Month: October 2017

Mountain: the video game?

20171026182030_1When some video games make people upset and comment that these games are not video games, this is when i pay attention, i’m not interested in the same old video games but with better this and that.

Mountain is a “video game” which make people argue if it is a video game or not, you see, the interaction in the game is limited, the game could start and finish without any input from you, and that is fine, but the game offer some ways to interact with it, you need to explore them yourself.

For $1 you get a game, or a toy, or is it art? it’s something different than the usual, and for $1 i don’t see what’s the problem with trying it, Mountain start with a white canvas and a word, it asks you draw a symbol for that word, the it starts, it generate a mountain swimming in in the space, the mountain speaks from time to time, with a musical note it type a text message, the mountain is usually happy for the morning or the night, for the rain or the snow, for the vast universe, some times the mountain gets melancholy.

you can play music notes, basic ones, but zoom out and you start hearing long notes, sounds like ambient music, i spent about 10 minutes pressing random keys slowly, giving each note a space to fade out before i press another key, it was a beautiful experience.

I love any game trying to be different, even if i didn’t like it, even if i didn’t understand it, Mountain is a game i loved, it’s a game you can leave it open on the side of the screen or open it in another monitor if you have it, let the mountain talk to you.

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Do i have to do that?!


I share internet connection with my family, for free and i’m grateful for that, when i moved to desktop PC i bought a USB wireless adapter and it did not work well, under a little stress it disconnect, normal web browsing makes it sweat! just opening normal 3-5 tabs is enough for it to stop working for 30-60 seconds.

So should i buy another adapter? i thought this could cost me more than buying my own internet connection, if second one didn’t work will i keep just buying adapters until i find one that works? no .. better to have my own connection.

Now .. the problem is not monthly payment, that i can cover, but the ISP itself, our own beloved (yeah right!) telecom company … frankly: i hate them! i was happy to share a line with my family because i don’t need to deal with the ISP, now i have to, internet is not just for gaming i have to write and send emails to earn some income, i can’t stand slow connection.

Sigh .. i’m just venting here, no choice but to have my internet connection, at least i could go back to WoW (i miss it now honesty) and i don’t want to miss Hallow’s End, it’s my favorite event in WoW 🙂

Legendary Fishing


As i’m waiting for a wired connection to the net, i spend my gaming time playing single-player games, i went back to Minecraft, it’s been years since i played this game seriously, so much changed i have to relearn so many things.

If i have to choose one video game to play for the rest of my life, Minecraft will be that game, there is so much to do, you can play it as you like, you can make your own world, you can play with other people and build with them or PVP with them, there are so many resources, mods, skins .. etc.

The amazing thing is: i only payed for it once years ago and Mojang still providing free updates.

The other amazing thing is the community, just take a look at Minecraft youtube channels, there are so many of them, and whatever your taste you’ll find someone you like in all these channels.

Anyway, i learned from a video how to make an AFK fishing spot, clever idea and simple, you just leave the game do the fishing for you, you get XP and so many valuable items, one of the items i found is the fishing rod with enchantments, if this fishing rod was in World of Warcraft it will be orange, a legendary!

Here is what these stats means:

  • Unbreaking III: more durability, breaks slowly.
  • Luck of the Sea II: better chance for loot.
  • Mending: XP gained from fishing will mend the fishing rod, means it will never break.
  • Lure II: better chance to catch fish (i’m not sure here)

Anyway, i don’t need another fishing rod, i could leave my character do the fishing and leave, clean the room, organize my files, go shopping, read a book, come back hours later with so much XP, loot and stacks of fish, i’ll never need any other food!

To be honest, i don’t miss WoW, when (or if) i get wired connection i’ll play WoW, i installed first thing on this new PC, but if didn’t enjoy the game, maybe it is time to say goodbye to WoW, i’ll see.

Meanwhile, i’ll keep writing here from time to time 🙂

The 39 Steps – video game


I bought this game years ago in Steam store, i didn’t know what to expect, and what i found was good to keep my playing to the end of the game.

This game is not really a game, it’s an Interactive Fiction, a digital adaptation to a well known novel, a novel and a writer i never heard of, but the novel is the base for many movies, and you can download for free, or listen to it, the novel is in the public domain, so don’t worry, nothing illegal about downloading it.

As for the game, it is a simple one, there is limited interaction, mostly clicking, there is a good voice acting, very limited exploring where you click on items to see or read them, the story is linear, you follow steps of Richard Hannay, a Scottish gentleman who lived in London for 3 months after living and working in some of the British colonies, Hannay was bored with the social life in London and wished for more, and the more came to force Hannay into a dangerous adventure.

There is not much to talk about here, the story start and if you like it you’ll keep following Hannay, the game add some multimedia elements to the story and limit the text you need to read to few short sentences.

I like this sort of game or interactive fiction, so naturally i loved the game and i would recommend it, look for it in Steam and Apple Store.

Where the story start, a social club, a place like this makes want to live in the past!
Advertisement in the past was so innocent compared with what we see today

Almost there

Screenshot (9)
Only 41 GB remaining

Moving between computers is always hard for me, it’s like moving between houses, you have to move stuff (files) and reinstall all the apps and games, setup some of them as they used to be in the old computer, get frustrated by things you forgot to backup or does not work as you remeber in the old computer.

Slowly everything returning to normal on the new PC, i just need time to redownload old stuff again, in the other hand, i feel very frustrated with Firefox, the only browser i’ll use, every time there is a new update Mozilla change something i know how to use and hide it somewhere else, sometimes they remove features i use and to get them back i need an addon … no other app get me so mad like Firefox, but i’ll keep using it, other browsers are more frustrating.