Month: July 2017

August: Draenor Pathfinder

The Draenei and her oversized corgi

I have to admit, i rarely plan, and i rarely stick to any plan, and i regret that, i wish i could go back in time to tell myself “plan you fool!”.

Anyway, for July the plan was:

  • Download Lord of the Rings Online: i did it, leveled a lore-master to level 8, the game is so charming, i mean it feels old, it feels like mid-00s because it is, but i don’t think i have time for 3 MMOs, so i removed it, i’ll be back to it one day.
  • Finish the quest line for Kingsmouth Town in Secret World Legends: instead of finishing 1 zone did the first 3 and that the whole first story.
  • Keep writing for Nixxle, the goblin, in WoW: i did that, i want to write more in August.
  • Read at least 2 books: read one book, i need to read more in early morning before starting web browsing, resisting internet distractions is hard.

So far i’m happy with what i done, from no planning at all to simple plan and achieving most of it, this is good, so i hope to do more, so here is next month plan:

  • Reading: I recently bought Harry Potter box set, i want to read them all, it’s been 10 years since i read them last time.
  • Secret World Legends: start and finish second story, 2 zones in Egypt, maybe move to third story.
  • Finish few single player games by Amanita, i already finished most of them, i want to write about them.

In WoW:

  • Keep grinding to get Draenor Pathfinder, to get flying in Draenor, it will make few things easier for more grinding.
  • Get Cataclysm Loremaster, i’m done with Mount Hyjal and Uldum, already.
  • Grind reputation for Cataclysm as much as possible, i want to buy a camel.
  • Write more for Nixxle, more than 8 posts at least.
  • try NOT to start 3rd hunter! i have already 2 hunters, my main is human hunter, Nixxle the goblin, and i have human shadow priest i want to prepare for next expansion.

Since i boosted my main hunter, i didn’t do much of quests in old world, i want to do them at the same level, doing them with level 110 hunter is not fun, so i want to start another low level hunter on the alliance side to expernice these quests, i tried other classes but i could not stick with any of them, i enjoy playing hunters … but i should not start another one, not now 🙂

A new mount and other screenshots

DINO! i’m happy!
Thank you RNG!

Farming Zul-Gurub pays at last, to be honest it didn’t take more than 2 weeks to get this mount, now i need the panther mount from the same dungeon.

Panda Door, looks cute
Pandaria is Beautiful, Mogu’Shan Palace
Walking around Nighthold LFR, taking screenshot for the ceiling!
Pumpkin in the Duskwood
The tree log have some light effect i could not capture, i guess there is something here
Location of the house


Nixxle Logbook 005 – Selling junk

To the city, on a DINO!

From the jungle isle (it’s a volcanic isle now thanks to me!) we went the Horde capital Orgrimmar, i’ve heard alot about it from my fellow goblins, this is the first time i see the city, high walls, tall towers, spikes everywhere, it looks scary for me, i already miss Kezan.

A troll lady gave me this raptor to go quiclky into the city, that was akwarde, but i guess she is not the same as the trolls in Kezan, our slavers and now our slaves … or ex-slaves, i wonder what happend to them? what happened to my fellow goblins there? one day i’m going back to Kezan, it’s my home.

Warchief’s Command Board, here my journey as horde member started
Marogg taught me basics of cooking, i was worried he will cook my pet!
I needed more bags, but this vendor is asking too much for a small bag
Tailor shop, admiring the carpets there
Another beautiful carpet
Walking to the other end of the city, i found fishing pond, Razgar was kind to teach me fishing
i’m ashamed, even here in Orgrimmar goblins living like goblins!
Making potions
Collected balloons for the kid, he was happy he gave me horde balloon.

I must say Orgrimmar is confusing, need some time to learn how to navigate the city, it is so much larger than Bilgewater Harbor in Kezan, so many shops and all kind of people here, i saw the tauren for the firs time, cow-looking people but i never dare to call them cow, one kick from their strong hooves is enough to kill a goblin!

