Month: November 2017

Wendigo new model

So first i found trogg new model, now i see Wendigo new model, also you can find it in other names like yeti or sasquatch, i was trying to level up mining for my gnome rogue, i found these new model in a cave:


compare it to the old model (taken from Wowhead):


Clearly .. old model was not happy, old model yeti share the same pain with old model troggs, but now with more polygons and better teeth, they can feel some pride 🙂

Update: here is the link to artist page for Wendigo, the artist is Matthew McKoewn, he works for Blizzard.

List: upgrades for my computer

This hardware gift guide from MOP made me think about what i want to do with my computer, the idea was getting the best computer i can but i could not, so i have to make compromises in hope to upgrade my machine slowly, so this post is just my shopping list for things i want to buy in near future.

SSD, loading times is the main reason, i want faster computer and the old tech hard drives is slowing everything down, so i want SSD, it will probably be Samsung 850 EVO 500GB.

Monitor, the current one is good but i want a second monitor, it does not matter if it is smaller, i just need a way to have more information displayed instead of switching back and forth between apps.

The other option is to buy one big monitor where i can have 2 or more windows but that could mean i need better graphic card to support that.

My current Monitor is also good enough for TV, i mean one day i’m going to buy Nintendo Switch or borrow my brother’s and i prefer to play it on big monitor, so this one could work.

So basically i need more monitor space, but i’m not sure which way to go, 2 monitors or 1 big monitor?

External DVD/Blue Ray driver, i rarely watch any movies, in the last 7 years i probably watched 2-3 movies, but i watch documentaries and i still prefer to buy them on disc, after watching them i give them to people who have no access to this kind of content.

Logitech G13 Gameboard, or other devices provide same features, this one is not important, but i would love to play WoW with it.

Speakers, this is not important, but sometimes i get tired of headphones, also some times i miss listening to radio while i’m away from my computer, in the other hand speakers means more wires, i don’t like that.

I almost forgot: Laser Printer, i like paper, i like printing stuff, i hate printers! let’s leave it at that.

That’s all, i would love to see your list, write it in your blog, link to this post.

WASD Keyboard

Screenshot-2017-11-23 WASD Keyboards Custom Mechanical Keyboards and Cherry MX KeycapsFor a long time i read about mechanical keyboards and how they are better, last longer, easy to repair and feel better, i thought i’ll give them a shot, and i’m glad i did.

Months ago i bought WASD Keyboard, chose boring colors for the keys, the company shipped the keyboard after few days, it didn’t arrive, my mistake because the phone number i put was wrong, corrected that and i waited for the shipping company for a month, it didn’t arrive.

Contacted WASD Keyboards customer service and told them about that, they said the old keyboard is lost, and they sent another one for free! i really feel guilty for this one, it was my mistake and the shipping company, but they didn’t say anything, just sent another one, arrived in few days.

It really feel different, i don’t know how to describe that other than saying it feel more fun to type on this keyboard than any other cheap ones i can buy at local store, it makes me want to write more to enjoy using it.

Taking off the caps is easy, the keyboard comes with a “Wire Keycap Puller” which helps to take caps off, i can clean the keyboard or change the caps if i want to, check out this gallery which makes me regret not choosing happy bright colors for the keys, WASD also offer custom keyboards, check them out.

There are people and small companies sell crazy looking caps, i’m going to buy some of them, and i’m sure i’ll buy another mechanical keyboard, there are so many sizes, shapes and features, and one day .. maybe, just maybe i’ll make my own keyboard, some people did it, i want to do it because i want a keyboard with Leap Keys.

To see more mechanical keyboards, check this Reddit

1 tool, 2 stories and some screenshots

Mulgore, such a beautiful place

Useful tool: While i’m trying to organize my alts to see what to do with them, i found a great website which could help me with that: Simple Armory.

Is there another websites do the same? i feel there should be an addon for WoW to plan each alt, provide a checklist for things to do daily or weekly.

Hunter story: flying from Icecrown Citadel to Borean Tundra, i flew over Sholazar Basin, i thought while i’m flying i’ll search for one of the rarest pets for hunters, Loque’nahak, not only it is a rare rare, other players try to kill it or tame it, so there is a lot of competition around this mob.

