mount, less visual noise.


Quilboar have new model in BfA, and i love it, so detailed and there is a model for femal quilboar, something i didn’t notice before.


And the wise orc said: ….


In Ashran, someone in Blizzard trolling with names 😀


In dad jokes scale, this one takes 2 out of 10, and i’m generous here.


In my many years of WoW, this is the first time i see this item in AH, it is useless for me, i can’t transmog it, and it is almost 5 million gold, i have a little more than 200k gold in my main.


Some title should be here

“So cold, but i have to make this silly pose … for screenshots!”

This is me rambling about not playing BFA yet … be warned of time wasted below 😛

BTW: what do you think of using emoji in blogs? in mid  2000s there was a debate between 3 blogger groups: the for emoji group, against emoji group and the best one: the meh group! they don’t care either way.

So BFA started and i didn’t play it yet, app is working and updated WoW, bug fixing most likely, when the expansion started i was tired, it’s time to sleep, and yet i could not help it to check few streamers, people are excited and i’m with them but tired, so i didn’t spend time watching much, i put my computer in sleeping mode and i went to my sleeping mode space AKA: Bed.

First thing in the morning: i need to do my laundry! so i’m doing that, then i need to do some cleaning and organizing, but most importantly: i need to drink some tea, it’s an age old addiction and i admit it.

So i’ll probably play WoW this afternoon, i prefer the WoW world to be in the day to take better screenshots, or at least to enjoy the world more, WoW at night is good for some questing and exploring.

Few days before BFA i was trying to reach level 100 with my Death knight, i did that and i’m at level 103 now, so far i think DK order hall have the best story, it is dark one, and i think it will have something to do with BFA or the expansion after that.


I thought my DK should look elegant, so i chose Nobelman‘s set as transmog, i just need a top hat, and black or white gloves, or better: hide gloves, i’m waiting for that.

I could not prepare for BFA as other people do, i love to read what other people did or planning to do, some prepare health meals for 7 days in advance, some prefer to buy snacks and soda drinks, some clean rooms and computers and take days off work.

I like reading all that but i can’t do it myself, whatever you are doing, have fun, and please don’t skip sleeping 🙂

Addons i use in WoW

I’m at least sure this is not dung or beetle

Usually i prefer normal WoW interface without any addons, but using few of them can be useful, my rule here the addon should not change the interface, only improve it, so here is a list current addons.

DejaCharacter, i used this for most of Legion, basically it shows more stats for character, i really don’t care much about stats, but i don’t like it when Blizzard remove a feature without an option to bring it back, and i think they over-simplified the stats window.

dG Stripper, remove the silver gryphons from the action bars, that’s it, i just wanted cleaner action bars.

HandyNotes, i don’t use it much, just when i need help searching for something and i’m sick of wasting time i use this addon, of course the HandyNotes does not work on its own, it needs content like:

SquareMap, it makes the map square instead of circle, same place, same size, but showing a little more area than the circle.

That’s it, tell me what addons do you use?

Questing and dungeons transmog sets


Bellular the WoW youtuber have a good video showing BfA transmog sets, he starts with questing sets then dungeons sets, which for me are more interesting than raid sets.

Blizzard started adding dungeon sets since Vanilla, back then it was all about the stats and there is no transmog and yet the sets looks nice, they don’t look like a clown suit, Then Transmog system was added in Cataclsym and with it Blizzard started caring more about questing and dungeons transmog sets.

Now with BfA; it seems that Blizzard worked harder to provide good looking questing and dungeon sets, and it worked to provide 2 group of sets, one for the Alliance and the other for the Horde, both looks nice.

Legion questing sets are … well ugly, take a look at this mail set, i didn’t like it, while BFA Kul’tiran mail set looks much better, i can see myself using this set a lot, the same for cloth/plate/leather sets, in the Zandalari side the Horde players will find a lot of golden sets, i wonder if these sets are faction locked? i hope not.

The same thing for BfA dungeon sets, they look nice, better than Legion IMO, of course it all depend on your taste, you may dislike all these sets.

One more thing, Wowpedia have a list of all green sets, you may want to check some of them.

