Month: January 2018

All the void … i need it


So Blizzard opened Battle for Azeroth for pre-release purchase and their servers could not handle the horde … er … the crowd i mean, people posting screenshots for the queue to buy BfA, some of them have more than 5000 people in front of them, that is a good sign.

Of course i’m back in WoW, waited the horde … er … the crowd to finish their business and buy the new expansion, the store was working for me, no queue for me thankfully.

So first thing to do: unlock the void elf, not because i love elves but because of the “void” part of their name, i just love the void, the shadows, i’m so happy we are done with the Legion and it’s boring color palette, bright green and black is done, we are in 2018 and the color of this year is purple.

While doing the scenario to unlock the void elves i noticed the music and Blizzard did great job i think:

I’m just happy we are a step closer to dealing with the void, i want more void lore and lords, i want to know the truth about the Naaru, why Xal’atath call them a “brethren”?

Samorost 3


Amanita Design is a small video game company from Czech Republic, in my opinion they don’t make video games they make art, i don’t play their game to solve puzzles or reach the end and “win” the game.

I play their game so i could relax and dive into charming magical world, these game feel like children books but made for all children from 6 to 106 … i’m sorry if you are 107 years old!

Samorost 3 is like Samorost 2 and 1, only bigger, more beautiful, and the beauty of the game you can find in all the little details, from animation to graphics and sound, to the storytelling without words.

I could go on about how the game is beautiful, how it works or the puzzles, but i won’t, just buy the game, if you like exploring virtual worlds and you can enjoy a game that looks like its made for kids … then just go buy it, enjoy.


The Pug is dead

Levitating from Mount Hyjal to Teldrassil, it took some time

Long time ago, in different expansion and with a naive character, i saw in Stormwind a little cute pug puppy, he was a high level dog running around, by mistake i right-clicked on him and that meant hitting him with a staff and the dog one-shotted me … i yelled in Stormwind: I was killed by a puppy!

And now … (let’s turn this into a Hollywood movie, in  deep cinematic voice): i took my revenge!


Crithto running around happy like a puppy … well he is a puppy! i was with my bear tank, i thought “it is on puppy!” and shoot him in the face, my bear attacked like he always do, it does not matter  the puppy is tiny little thing, he is a monster!


I could not take a good screenshot, i was laughing so hard, feeling sorry for the poor dog but i have to  take my revenge.

RIP Crithto … you’ll spawn again in few minutes.

And here is some random screenshots

Furbolg hunter … i wish Blizzard update Furbolg models.
A rare in Shadowmoon Valley, drop a mount
Another rare, in Nagrand, another mount
I love this mount, i have deep love for elephants,
Hearthstones box, i didn’t notice that before, in Dalaran Alliance inn
New interface for level 60 characters, i love it

I’m running out of subscription time, for a few days i won’t add more time, i want to play other games, then i’m going back to WoW, but for now i’ll try to finish LFR wings and go to Silithus with my main.


Rukhmar, Eversong and a sleeping murloc

Let’s wait here … because we will save 3 sec!

It’s the ranting time … sigh! every week i try to get a mount from Rukhmar, and always there are players who can’t wait 5 seconds to for the boss to reach a place where everyone can shoot it and loot it, most wait over a small mountain some people even wait in a platform where the boss spawn near it in the sky.

When you hit this boss he just stop there in go down slowly, means sometimes he fall on a side of the mountain where no melee class can reach him, i’m a hunter i don’t have a problem there.

But .. i find this so annoying, it is the only time where i /yell at people asking them “why?!” or “can’t you just wait 5 sec so everyone can hit it” and no one cares, no one even answer, not even with a snark or ridicule!


This dwarf do something form time to time, he works in Kharanos forge most of the time, but sometimes he walks from there to the inn while hammring all the way non-stop, talk in Dwarfish in the inn then going back to the forge … i need to come here by my dwarf warrior to see what’s going on.


Have you ever walked behind Silvermoon city? this is what it looks like, first time here for me, walking around trying to explore Eversong Woods.


I’m a little proud of this achievement, as my main is Alliance, i haven’t explored 2 zones yet, Ghostlands and Eversong Woods, both Horde zones and both prevent players from flying, so i have to be so careful not to run into Horde NPCs, that was easy in Ghostlands but Eversong Woods? that took some planning and slowing down.

If you have a class/spec which offer some kind of Stealth then you can explore the zone without aggro-ing any NPCs, you have to walk into Silvermoon City which means you’ll be flaged for PVP, but you only need to walk into the gate then get out while stealthed.

I explored the zone without killing any NPCs, or even pulling aggro of anyone .. if the game offer a choice, i want to be friendly with both factions.


I volunteered for a lesson, the mage turned me into a hand … looked creepy cool.


When the game drop one of the best weapons for the wrong class, this is 2H mace from Throne of Thunder, Invocation of the Dawn, i still have no class high level enough to get this weapon, but i hope it’ll drop again one day, i think it is on of the best looking weapons in the game.


My rogue frozen in the middle of a killing move here, 2-3 seconds chance to get a screenshot for this cool action.


Fishing in fel, i found a sleeping murloc here!

Can we have account bank?


I’ll send this idea to Blizzard, but first let me write it here.

I’m honestly tired from sending stuff between alts, cloth gear? i’ll send it to the priest to add them to the transmog, recipes or patterns for crafting? send it to that alt who need it, this alt i’m playing right now need some materials to level up crafting, who have these? i’ll log on each one to see.

It’s just waste of time, bank account is an old idea in the world of MMOs, basicly the idea is to put there what i don’t want on this character, so other characters can have access to it and use it if they want, this is what mail in WoW do right now.

Maybe i need an addon to manage alts.