Nixxle Logbook 004 – it was a turtle

Pygmy Vs. Goblins

Going back from dealing with the naga, hiding under a pygmy silly hat, i found the Town in a Box attacked by horde of pygmy people, my fellow goblins used cannons to defend the towm, i could not wait for my turn to shoot these pygmy … why can’t they leave us alone? it’s not like we want to live here!

Their threat didn’t stop here, they killed goblins and turned them into zombies … goblies?! zogoblies? zomblies? aah .. whatever you want to name them, they are dead goblin walking slowly toward the town, i have to do something.

Killing their shaman was a step

So i went to their camp, killed some of them and the shaman responsible for the zombiefication (is this a word?!) of my fellow goblins, freed the prisoners, now i have to deal with the zombies and there is an invention for that, fight fire with fire .. errr i mean fight zombies with fire.

Fire shoes, the only way to be happy when killing zombies, only 99.99.99 gold

Then we went the large cave under the mountain, to kill the turtle god the pygmy worship, it wasn’t the best idea we goblin have that day, to be honest i think we should have left the turtle alone, first it is a turtle on fire, and huge, why should i deal with it?!

Volcanoth (source)

But dealing with it i did and the island started shaking, the mountain is about to erupt, what did i do in my life to experience the second volcanic eruption in two days?

Back on the beach, Horde Vs Alliance still going

Horde commander asked me to kill Alliance soldiers and fly a plane to destroy their planes, then sent me back to goblins who gathered around an entrance to a kaja’mite mine, Gallywix enslaved many goblins while he was away from us, time to end his rule!

Before the mine operation, happy to see the warrior trainer with us

Once again Gallywix proved to be pain in the backside, he used a warlock in the mine to overlook the whole operation of the mine, we dealt with warlock, threw his soulstone to the ground, collected the prisoners again (how many times i have to do that?!) then went to a new camp on the safe side of the island … mind you there is now safe place in here, we have to go.

One last visit to Town-in-a-Box, lava eating it slowly, a chance for a photo!

Gallywix made a camp for him in the other side of the beach, hired some pirates and still hold some slaves, he even managed to enslave the warrior trainer! how dare he?! i dealt with all this mess, and went to face Gallywix with the horde warchief, he was riding his robot because he is useless fat goblin without it.

Took us some time to take him down, i was ready to kill him on the spot, but Thrall decided to spare his life, and more than that he made Bilgewater Cartel part of the horde and the leader non other than Gallywix himself … what is wrong with Thrall?! i always hear is a wise shaman, but i don’t see this here, what a stupid thing to do.

On the ship at last, going to Orgrimmar.

From here on, i won’t write detailed events, since i’m doing the same quests everyone’s do while leveling, i’ll choose some events to write about, mostly show photos.


3 thoughts on “Nixxle Logbook 004 – it was a turtle

  1. Thank you for another story 🙂 Hah that screenshot with the Fire shoes is fantastic.

    Aw, I hear you on the “From here on, i won’t write detailed events, since i’m doing the same quests everyone’s do while leveling” – but I never did these quests, or the area, and possibly never will, so I actually greatly enjoy what you write about – and it’s so neat with the screenshots coupled together with the text. Pretty cool when lore characters enter the scene too. 🙂


    1. Goblin starting zone is covered now, after that i’m doing quests in other zones, like Northern Barren, Stranglethorn.. etc, and these zones all players can do questing in them, i thought i’ll write about what i think is remarkable, some quests line but not the whole zones, WoW is large, it’ll take years to cover everything 😀

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