Month: June 2017

Nixxle Logbook – 001: it was a boring day

BilgeWater Port

Bilgewater Port never change, it was filthy, chaotic, noisy, and yet we get things done, today was just another step to climb the ladder and find some place with fresh air:

  • My assistants Sassy Hardwrench wants me to check on Foreman Dampwick, she sent him an explosive gift, the lazy old goblin deserve it!
  • Dampwick told me the some mining trolls are getting lazy, our old slavers (now our slaves) stopped working, even asking for launch breaks!
  • I loath slavers, yet we are doing just that, i always tell myself that all of this will be temporary, i’ll reach the top and then get myself a place away from all this flith, it took me years of hard work to reach the job in the cartel, i can’t have the trolls slowing me down now, and the Kaja’mite is necessary for Goblins, it is what make us smart.
  • My assistants wanted me to collect debt, play a match of Footbomb, it’s all for a good image.
  • I went to Drudgetown slums to collect the debt, it makes me hate the trade princes, Goblins used to be slaves for the trolls, now they slave each other, but look who’s talking here?! i went to beat some poor Goblins for not being able to pay their debts, just for the good image.
  • In the Footbomb field i played against Steamwheedle sharks, we won of course, the last shot was into Mount Kajaro itself, it just happen that Deathwing himself shows up at the same moment, and here my dear Logbook where everything went wrong!
  • Deathwing attacked Mount Kajaro!
  • Earthquakes, that didn’t matter for Candy Cane, she wanted an easy life where i’m rich and she does not need to work, so it was a party and everyone is invited .. except Gallywix.
  • I prepared for the party, nice dress and cool shades, entertained the partygoers, then a pirates attacked the party and the whole port, at this time?!
  • Sassy told me Gallywix waiting for me, angry for not inviting him, he threatened me for being so ambitious, he knows i’m trying to overthrow him as the leader of the cartel, i’m sure he called the pirates to the port.
  • Mount Kajaro erupted, everyone wanted to run away but there is only one ship in the island, Gallywix’s! i have to give him all i own and more to have a place in his ship, so i did! i even stole from the bank to do that, i lived all my life in Bilgewater Port dreaming to run away, this is it!
  • Gallywix enslaved most people who could reach his ship.
  • Running away from Kezan, into a battle between the Horde and the Alliance, The Alliance attacked us with no warning, destroyed the ship, Gallywix ran away in his rocket, he left every one else for the bottom of the sea.
  • I was rescued, then i rescued other Goblins, we washed up in a tropical island.
  • I’m too tired, time to rest, tomorrow we have so much to do.

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Nixxle Logbook – 000: Preface


Sometimes you have to make your own fun, i love WoW but i don’t like the race to the end-game, i have character at level 110 and item level 891, chasing the higher iLVL is not fun, farming old raids for transmog sets gets repetitive quickly, and all of that is not the kind of thing i enjoy.

What i enjoy is the world itself, the settings, the NPCs and their stories, exploring the world, so i’m going back to do that, but i’m playing Horde this time, i always choose Alliance for my character, so it’ll be quite interesting, the rules are simple:

  • No heirlooms, leveling fast is not the goal here.
  • Finishing all quests in a zone before moving to other.
  • Must visit all goblin quest hubs.

I have to mention that GROMOGG was the inspiration to start this character, i chose a goblin because i think goblins are fun, their tropical starting zone is beautiful.

Nixxle will write the next log.

Blizzard: where is my house?


Massively OP wrote a daily grind about housing, which MMO provide the most disappointing housing system, a good question and a subject i care about, because all games i play have no housing and i wish some of them have.

Some comments said Garrisons in Warlords of Draenor is one of them, and i disagree, Garrison should never be called housing, it never was and it never will, garrison should only called Garrison, a system Blizzard designed for WoD expansion.

Garrison is not housing because:

  • It is not optional in the time of Warlords of Draenor, you can skip it now with character boost, but if you are leveling a character you probably should have a garrison because a lot of the quests need it.
  • There is no customizing options, Alliance gets a human designed garrison, the Horde gets goblin/orcish designed garrison, and i don’t think building choice is customization.
  • In Legion, Garrison is irrelevant, you don’t need it, and if you are leveling you can’t get a garrison because you need to reach level 90 before starting with WoD.
  • Garrison is a military base, you don’t go there to arrange the furniture, you are a commander there who lead an army to invade a new world, this is not a house.

Housing in other MMOs does not work like garrison, so i don’t like it when WoW players or developers say we don’t want housing because garrison did not work … again: garrison is not housing.

WoW History with housing

The idea of housing in WoW is as old as WoW itself, Wowpedia documented this in a page, check Blizzard quotes section, the oldest quote goes back to july 2004, months before WoW release, Blizzard wanted to offer housing but i think they could not, time was probably not enough before release to offer housing, and i guess it was not their top priority every time they develop a new expansion.

Wow players asked for housing since 2004 to this day, check this video, viewer voted for features the want to see, and in this list of top 10, housing comes first:

Clearly there is a demand for housing in WoW, and it is one of these features that people won’t ever stop asking for.

