Month: April 2018

Solo dungeons


In the screenshot you see what a player see when they go into a dungeon in Revelation Online, this dungeon called Darkfall and it is full of demonic monkeys!

Before a player enter the dungeons they have to choose the difficulty of the dungeon, i like this because it is a clear interface compared to what WoW have, you have to right click your picture and choose between normal or heroic.

The second feature here is the panel on the lower right corner, it provide some information:

  • Rewards (XP here)
  • Number of players needed to do this dungeon.
  • Level range, this dungeon is for players on level 20-79.
  • Attempts, i’m guessing here, you have 99 tries before the dungeon is locked to you.
  • Time, there is a timer, you can’t stay there forever.
  • training, i don’t know what that means.
  • Goal, it tells you the … goal of dungeon!
  • More Rewards

In the center you see 5 icons for 5 level of difficulties, it starts with Story which is a solo level then normal which needs 5 players but it can be soloed by high level player, there is Hard and Deadly, there is also Scenario which i don’t know what it means yet.

I love it when games offer dungeons to all kind of levels so the dungeon remain relevant to all players no matter what is their level, and i like the idea of solo dungeon, if you are like me you like to walk around these places, take screenshots, notice all the details, slow down.

The game still offer higher levels for players if the want that, you have to know your class and how to play the game, you have to bring a group with you, and you’ll get better reward, the solo player will get rewards too but not on the same level.

I just love the idea of solo dungeons, also the idea of level-scaling dungeons, players who love challenge will get that, players who want to look at pretty things will get what they want.

Moar quests! or ideas to make leveling more fun


Now with allied races many people want and did level some of them, i’m sure many will want to level a Zandalari Druid and Kul Tiran one too, the problem? leveling is the same experience every time.

Leveling right now is:

  • questing in the same zones we already did for many times.
  • same dungeons.
  • limited dailies (1 cooking, 1 fishing in classic zones for example).

With leveling scales we have choice to skip some expansions, Outland vs Northrend or Cataclysm vs Pandaria, but that is not enough, the game should provide many activities while leveling so people don’t get bored or discouraged, and Blizzard have few systems in later expansion, they need just to bring them to the old content.

World quests, i know some people don’t like them, but they are quick quests that need no NPC to talk to, events in the map, go there do that, this idea should be in every zone, while questing why not do some WQ?

Bonus Activities, this idea started in Warlords of Draenor, each zone have 2 – 4 bonus activities, do them to get a big chunk of XP, why not add these to the old zones?

Rares and treasures, the same thing as bonus activities and world quests, just bring this idea to old world.


Blizzard can add more if they want, add all kind of quests:

More dailies, why not? with these quests you can gain XP and reputation, and Blizzard can add them to any place where there isn’t many quests, like Stormwind or Ironforge, they can turn some quests into dailies, no need to create new ones.

Class quests, now class trainers are almost useless, a player can go from level 1 to 110 without even noticing these trainers, why not bring back some of classic ideas back, druids needed to learn their forms, shamans needed to earn their totems, paladins have some quests to earn a good weapon or a mount, warlocks need to learn how to summon demons .. etc.

Maybe Blizzard does not want to bring these quests back, but they can add more class quests.

Use the proving ground, class trainers can teleport you there, so why not use it to train players? add more content to it so healers can practice healing, tanks do tanking, DPS try to pull all mobs and die then blame healers … you know! the usual.

Crafting quests, to help players level up crafting why not add this kind of quests? each faction need armors, weapons, potions .. etc, there are now few profession quests in old zones, just add more.

Crafting XP, in some MMOs crafting give the player XP, not much but enough to make the player want to craft instead of vendoring the materials.

Fishing and cooking quests, i like fishing, i think any adventurer need to relax from time to time, each zone should have daily fishing quests, and with fishing comes cooking.

Zone boss, many zones could have a world boss, needs a group of people to fight it, make it a daily boss so players don’t fly from zone to zone killing just bosses.

Tavern/inn activities, in Lord of The Rings Online players can play music or act in a play, in some games there are mini-games or board games, Blizzard have Hearthstone, why not bring a small version of it in WoW?

An NPC could tell a story and players have to just listen, i know some of them will be AFK while this happen .. so what? Revelation Online have this idea where you do AFK leveling! it does have a limit on how much XP you gain so players don’t just sit there forever.

Take Dynamic events ideas from GW2! while a player in a zone an event could happen could started by the players, escort missions that need no quest, just protect a caravan or a group of NPCs, a place need to be protected or destroyed, a group of NPCs need to be eliminated and then a boss show up.

Cinematic quests, in both Guild Wars 2 and Revelation Online; there are simple quests or events, where you go to a place and click a flag and it’ll show you a beautiful place, perfect for screenshots junkies out there 😀 that’s what Guild Wars 2 do, in Revelation Online an NPC will tell you a story with in-game cinematic, you get XP from these quests.

