August: Draenor Pathfinder

The Draenei and her oversized corgi

I have to admit, i rarely plan, and i rarely stick to any plan, and i regret that, i wish i could go back in time to tell myself “plan you fool!”.

Anyway, for July the plan was:

  • Download Lord of the Rings Online: i did it, leveled a lore-master to level 8, the game is so charming, i mean it feels old, it feels like mid-00s because it is, but i don’t think i have time for 3 MMOs, so i removed it, i’ll be back to it one day.
  • Finish the quest line for Kingsmouth Town in Secret World Legends: instead of finishing 1 zone did the first 3 and that the whole first story.
  • Keep writing for Nixxle, the goblin, in WoW: i did that, i want to write more in August.
  • Read at least 2 books: read one book, i need to read more in early morning before starting web browsing, resisting internet distractions is hard.

So far i’m happy with what i done, from no planning at all to simple plan and achieving most of it, this is good, so i hope to do more, so here is next month plan:

  • Reading: I recently bought Harry Potter box set, i want to read them all, it’s been 10 years since i read them last time.
  • Secret World Legends: start and finish second story, 2 zones in Egypt, maybe move to third story.
  • Finish few single player games by Amanita, i already finished most of them, i want to write about them.

In WoW:

  • Keep grinding to get Draenor Pathfinder, to get flying in Draenor, it will make few things easier for more grinding.
  • Get Cataclysm Loremaster, i’m done with Mount Hyjal and Uldum, already.
  • Grind reputation for Cataclysm as much as possible, i want to buy a camel.
  • Write more for Nixxle, more than 8 posts at least.
  • try NOT to start 3rd hunter! i have already 2 hunters, my main is human hunter, Nixxle the goblin, and i have human shadow priest i want to prepare for next expansion.

Since i boosted my main hunter, i didn’t do much of quests in old world, i want to do them at the same level, doing them with level 110 hunter is not fun, so i want to start another low level hunter on the alliance side to expernice these quests, i tried other classes but i could not stick with any of them, i enjoy playing hunters … but i should not start another one, not now 🙂


3 thoughts on “August: Draenor Pathfinder

  1. Haha, I can easily relate to what you are describing. I am rubbish at sticking to the plan in game these days. I find that it helps to do it on a weekly basis. Do that thing, that week, etc.

    I still want Draenor Pathfinder as well. One day.

    You say LotrO feels old, in what way? I mean how does a game feel like “mid-00s”?

    Aw, its not true at all; that all things are cuter when small. That Corgi is still adorable!


    1. Weekly planning is a good idea, not too long not too short.

      LotRO feels old because of the animation and the graphics, it looks like old 3D games from that era, and i don’t mind that, in fact i like it 🙂

      I agree, i demand a corgi mount, with corgis pets following 😀

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      1. I think so too, I just have to be better at sticking with it 🙂

        Ahh, ok in that way; I see. At times where I want to leave WoW behind, I do wonder which other game I should chose as a replacement; LotRO has always appealed to me from a distance.

        Oh yes, a mount as corgi, that would be so adorable!


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