Nixxle Logbook 003 – Chickens!

Town in a Box is down there

Flying to the larger island in a rocket toward town in a box, the way this town work is simple, just add explosives!

Happy face for happy town!

It is a dangerous job to open a town, i think we need a new version, at least remote controlled explosives!

Here it is, amazing .. right?! (source)

First thing i did is going the profession trainer, if we need to survive then i need to do more than just opening a town and killing monkeys with explosive banana.

Profession trainer … and the shoes of “ex-goblin” RIP Jas

From the machine i learned the basics of alchemy and herbalism, keeping the tradition of my family, i was told that one of my ancestors made the Hobgoblin, i’m not sure about that.

Anyway, after surviving the profession trainer, the town goblins needed some food, so i ran around the town attaching rockets to chickens and sending them flying to the town, what a glorious way to collect food! but that was not enough, i went to the west to search for a large mechanical chicken, to get it’s egg … yeah you read that right!

The mystical mechanical egg!

Now we have to face many threats in the island, Dinos, pygmy people and the Naga, what bring these naga here i wonder? goblins rarely hesitate to play dirty, so i lured naga kids with sea horse toys, we’ll use them to force the naga leader to surrender.

Playing dirty … no naga kid (fish?!) harmed before or after this photo

The leader was something else, something i never seen before, old goblins talked about octopus-looking creatures, whispering mad thoughts to all living things, i thought it’s just old folk tales.

Oh oh!

he (it?) said he remembered when my race was created, now that is a tale a want to hear! but alas i have to kill this octopus dude before he do any damage, also how old this thing is?! we don’t know goblin history other than some old folk tales, my fellow goblins have no interest in knowing our origins.

Old ruins in the northern part of the island, never seen anything like that before

In my way back to the town i was given a large helmet to go unnoticed by the pygmy tribe, it worked, the tribe was attacking our town.

From ministry of silly helmts
The pygmy dude is happy to see me .. i guess!




2 thoughts on “Nixxle Logbook 003 – Chickens!

  1. Thank you for sharing, very amusing way to sort of mix a little RP/questing/telling/screenshotting together like this πŸ™‚

    You sound as if you are rather well entertained over there! Who would not be with such a pet with a knife..That is just too funny.

    Very nice angle on that shot with the Old Ruins. πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you, i never role play, to prepare for this series i read about RP, i have more respect now for RPers, it is hard work, and yeah i’m enjoying this, the knife thing made looking for a crab to tame on my other hunter, my main character πŸ™‚


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