Almost there

Screenshot (9)
Only 41 GB remaining

Moving between computers is always hard for me, it’s like moving between houses, you have to move stuff (files) and reinstall all the apps and games, setup some of them as they used to be in the old computer, get frustrated by things you forgot to backup or does not work as you remeber in the old computer.

Slowly everything returning to normal on the new PC, i just need time to redownload old stuff again, in the other hand, i feel very frustrated with Firefox, the only browser i’ll use, every time there is a new update Mozilla change something i know how to use and hide it somewhere else, sometimes they remove features i use and to get them back i need an addon … no other app get me so mad like Firefox, but i’ll keep using it, other browsers are more frustrating.


3 thoughts on “Almost there

    1. I understand, try to make a checklist and make sure you don’t forget anything (like i did!), it helps to make the new setup normal like the old one.

      In the other hand, i found the new wireless connection is not good for online gaming, too slow compared to my old laptop, so i’m not going to play WoW this week or the next one, i’ll be in India next week, after that i’ll use wired connection, but in the mean time, i may write about other games or books 🙂

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  1. Yeah, good idea with a checklist:)

    I have wireless too – cant have it any other way sadly, and it is frustrating at times, really. Just not as reliable as cable.

    Oh, have a safe journey to India 🙂


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