There is an auction house in the city, when i was running away from Kezan then that jungle island i didn’t forget to carry with me any kind of valuable junk, it’s junk for me but it have some gold value for people who never saw this junk, so i sold in the auction house all kind of items:

You see! people like buying trash, i’m now more than 400 gold rich, i may say i did fine, from losing everything to gaining a small fortune, not bad … not bad at all.



To Egypt

There is always collect mushroom quests .. right?

I’m done with the first story of Secret World Legends, if you don’t know SWL you could say the first story is the first expansion or the first chapter of a long story, there is a mysterious villain, a town needs someone to save it from itself and from a outsiders threat, zombies are every where and there are few safe places in the island.

I remember going through this story years ago when the game was called The Secret World, back then i did something stupid, i focused too much on the main story and rarely did side missions, this time i never left a zone without doing all the missions, that gave me a lot of story details i missed the first time, slowing down and paying attention made the game even more fun to play.

Never forget to be a tourist, even in a doomed world

As i said before, Secret World Legend is all about the story, you don’t play it to level up, you don’t play it for the combat or the PVP, there is no crafting, but the story is great, the characters are unique and everyone is different, you won’t see the same character models with different names, each person have a name will have a unique character model.

Each character here have a story, personalty, they make you care about them

When you take a mission from a character you get a cut-scene, they talk to you about themselves or the town or other people, they talk about problems and threats, you have to pay attention to what they say because it may help you do the mission or understand part of the story, but beware: none of them talk straightforward, none of them say “hey, i have this problem, this is how you solve it, do it!” … no no, that is too easy!

After doing all the missions in three zones, i went to do the final mission in the story, to face the villain who was just a normal man i saw in the starting zone, he was dangerous but i didn’t know who he is, the side missions slowly revealed his true identity, and i have to face him.


After the fight i went into a dream-like world, voices whispering dark thoughts, promising great powers, promising true knowledge, offering gifts … sounds familiar isn’t it? if you play WoW you see this pattern too, or at least if you play shadow priest you know what i’m talking about, the next expansion will be about the Void, or i’ll be very upset with Blizzard.


Walking in the dream land, the voices tried to explain what is true power, tried to guide me to join them, to except their gift, the game here give you a true choice, take the gift or refuse it, this will have a consequence later in the story.

The voices really mean it! here is a gift!

I refused the gift, angered the voices, why would you trust strangers and their gifts? if someone offered me a piece of fresh baked orange cake* i would gladly take it, but “true” power, and “true” knowledge? that is too dangerous.

I went back to London to see what i could do next, my destination this time is Egypt, from eternal nights of Solomon Island, Maine to the sunny desert of Egypt, i love deserts, i feel like i’m starting a new adventure here.

*Note: Orange cake is the best kind of cake in the whole history of mankind, this is a true fact!

Changing my set for the desert.

Nixxle Logbook 004 – it was a turtle

Pygmy Vs. Goblins

Going back from dealing with the naga, hiding under a pygmy silly hat, i found the Town in a Box attacked by horde of pygmy people, my fellow goblins used cannons to defend the towm, i could not wait for my turn to shoot these pygmy … why can’t they leave us alone? it’s not like we want to live here!

Their threat didn’t stop here, they killed goblins and turned them into zombies … goblies?! zogoblies? zomblies? aah .. whatever you want to name them, they are dead goblin walking slowly toward the town, i have to do something.

Killing their shaman was a step

So i went to their camp, killed some of them and the shaman responsible for the zombiefication (is this a word?!) of my fellow goblins, freed the prisoners, now i have to deal with the zombies and there is an invention for that, fight fire with fire .. errr i mean fight zombies with fire.

Fire shoes, the only way to be happy when killing zombies, only 99.99.99 gold

Then we went the large cave under the mountain, to kill the turtle god the pygmy worship, it wasn’t the best idea we goblin have that day, to be honest i think we should have left the turtle alone, first it is a turtle on fire, and huge, why should i deal with it?!

