The dreadlord again?

Wowhead published a post about Blizzcon 2017 key art, something Blizzard apparently do every year (i didn’t know that) , this year it is Jaina Proudmoore, as usual the comments are the same old comments we see every time people talk about Jaina.

Where do i start? the tasteless joke about Jaina being a dreadlord and the people who ask Blizzard to turn her into that? people who call her names because she was angry at the horde and asked Varian to dismantle the horde? people who wants her to be a raid boss?

To be honest i don’t care about all that, Blizzard can turn her into dreadlord or a a raid boss, i just want Blizzard to turn Sylvanas into raid boss in the same expansion and let’s see what will happen in comments wars.

What makes me upset about these comments is the lack of empathy, and it’s not just about fictional characters, i see this lack of empathy in real life news, instead of treating misfortune as a tragedy, some people show complete lack of kindness, compete with each other on who write the rudest, cruelest comments.

I understand, people can’t be all the same … still, it is troubling when you see people justify war crimes.


3 thoughts on “The dreadlord again?

  1. I am relieved to read, that I am not alone feeling that way you describe. I try to stay away from all those comments and speculations these days. Its a puzzle to me, how players can just disregard the story of the NPCs who has been with us for so many years, too.

    As for it in real life, Im afraid it might be the result of an entire generation not being taught anything else but being selfish and brutal to those standing in their way. Empathy is no easy thing to master these days, it appears. That is obviously painting with very large strokes, but still.

    I did not know about the Blizzard art either, I wonder what the other years arts were – and if one can see a “pattern”.


    1. It’s wise to stay away from negativity, life is too short to spend it being upset about the so many things we can avoid, not saying that we should avoid all kind of hardship, at least there a choice we can make sometimes, not going into negative threads is a good choice.

      Just searched Blizzard key art, some years it is a poster for many characters, so it makes it more interesting to have only Jaina on this year’s poster 🙂

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  2. No, I understand you completely; No point in letting negativity get to us, especially not when its something we have no impact on to change anyway.

    Oh, I did find some of those key arts too, but thought I was ending up on the wrong pics, because they showed so many characters! And exactly, the fact that Jaina is all alone…Oh I am so curious!


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