How it could work in WoW

Blizzard won’t go crazy like WildStar or offer the freedom of Landmark, and that is fine, housing in wow will be an instance in many zones, they could let players choose which zone to put their build their house on, and WoW have so many zones, if you love desert like me you could choose Uldum and the zone will offer many spots to build your house, but you should be exalted with Ramkahen faction.

Your house is there for you only, no one will see it, it is an instance just like the garrison, you could invite people into a group to show off your house, they could show off their houses.

each profession could offer housing items, and Blizzard could add a new profession just for housing items, woodworking is an old idea, so this profession will work for housing and it could offer new toys and mounts.

The house should be cosmetic, unlike the garrison which offered too much for the player, the house should encourage the player to go out in the world to collect stuff for it, go to dungeons and raids, explore the world and find items to collect.

All of that is just an idea i wish to see, of course the last word is for Blizzard … come on Blizzard, what takes you so long?

Submachine world


Jay Is Games or JiG, an old website for video games, i used to visit it everyday for many years, it used to show mostly flash games, remember them? some of these games moved to other platforms like iOS and Android and even desktop operating systems, i’ll write about some of them in future posts, but first, i want to talk about the best series of flash games in my opinion, and thanks to JiG for showing this game first time in 2005.

The series is created and programmed by the polish artist Mateusz Skutnik, and from the first game i was a fan of his work, there is something about them makes them different from all the flash games i played in JiG, the music, the story, the atmosphere, it all work together to make these games unique.

What are these games? well … they are point and click games, a genre of computers games i love for many reasons, they are good for lazy people like me, they are perfect to relax and many of them tell good or funny stories, they don’t need high-end computer to play them, so they are perfect for me in mid 00s, i have slow connection and old computer assembled from old parts.


Submachine games are 10 games tell a story about a mysterious world, you the player play a role, explore the machine, try to solve the puzzles and understand what’s going on, there is nothing more to it, just point and click, explore and reach the end.

Also in the series there are 3 standalone games, that makes them 13, buy them from the artist, the cost only $25, also check the other games, some of them free browser games, you need flash to run them.

There is also one game in the series you can download for free, Submachine: universe, works in Mac, Linux and windows, this game is a collaboration between the developer and the players, you’ll see articles in the game written by the plyaers trying to explain what is the Submachine, theories about its creation and how it works and who is Mur.

I’m a tourist in virtual worlds, and Submachine world was and still is a world worth exploring, i love everything about it, thank you Mateusz for making the Submachine series.

One Boat, one holiday and Thousands Needles


MMO developers design their games to have a reward system, and the system is simple: do this get that, or in case of RNG: do this and maybe you’ll get one of these things, so players learned to do stuff for a reward, and if there is no reward why do it? it is a waste of time to do things in MMOs without a reward at the end … or that’s how some people think.

Blizzard announced the idea of micro holidays months ago, small events in World of Warcraft where you can do stuff without a reward, you do it for the fun of it, if you are not having fun then you don’t need to do it because there is no carrot at the end of that stick, there is no stick!

I love that, i think MMO developers should focus more on making their games fun to play before designing a reward system, an MMO should be fun to play even without rewards, and for that it needs all kind of content for all kind of players.


In Thousand Needles, there is a micro-holiday, it’s all about boats and fishing, collect this stuff, fish for tar (don’t ask how, it’s a game!) and put all that to craft a boat for yourself, a fast boat you can use any where in the game and it is fast, it won’t last for more than a week, it’s temporary and that’s the best thing about it.

One thing you should do in the holiday (if you play WoW) is trying to bounce a ball for 10 times, but why stop there? i did it for more than that because it was fun! i wish there is a way to do it in a group and you should bounce it for 100 times? why not? meaningless harmless fun.


Another thing i like about these holidays is they have nothing to do with real life holidays, most of online games have events related to real life like Halloween, and i’m not a fan of that, i prefer each game to have events related to its lore and history.

Also i love using old content and updated it, an MMO should not abandon the old content or zones and focus only on the newest content, it should keep the world alive and relevant, it should give players a reason to go back to old content, Blizzard doing that with these events, but it can do more.

The Tourist Mode


If you like to read novels or play video games; you are a tourist, you are living in a virtual world built by someone’s imagination, you read the words and imagine the world, your image of the world is unique, and when you play a video game with a world you can explore you are a tourist even if you are thereto kill monsters and digital dragons.

We like to visit new places, look around for new and unique details, trying new things, eating different kind of food, we are nomads, travelers, explorers, and in this age we do that with video games.

I sent a question for Massively OP podcast, and they answered it in episode 115, thank you Bree and Justin for your answer, i asked why there is no “Tourist-mode” in MMOs? in fact why there is no such mode in most video games? it can be done easily in single-player games, just add a mode where i can walk around without the fear of being attacked and killed by monsters, i find so much enjoyment in walking around in virtual worlds.

Games like Dear Esther, Journey, Gone Home, Firewatch and many other, these games are all about story and environment, two things we as people love to experience since the ancient times, the technology is different for sure, but desire to seek the new things is the same.

I wish to see a tourist-mode in MMOs, i don’t know how developer can make this happen, but i’m sure it’s not impossible.

In the other hand, maybe my desire to see new places should push me to travel in real world instead of sitting here in my room exploring virtual worlds, at least i’ll walk and that is a good thing for my health.