Volcanoth (source)

But dealing with it i did and the island started shaking, the mountain is about to erupt, what did i do in my life to experience the second volcanic eruption in two days?

Back on the beach, Horde Vs Alliance still going

Horde commander asked me to kill Alliance soldiers and fly a plane to destroy their planes, then sent me back to goblins who gathered around an entrance to a kaja’mite mine, Gallywix enslaved many goblins while he was away from us, time to end his rule!

Before the mine operation, happy to see the warrior trainer with us

Once again Gallywix proved to be pain in the backside, he used a warlock in the mine to overlook the whole operation of the mine, we dealt with warlock, threw his soulstone to the ground, collected the prisoners again (how many times i have to do that?!) then went to a new camp on the safe side of the island … mind you there is now safe place in here, we have to go.

One last visit to Town-in-a-Box, lava eating it slowly, a chance for a photo!

Gallywix made a camp for him in the other side of the beach, hired some pirates and still hold some slaves, he even managed to enslave the warrior trainer! how dare he?! i dealt with all this mess, and went to face Gallywix with the horde warchief, he was riding his robot because he is useless fat goblin without it.

Took us some time to take him down, i was ready to kill him on the spot, but Thrall decided to spare his life, and more than that he made Bilgewater Cartel part of the horde and the leader non other than Gallywix himself … what is wrong with Thrall?! i always hear is a wise shaman, but i don’t see this here, what a stupid thing to do.

On the ship at last, going to Orgrimmar.

From here on, i won’t write detailed events, since i’m doing the same quests everyone’s do while leveling, i’ll choose some events to write about, mostly show photos.

Nixxle Logbook 003 – Chickens!

Town in a Box is down there

Flying to the larger island in a rocket toward town in a box, the way this town work is simple, just add explosives!

Happy face for happy town!

It is a dangerous job to open a town, i think we need a new version, at least remote controlled explosives!

Here it is, amazing .. right?! (source)

First thing i did is going the profession trainer, if we need to survive then i need to do more than just opening a town and killing monkeys with explosive banana.

Profession trainer … and the shoes of “ex-goblin” RIP Jas

From the machine i learned the basics of alchemy and herbalism, keeping the tradition of my family, i was told that one of my ancestors made the Hobgoblin, i’m not sure about that.

Anyway, after surviving the profession trainer, the town goblins needed some food, so i ran around the town attaching rockets to chickens and sending them flying to the town, what a glorious way to collect food! but that was not enough, i went to the west to search for a large mechanical chicken, to get it’s egg … yeah you read that right!

The mystical mechanical egg!

Now we have to face many threats in the island, Dinos, pygmy people and the Naga, what bring these naga here i wonder? goblins rarely hesitate to play dirty, so i lured naga kids with sea horse toys, we’ll use them to force the naga leader to surrender.

Playing dirty … no naga kid (fish?!) harmed before or after this photo

The leader was something else, something i never seen before, old goblins talked about octopus-looking creatures, whispering mad thoughts to all living things, i thought it’s just old folk tales.

Oh oh!

he (it?) said he remembered when my race was created, now that is a tale a want to hear! but alas i have to kill this octopus dude before he do any damage, also how old this thing is?! we don’t know goblin history other than some old folk tales, my fellow goblins have no interest in knowing our origins.

Old ruins in the northern part of the island, never seen anything like that before

In my way back to the town i was given a large helmet to go unnoticed by the pygmy tribe, it worked, the tribe was attacking our town.

From ministry of silly helmts
The pygmy dude is happy to see me .. i guess!



From the Kingsmouth

Screenshot (43)
Minimalist, he looks like me, only 20 years younger

In my plan for July i wrote that i want to finish the first zone in Secret World Legends, so i did, instead of playing other games i focused on SWL and that payed off, i did all the missions in Kingsmouth Town zone, i also did my first dungeon ever in this game, solo!