No matter how many time i search for this pet or wait for it, i never saw it except with few other hunters, so i was so suprized to find it there in the Basin, no other player around, i wasn’t prepared for this, lucky for me i have 4 pets with me, there is a free space for 1 more, tame it .. my heart was beating fast, i read so many stories about player griefing around this pet, angry hunters kill the pet before other hunters get it, other players seeking to get achivement and they don’t care about hunters.

4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … boom, i have the rarest pet! i’m so happy, time to show off the pet all the time now!


Some random screenshots:

Oooh legendary item .. useless for hunters, vendor it
Praying before meeting the Sha of Anger, in hope to get a mount
On right of this road shrine, someone put rice cakes as offering, i was so tempted to eat them!

I find this whole thing fascinating, i mean road shrines and the offerings by travelers, so much to learn here.

Who is the happy Tauren?

That’s all for now.


Altholicism in BfA

WoWScrnShot_111917_234415Now i’m back to WoW, i’m thinking about what will i do for alts, what race should i choose for each class, should i delete some alts or not? and in BfA i want to level all 6 new allied races to get the transmog sets, so that means there will be more races than classes in BfA.

The other good thing in BfA is the zone scaling, i want to try leveling some alts from level 1 when this arrive, this could mean deleting some current alts.

I want to plan this, be more organized and learn from Gnomecore, he use spreadsheets to plan how to play his alts, i want to do that instead of being random.

So let me start with what alts i know i’ll keep:

  • Nemiya: human hunter, my main.
  • Yeesha: human shadow priest.
  • Sulwan: human death knight … yeah, i guess i like humans more than i care to admit!
  • Solita: gnome rogue, with green hair!
  • Nixxle: goblin hunter, my horde character.

I guess that makes it easy to delete the other alts, focus on these alts until zone scaling arrive then start new alts, so this is the plan for now.


Oh yeah!

So … at last my saga with our telecom reached the end, the new connection is here, bought some subscription for WoW first thing, started playing, i got my fancy new glasses, killed dragons, Kazzak and more dragons.

It’s weird to be back after more than a month of not playing WoW, i feel lost, i even forgot what’s in my bags and why i’m keeping all these things, i forgot how to play, and because i’m used to other games now i keep pressing the wrong keys!

It’ll take time, i’m just happy to be back home 🙂

Rereading Harry Potter after 10 years

159px-Hogwarts_coat_of_arms_colored_with_shading.svgI still remember that day when my sister asked me if i want to read Harry Potter, never heard about these novels before, she gave me 5 books, the covers make them look like novels for kids, i didn’t mind anyway, i’ll give any book a chance and i’m glad to discover HP world.

When people use the word “binge” these days they usually talk about binge-watching TV shows, but there is binge-reading books too, that’s what i did with Harry Potter novels first time, the internet back then was different, there was no reason to keep connected and distracted for the whole day, it was easier (for me at least) to focus on one thing and finish it, so that’s what i did, i read all first 5 Harry Potter novels, stopping only for sleeping, eating and sometimes walking.

My english back then wasn’t good enough to understand the novels, that didn’t stop me from reading english books over and over, slowly i started to understand more and more, it took me years to reach a level where i understand most of what i read, i used HP novels as a measurements, every time i reread them i find myself understanding more details.

When i finished reading the 5th novel my sister told me the 6th will be released soon, by that time i was a fan, i listened to a podcast about HP! visit fan-made websites, even visit J. K. Rowling personal website from time to time, this is rare for me, i usually don’t have such passion for anything.

Living with the novels is a good way to describe how i felt about them, i don’t only read them i live with characters, i hated some of them, loved some and wished and i still wish i could be Hagrid best friend, Hagrid made me cry more times than i care to admit, and every time this happen i ask myself what is wrong with me? fictional characters! they are just words on paper … but i lived with them, stories have power over us.

Collecter’s edition of The Tales of Beedle the Bard

After reading the last book once i thought this is the end, i already read these books so many times, i know almost everything in them, so i gave my books to a friend in India with collector’s edition of The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

This year i saw in a bookshop a boxed set for the novels, with bright covers, it was a gift for myself, but after 10 years things have changed, the internet is addictive, i can’t focus as i used to do in the past, reading a book in one sitting require from me traveling to another country where internet is hard to get and just then i can focus on reading.

