One Boat, one holiday and Thousands Needles


MMO developers design their games to have a reward system, and the system is simple: do this get that, or in case of RNG: do this and maybe you’ll get one of these things, so players learned to do stuff for a reward, and if there is no reward why do it? it is a waste of time to do things in MMOs without a reward at the end … or that’s how some people think.

Blizzard announced the idea of micro holidays months ago, small events in World of Warcraft where you can do stuff without a reward, you do it for the fun of it, if you are not having fun then you don’t need to do it because there is no carrot at the end of that stick, there is no stick!

I love that, i think MMO developers should focus more on making their games fun to play before designing a reward system, an MMO should be fun to play even without rewards, and for that it needs all kind of content for all kind of players.


In Thousand Needles, there is a micro-holiday, it’s all about boats and fishing, collect this stuff, fish for tar (don’t ask how, it’s a game!) and put all that to craft a boat for yourself, a fast boat you can use any where in the game and it is fast, it won’t last for more than a week, it’s temporary and that’s the best thing about it.

One thing you should do in the holiday (if you play WoW) is trying to bounce a ball for 10 times, but why stop there? i did it for more than that because it was fun! i wish there is a way to do it in a group and you should bounce it for 100 times? why not? meaningless harmless fun.


Another thing i like about these holidays is they have nothing to do with real life holidays, most of online games have events related to real life like Halloween, and i’m not a fan of that, i prefer each game to have events related to its lore and history.

Also i love using old content and updated it, an MMO should not abandon the old content or zones and focus only on the newest content, it should keep the world alive and relevant, it should give players a reason to go back to old content, Blizzard doing that with these events, but it can do more.


2 thoughts on “One Boat, one holiday and Thousands Needles

  1. I did not have time to do this event till the end, but I did manage to bounce the ball around too. I didn’t pick up any quests, so I did not know what the ball was actually for, I think I ended up bouncing it quite a lot!

    I really like the “no carrot” content like this from time to time, especially when it has us visits the older zone, just as you say 🙂


    1. Agreed, not everything should have a reward, Blizzard trying to design an enjoyable content for the players, that is a good thing, games should be fun to play without the end result, the journey is more important than the destiny.

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