But first, if you don’t know the game, Secret World Legends is a new version of The Secret World, an MMO developed and published by Funcom, SWL changed the business model so it is free to play now, and changed the combat system which was a source for many complains in TSW, many people love the game but they didn’t like the combat and the animations, so Funcom tried to improve those in SWL.

Secret World is a unique MMO, first it happen in our world, it’s not some fantasy world made up by someone, in the game you go to places like Egypt, Japan, London .. etc, in this world all conspiracy theories are true, mix that with legends and all kind of myths and cultures, add some fantasy elements and you get this amazing game, you don’t play this game for the combat or the leveling experience, you play it for the storytelling.


Unlike other MMOs, some missions in SWL ask you to search, to think hard about the puzzles, the game have a browser inside it so you can search google for answers! sometimes the answer is in the Bible, sometimes in Wikipedia, and sometimes you have to visit websites made by Funcom just for the game, fictional websites, like Orochi Group website, you have to search it to find answers.

The game is for adults i have to warn you, i never liked horror movies, i hate horror, violence, gore .. etc, for that reason i’ll never play many games or watch many movies, but SWL is an exception of this rule, the storytelling is worth it.


The first story have 3 zones, i’m done with one of them, i think i can finish the other 2 zones if i focus only on playing SWL, but for now i prefer to go away and spend my time with a book or two, the game have to wait.

Looking good .. or boring?

Nixxle Logbook – 002: Unintentional chaos

The “Before” photo, beautiful yet savage

It was a tropical island, somehow we turned it into lava falls, we experienced another volcano eruption for the second time in two days, i’m not sure if i should be impressed or appalled by Goblins ability to leave nothing but destruction behind them, i guess unintentional chaos is in our blood.

Gallywix didn’t waste much time and climbed to the top of the shipwreck throwing comments every now and then blaming me for the whole disaster, while i’m doing everything to make sure we have a safe place in this hostile environment.

Monkeys stealing our supplies, dangerous dinos running and flying around, local tribe of pygmy, short ugly people with tiny brains, sharks around the island, the alliance and the horde at war, what could possibly go wrong?!

So i took back our supplies while feeding monkeys explosive bananas, Goblins like to solve everything with bombs, killed some dinos, went to help Foreman Dampwick to collect some Kaja’mite ore from a nearby cave, also taking photos for weird cave paintings, the pygmy are not so stupid after all! they trained monkeys to mine the ore.

I can’t stop staring at his chin!

After all that, fat Gallywix still doing nothing but talking, i went to look for the horde camp, if we want to survive we should seek help, i found nice orc lady, she asked me to help them against the alliance, then save the precious “cargo” who was non other than Thrall! the horde leader captured by the alliance!

We should build our town but not in this isle, my fellow goblins prepared a rocket to jump from the small island to the larger one, and there prepared Town in a Box, it is one of few goblin inventions which i’m really proud of, it is a town … in a BOX! all you need to add is explosions!

Happy to see the warrior trainer
helping the horde
The horde have cool panther!
on my way to alliance ships, gnome flying machine is impressive, i hate to admit
Flying to Town in a Box

A plan … i guess

The Grell is happy to see me .. maybe

When i thought i’ll have a free time; life proved me wrong, i was busy-ish last month, and with July i thought things will be less busy, but with it came an explosion of more work, but at least yesterday i stopped doing anything to go for a short trip to another city, drinking coffee, playing some chess (it happen to be a coffee shop with board games!), i needed a break from my daily routine.

Now things are less crazy, i found early morning a perfect time to get things done, also afternoon, with some planning i hope to do more, anyway, the plan for July is:

  • Download Lord of the Rings Online, i tried this games years ago, i loved it but i didn’t have much time for another MMO.
  • Finish the quest line for Kingsmouth Town in Secret World Legends, or if i can finish the whole 3 zones for the first story.
  • Keep writing for Nixxle, the goblin, in WoW.
  • Read at least 2 books, i have stacks of books, but 2 books are my top priority.

I think that will be enough.