Watching movies again

Groundhog_Day_(movie_poster)Slowly i’m going back into watching movies, years ago i felt sick of movies industry (aka Hollywood) and i could not watch anything from them or anyone else, to explain that i need to write a long post about movie industry but i’ll spare you the agony, i’m here to write about what i enjoy.

Yesterday i watched Groundhog Day again, it’s one of these safe movies, i mean movies i like to re-watch over and over and it’ll never get old, i prefer watching older movies than watching a new ones, but there is always exceptions.

Star Wars movies, The Force Awaken, The Last Jedi and Rogue one, years ago i watched the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy, and i liked them, then i found Star Wars “fans” in youtube and other places, i’m glad i found them after watching the movies, because sometimes the worst thing can happen when you love something is finding other people who “love” the same thing.

Youtube these days can’t leave me alone without suggesting a many videos from people who hate the new movies, hate the prequel movies, and hate any changes made by Lucas on the original movies, they are angry all the time.

I’m baffled by that; people who define themselves by what they hate, you find them every where because they are the ones who care most to make other people hear them, comment sections around the web are infested by them, it makes hard for others to find good comments.

In the other hand there are people who love everything Star Wars and they are critical, they point out what is wrong with a movie without the need to be angry or insulting, they give me a chance to understand the movies deeply because i need help to understand stories in a deeper level, the same thing for art.

Another new movie i watched recently was Thor: Ragnarok, this is the first super hero movie i watched, i rarely read any comics* and i don’t know anything about this super hero world, but the movie stand alone, i didn’t need to watch other movies to understand what’s going on, it was mix of action and comedy, i don’t have much to say here, i liked it.

*I read 3 comic books, Watchmen, V for Vendetta and Logicomix, i highly recommend Logicomix, it’s a mix of history, math, logic and philosophy, it’s one of the deepest books i ever read, as for the other two; they are depressing stories.

Also i watched Inception, while i liked the movie i didn’t find it deep, don’t get me wrong, i thought the movie was well made, good acting but there is too much visual effects and action, from what i read in the web i thought there will be some deeper story.

This is just random thoughts on movies, i used to buy and watch at least one movie a month years ago, maybe i’m going back to doing that, but i’m more interested in old movies and few of new movies.

Here .. have a buff


Giving buffs to other players in WoW, i miss that, Legion removed buffs, BFA gave us some of them, so i took my priest to Goldshire, stood over the Inn’s roof, there i gave anyone and everyone a buff, get your 10% stamina.

I kept doing that for about 25 mins, sometimes people will stop, look around, they don’t notice me, some do, some people remove the buff! i wonder why, i keep giving buffs, i’m enjoying this more than i should.


Someone noticed me!

Durrzam the orc

Victory .. i have a pink pet

He was a disposable character, i only wanted to see the new posture for male orcs then delete him, but he convinced me that he deserve an adventure like no other, a crazy path where he and he alone take himself around Azeroth and reach the Broken Isles and without taking single quest from any one.

Durrzam is a hunter orc, i complained enough about how old zones have old content and i’m bored with it, i don’t mind the slow pace but i want dynamic content, things to do other than questing and dungeons.

So this is a challenge, slowly i’m taking Durrzam from 1 to 110 without quests or dungeons, this is how i level him:

  • Heirlooms, i little boost does not harm.
  • Mining and herbalism, i wish i can take leatherworking and skinning to make gear for myself, but a little XP is important.
  • Item quests are OK, when a mob drop an item which start a quests i can finish that quest, and if that leads to another quest i can do that too.
  • No quests, that includes normal quests, daily quests, pet battle quests.
  • Treasures, bonus objectives, rare mobs and Legion invasions, all of that are acceptable to gain XP.

Now Durrzam is at level 22, with 432 gold in his bag, who knew selling copper ore is profitable? i’m not going to write about him again until he reach level 60, then start the torture that is Outland and Northrend.

This is long term project, it’ll take months to reach the goal, why i’m doing this? well blame the in-between-expansions we have now, Legion is behind us, BFA didn’t really start, farming old dungeons and raids can get old and i love doing this stuff, so a little variety does not hurt.

Of course when BFA start i’ll focus on my main, so Durr will take a holiday.