Nixxle Logbook – 000: Preface


Sometimes you have to make your own fun, i love WoW but i don’t like the race to the end-game, i have character at level 110 and item level 891, chasing the higher iLVL is not fun, farming old raids for transmog sets gets repetitive quickly, and all of that is not the kind of thing i enjoy.

What i enjoy is the world itself, the settings, the NPCs and their stories, exploring the world, so i’m going back to do that, but i’m playing Horde this time, i always choose Alliance for my character, so it’ll be quite interesting, the rules are simple:

  • No heirlooms, leveling fast is not the goal here.
  • Finishing all quests in a zone before moving to other.
  • Must visit all goblin quest hubs.

I have to mention that GROMOGG was the inspiration to start this character, i chose a goblin because i think goblins are fun, their tropical starting zone is beautiful.

Nixxle will write the next log.


3 thoughts on “Nixxle Logbook – 000: Preface

  1. Oh, those rules are very great! I have done the same – Hah,except the Goblin part 🙂

    Gromogg looks awesome, great inspiration.
    Aw too bad he does not have a blog? (I rarely am on Twitter, I know I am missing out, but hey)

    Looking forward to follow Nixxle here 🙂


    1. when playing fast trying to reach the end-game, players miss the whole world and everything in it, of course i’m not saying they have to do it every time they level a character, but at least do it once in each side, enjoy the game slowly 🙂

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