Submachine world


Jay Is Games or JiG, an old website for video games, i used to visit it everyday for many years, it used to show mostly flash games, remember them? some of these games moved to other platforms like iOS and Android and even desktop operating systems, i’ll write about some of them in future posts, but first, i want to talk about the best series of flash games in my opinion, and thanks to JiG for showing this game first time in 2005.

The series is created and programmed by the polish artist Mateusz Skutnik, and from the first game i was a fan of his work, there is something about them makes them different from all the flash games i played in JiG, the music, the story, the atmosphere, it all work together to make these games unique.

What are these games? well … they are point and click games, a genre of computers games i love for many reasons, they are good for lazy people like me, they are perfect to relax and many of them tell good or funny stories, they don’t need high-end computer to play them, so they are perfect for me in mid 00s, i have slow connection and old computer assembled from old parts.


Submachine games are 10 games tell a story about a mysterious world, you the player play a role, explore the machine, try to solve the puzzles and understand what’s going on, there is nothing more to it, just point and click, explore and reach the end.

Also in the series there are 3 standalone games, that makes them 13, buy them from the artist, the cost only $25, also check the other games, some of them free browser games, you need flash to run them.

There is also one game in the series you can download for free, Submachine: universe, works in Mac, Linux and windows, this game is a collaboration between the developer and the players, you’ll see articles in the game written by the plyaers trying to explain what is the Submachine, theories about its creation and how it works and who is Mur.

I’m a tourist in virtual worlds, and Submachine world was and still is a world worth exploring, i love everything about it, thank you Mateusz for making the Submachine series.


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