Slowly i went back to the magical world, lived with the characters again, enjoyed every page of these books, and Hagrid made me cry again, the 5th book still my least favorite, it is too long and i read before Lord of the Rings and Anathem, both novels reach almost 1000 pages, i don’t mind the length but still the 5th book feels too long.

When i was done with the books i put them back in the box, called my niece, gave her the books and told her that i learned english reading these books, i lived in a wonderful world with these books, i hope she find magic in them like i did.

Still no connection

Warning: extremely boring story, i’m whining here … i warned you!

I said it before: i hate our telecom company, and here is an example why i feel like that, a week ago i went to the telecom office, signed a “contract” (which i can’t change in anyway) to get my own internet connection, all is well at their offices, everything is smooth here.

They told me Tuesday morning, between 8-12 someone will call me, alright, i’ll do nothing but waiting for them while keep using this poor wireless connection to browse the web, read some articles, write a little.

Someone called at 8:40am, one hour later he is in my room to check the place, he told me they need to do some work with wires, it’ll cost me about $100 more, i said ok, told me a team of 3 people will come in one hour, 3 hours later no one showed up, called him and he told me there is a “technical difficulty” and it needs 24-48 hours, alright, i’ll wait, meanwhile i’ll go do some paperwork, while i’m out he called me again to tell me they are ready, didn’t finish my work, went back home and waited more, 2 hours later they call, it’s 6:30pm, i’m tired, told them to call tomorrow.

It’s Friday, still no connection, no calls no messages, i have to complain loudly to get any good service from them … i won’t write another post like this, hopefully i get the line someday next week.

Comments on vanilla

Screenshot (10)

Internet comments are the best and the worst, i have love/hate relationship with them, sometimes i curse myself for reading them but i can’t help it, comment sections sometimes have the best content, often they have so much ado about nothing.

So instead of writing comments in some websites i thought i’ll write one post here, maybe it’ll be useful to check it again when Blizzard announce launch day for Classic.

Let’s start with the launch day, from Blizzard announcement the project for Classic is still in its early stage, so i don’t expect anything until Blizzcon 2018, i’m hoping they will tell us about the project progress or launch day which will be in 2019, that’s my prediction.

Classic from Blizzard should be a true classic, with no changes from the old game, all the systems should be the same, all the classes and the specs should be the same, i’m with people who want no changes to the game, no QoL features.

I know and i understand the problems with Classic, saw so many videos explain them, i even tested a private server and leveled a hunter to level 20, it was tedious, annoying, slow and yet i enjoyed the slowing down of leveling, i don’t want that to change.

From PC Gamer interview with Brack:

There won’t be cross-realm servers or Looking For Raid and Dungeon Finder automatic party matchmaking

Good, this is how it should be.

We’re going to hire people specifically for this job, and we’re going to staff it with people who are interested in bringing back Classic WoW in the best, most authentic way

This is an answer for people who are concerned about Blizzard putting resources for Classic, let me remind you that Blizzard is not a small company, and they are not 1 project company either, they have multi-projects, different kind of games, different teams for each game.

“I think there will be a lot of tourists,” he adds. “But it doesn’t matter what I think because once we’re committed to doing this at a Blizzard level, which we are, whatever happens is going to happen. If millions of people show up and play for years, that’s awesome. And if just tens of people show up and play for years, we’re fine either way. What’s important to us is that we have this Classic experience people can enjoy, that people do have the opportunity to go back to. This is an important game in videogame history and there’s not a way to go back and experience that today. This is also about preserving something that we think is really important.

So Blizzard is doing this even if small number of people kept playing Classic, another anwser for people who expect the numbers to go down after the first wave of players, even Blizzard expecting that, no point on repeating that like it’s a problem, no one knows for sure what will happen, so why not just wait and see?

Another point here is Blizzard doing this to make an archive, to preserve a piece of video games history, many old single-player games are updated to run on new machines, an MMO need to do the same, and that’s what Blizzard is doing.

So the number of players does not matter here, Blizzard is making the game anyway so people can go to the old game if they want.

