Month: March 2018

Then the Demon Hunter


Now i have 5 level 110 characters, the demon hunter is the last one to reach 110, her name is Fah, means one in D’ni language, and i’m lucky to find 3 letters name, i always wanted short names.

I used Legion invasions as leveling method, but this meant i need to do a lot of work to finish my class hall campaign and Legion fall, it would be better if i did them both while leveling.

I also needed to do just 2 quests in Surmar to get my hidden artifact look, before that the item i needed did not drop no matter how many mobs i killed.

And speaking of Surmar, 4 alts need to finish quest line in this zone or grind slowly reputation so i can get full class hall armor, i’m not sure i’ll do it any time soon.

As for DH class, i really love it, my main is hunter and all i do is pushing buttons while my pet holding aggro, if i have tanking pet i can solo almost anything in any zone, even some world bosses i managed to solo them, but i’ll admit it can be boring sometimes.

DH needs to move a lot, use many abilities and try to aggro many mobs to kill them all quickly and keep doing that over and over, it can be fun to play it in dungeons, and for the first time in many months i enjoyed random heroic dungeons, but this is because people are overpowered, they finish the dungeon quickly, so it is painless and people are nice!

The class hall campaign was ok, i felt it needed more work than other class halls, maybe this is just me … anyway, i have class mount which is a felbat … i don’t like it, but there, i’ve done it.

Next? well i need some rest from WoW and the computer to be honest, going to read a book or two before going back to leveling another alt.

Witness the full power of gnome demon hunter!
Hidden look for the artifact, not bad.
This is what Felbat see, i want eyes like this!
Class hall mount, big, ugly, i’m not going to use it much

Screenshots soup

RNG is heaven and hell, one moment i think i’m lucky and for the next 2 weeks RNG prove me wrong, it seems RNG designed to give you a gift, something to make you think there are more gifts coming, you keep playing hoping that the gift is coming after you do this or that, no gift? try again.

I’m trying to farm old raids and i have a bad luck, doing many raids on many alts and not one item for transmog?! if i get one at least i won’t feel like i’m wasting time.

Some screenshots and random rambling.


I tried my luck to find this mount, i used HandyNotes and another addon for HandyNotes, it took me a day to do that, while trying to find it someone else found it first, then i came back hours later to look for crystals and clicking one of them gave me the mount, so the game kept counting the other crystals i clicked before.

Pink mount need pink haired gnome, not oversized Draenei


Hidden look for Ashbringer, to get this look i have to do so many things, compare that to hunter beast master hidden look which you can buy from a vendor.

Anyway, the Ashbringer hidden look take what players did in classic to find the Ashbringer and made it into a quest line:

  1. It needs a book from PVP which i bought from Auction House because i’m allergic to PVP.
  2. another book from Dire Maul.
  3. Combine 2 books and go back to Dire Maul to talk with Prince Tortheldrin, who tell you to talk with an NPC in Western Plagueland.
  4. Go to Hearthglen to read a book.
  5. Kill an elite mob.
  6. Do some fishing, it took me about 30 times to get an item.
  7. Go to Class Hall to talk to an NPC.
  8. Go to Death Knight Class Hall to talk with 4 horsemen.
  9. I have an item to make corrupted Ashbringer.
  10. Change it back to normal Ashbringer because i don’t like the hidden look.

That is more to do than just buy an item from vendor.

Smug face while fishing … i like that


Paladin Class Hall Mount, it is majestic, i love this mount, to get it i have to finish Legion Fall quests which some of them ask for missions in the Class Hall, i can’t cheat on these missions, but then they ask me to kill 50 demons, easy!

Go to Felsoul Hold, find a cannon, kill mobs around it and loot them, use the cannon to kill felbats, best place will be to the north of Felsoul Hold.

Another way to cheat is to use the world quest in Broken Shore: Exterminating with Impunity, which is the one i used, endless imps coming out of a portal, in less than 2 min i killed 50 of them … nice!

But then i needed a gem from a vendor in Suramar, i didn’t do any quests in the zone, i have to do some quests to get the mask first.

Getting the mount itself needs going into Stratholm, there a paladin can choose 2 other paladin to fight with him, i choose a dwarf tank and human healer, it just felt right to choose classic races, when i think of paladin i think of human and dwarfs.


Did you know a whole transmog set could drop in Halls of Valor raid? Ensemble Chains of The Chosen Dead dropped for me in LFR, and now LFR and normal mail armor is done for this raid.

I was doing Illidan soul quest line, Blizzard changed the quest requirement from 50 to 5, and i have more than 5 so i completed that quest line, it gave me nice looking questing gear, my hunter use this set for transmog, just hiding the shoulders and the head piece.

Buying gem from Suramar
Santa is busy killing demons in summer
At last! first mount from Broken Isles factions, i’m hoping to get the carpet next


For the Light


One is done, three to go, Fihar the Lightforged Draenei Paladin (breath!) is level 110, he was called by Captain Fareeya to visit the Vindicaar, there he got his Heritage armor, and it is shiny!

The only thing i don’t like about it is the head piece, it removes the beard, and i’m so pro-beard, but i’m happy i reached my goal, now time to take some rest and do some raid farming with my level 110 characters, soon i’ll take a void elf into the same journey … sigh 🙂

Every one can be a boomkin … if you find the item
This has to be the silliest place in all Azeroth to level fishing!
This too
Temple of Elune