The Tourist Mode


If you like to read novels or play video games; you are a tourist, you are living in a virtual world built by someone’s imagination, you read the words and imagine the world, your image of the world is unique, and when you play a video game with a world you can explore you are a tourist even if you are thereto kill monsters and digital dragons.

We like to visit new places, look around for new and unique details, trying new things, eating different kind of food, we are nomads, travelers, explorers, and in this age we do that with video games.

I sent a question for Massively OP podcast, and they answered it in episode 115, thank you Bree and Justin for your answer, i asked why there is no “Tourist-mode” in MMOs? in fact why there is no such mode in most video games? it can be done easily in single-player games, just add a mode where i can walk around without the fear of being attacked and killed by monsters, i find so much enjoyment in walking around in virtual worlds.

Games like Dear Esther, Journey, Gone Home, Firewatch and many other, these games are all about story and environment, two things we as people love to experience since the ancient times, the technology is different for sure, but desire to seek the new things is the same.

I wish to see a tourist-mode in MMOs, i don’t know how developer can make this happen, but i’m sure it’s not impossible.

In the other hand, maybe my desire to see new places should push me to travel in real world instead of sitting here in my room exploring virtual worlds, at least i’ll walk and that is a good thing for my health.


3 thoughts on “The Tourist Mode

  1. I haven’t thought about it this way before, great post. I do wish, when I am exploring the ocean in WoW, that there was no mobs to suddenly attack me.

    I often explore using Alt+Z (the command that hides the interface, right?), so sometimes it would be nice to just be able to see the mobs, sure, but have them a “part” of the environment.


    1. That will be great, there is so much details in the games, some youtubers have videos of things player miss out when they play, because players are busy doing what the game ask them to do, that’s why i like walking simulator games, just walk and notice everything 🙂

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      1. Me too. I actually liked the world before the revamp Cataclysm brought more. When questing wasnt so “linea”r, and it didnt “force” you to travel every part of a zone.

        That meant that many places were left “unexplored” unless you had an urge to see it; and once you came across something that was not tied to a quest or the likes, my mind just wondered on a whole other level. Good times.


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