More from interview:

we’re in the WOW Classic business forever. Once that starts, there’s a commitment on our end that we’re going to continue maintaining those servers for as long as there is a World of Warcraft

What will be the business model for Classic? i predict that Blizzard will ask people to buy the game itself, which many will hate and be so vocal about it, they will say the bought the game in the past why buy it again.

More than that Blizzard will ask people to pay for 1 subscription for both WoW games, but i could be wrong here, they may ask for a separate subscription but it will be cheaper.

Either way i’m paying, people who ask for a free game should consider the efforts to bring Classic to, they are hiring people to work on it, the project have to pay for itself, there is no way Blizzard will offer it for free, if they did what will be the business model? Free To Play games are not really free, they have cash shops, lockboxes, loot boxes, this business model is not for WoW, current or Classic.

Some people are asking for updated graphics, and here i’m not sure, i expect Blizzard will keep the old graphics as they are, but what if they offer new models as an option? here i don’t really mind, i’ll keep using the old models.

Another change i don’t mind: better interface, again i don’t expect that to happen but i don’t mind if it did.

One thing i wish to see in Classic: release the game in patches like the old patches, but not with the same bugs, or server crashes, or huge lag.

That’s all i have here, I’ll keep reading comments from people who wish/want/expect Classic to fail, who keep reminding me and others to “enjoy” broken systems and classes, to enjoy long walks around the world to achieve anything, to grind for gear and collect resisting gear.

I’ll enjoy all that and more, thank you very much 😀

Warcraft in Blizzcon


In its first day, Blizzcon made me happy to buy the virtual ticket, it was worth it to watch it live, the fact that i’m here in my home city at 10pm watching someone in the other side of the globe in the morning … is still astonishing! yeah i know this is old news now but my nerdy-self get excited by this fact every time 🙂

I’ll try to make this short and quick, (spoiler-alert: it is long .. sorry!) so here is a list

Classic servers, i’m always with bringing back Classic, so i’m happy to hear that they are working on them, i honestly thought this will never happen, i was listening and watching J. Allen Brack talking about ice-cream flavors, thought this is weird then he said “chocolate” and it hit me like a train, my arms was in the air … this old man was feeling excited by a game he never played in its time, at last Blizzard … take my money!

It took Blizzard time for technical reasons, many people didn’t’ believe that, but now it just matter of time before we find Classic in app, i’m going to play it.

Battle for Azeroth, With classic and the next expansion there will be no time to play other games, i know that, the new expansion is exciting but honestly Classic news is the best thing i heard from Blizzcon.

While i’m tired of Alliance vs Horde, i think it’s good that we are not fighting a big bad thing that will destroy the world and only we can stop it, i like the focus on Azeroth.

  • Allied Races: good to see new races, good to see them start at level 20, means they don’t have starting zones, this saves Blizzard from future problems, mostly the need to update starting zones … i’m playing all new races, altholic and proud of it 😀
  • Scaling old world: they done it in the right way i think, zones have min-max levels so you can’t go to them before the min level and you they don’t scale beyond max level, and oh, i love it that you can choose between Outlands and Northrend, and both scale from 60-80.
  • New continents: happy to see them, always happy to explore new zones, and i’m happy to see at last Kul’tiras and Zuldazar,
  • Pirates: yaaaay … no need for any intelligent thoughts here .. just hell yeah!
  • Pirates-again: ok maybe just few thoughts, i hope we’ll see old pirate factions play more role than just being the mob farm to kill.
  • Vol’dun: of all new zones in the new expansion, this is the most exciting one for me, Vol’dun is a desert (which i was hoping to see) and it have a cute/cuddly new race of fox people, it’s like Blizzard have a check-list for things to make me happy and they checked everyone of them!
  • Class Buffs: they are back, happy for that.
  • Heart of Azeroth: going back to old weapons and no more artifacts, i like that.

Things i don’t like:

  • If something happens to Teldrassil … i’ll be very upset Blizzard, very .. but still playing the game, understanding that the story have to advance, and killing your darlings is something every writer should do, i’m fine with all of that.
  • Nothing more in the list.

One more thing: i don’t play Overwatch … but man! Moira is fabulous.