The main idea here is this: leveling now is limited to few repeated activities, add more of them so players have many options to level their characters.

P.S: i’m sending this post to Blizzard, i hope they take few ideas.

AQ3D and MapleStory impression

From MapleStory

As i wrote before, i wanted to try few games before going back to WoW, i’m back to Warcraft now and i tried few games.

Revelation Online, i wrote about it before, this will be a long term MMO for me, i want to see how the game works after the first impression.

AQ3D, charming game, family friendly, it didn’t offer something to keep me playing, but there is a good community around the game, developers are active and communicating with players.

It is free to play, cross platform game, so it does not hurt to try it yourself, you may like it.

I’m playing a class called Kanna, using a fan as a weapon, click for full screenshot

MapleStory, the 2D MMO, released in 2003, it is older than WoW, i tried it about 2 years ago and the interface was confusing, i could not use abilities and basic attack to kill mobs means very slow progress, i removed it from my computer.

I know the game is charming, i know i’ll love it but i need to give it another chance, so i did and happy news: i love it!

The game is changed, the interface is much better and easier to understand, i can use abilities now and with them killing mobs is fast, i know the game is a large grind, there are many quests tells you to kill 50 mobs, collect 20 something, and you know what? i don’t mind that.

I don’t know how to explain it, in other games if a game tried to force me to grind i’ll hate it, but this one makes me do it happily.

Cute mobs! i love the the design of mobs in this game

It is a low stress game, perfect for someone to play casually, don’t take it seriously, play it slowly, and because it is 2D game it can work on a potato, if you have old machine you can use it to play this game.

It have so many classes (40 i think!) many mini-games, 250 levels, so many places with all kind of weird monsters and mobs, it is a large game but .. 2D, and i can’t tell you how much i wanted 2D MMO.

It is a platform game like people played in the 80s and 90s, this is part of its charm.

The game have many beautiful places, 2D does not mean it will look ugly

One game remains: Age of Wushu, it is a PVP game, but maybe it will make me ignore the PVP part of it to focus on taking screenshots.

Looking for Warcraft RPG books

I read about Warcraft RPG books few years ago, since then i thought i want to buy them someday, today i checked Amazon and Abebooks and i found that most of these books sold of a good price and some of them sold for over $100, that’s too much for me.

I like hunting for used books, sometimes i buy rare books if it talks about a subject i’m interested in, like that one book talks about Minitel, for months its price didn’t go less than $200, i waited until one day a copy showed with $40 price tag and now it takes a place in my bookshelves.

But Warcraft RPG? i don’t think they are rare, but they are valuable and their value will just go up with time, used book sellers know that, they did their research and they know that millions of people are interested on Warcraft universe and some youtubers who talk just about Warcraft lore push more people to look for these books.

Now, what i wish is this: Blizzard reprint them again for a cheap price, but i doubt Blizzard want any thing with these books from the past, RPG books are rich with lore and details but they are not canon, and that’s the main reason why they will not reprint them … i hope i’m wrong here.

So, is there a way to get these books? without paying so much fo each of them?

I downloaded PDF version of them, i don’t feel guilty about that because they are out-of-print, but i prefer paper.

First impression: Revelation Online

Pandaria is a beautiful place in World of Warcraft, part of that is the theme or the culture of the the place, Pandaria based on Asian culture and mostly on Chinese culture, and part of me love that so much, i’ll admit that i easily love most of everything, but if you give me a choice between a trip to China and a trip to many other countries; i’ll choice China, the place is rich with history.

MassivelyOP is a website i love and visit everyday, and they do live streams for many MMOs every week, one day MJ (the one who is live streaming) showed us Revelation Online, and i just loved the game, it’s Asian, it looks beautiful and it is free to play, so no harm of trying the game and walking around its world to take screenshots, after all this weblog is about being a tourist in virtual worlds.

So i installed the game, tried it for an hour and here is my first impressions:

Loading screen .. pretty art

Revelation Online (or RO) is one of many games tried to copy WoW style of game, making characters, questing, dungeons and raids, collecting many things like cosmetics, mounts and wings (yes wings!).

It is a Chinese game developed by NetEase, Blizzard’s partnership in china, RO released in 2015 in China and 2017 for the world.

Game size is about 20 GB, and you have to download client and before that make an account.

First thing you see in the game, your character waking up

The game start with a short cutscene, you are asleep and you wake up, all characters start from the same spot, there are no races or different starting zones, you start in a big island which teach you the basics of the game by doing a chain of many quests, the game offer tips and even voice over tips.

The interface is busy, that was the first thing i noticed, it’s not hard to understand, just busy with so many details and tiny tiny icons, i still don’t know how many things works in this interface, it needs time.

First hour is linear, i’m level  17 now, it’s not hard to level fast while questing, but i didn’t like the experience or the story, there is one disposable character who die too early before making any meaningful impact on me, and the quests are linear, do this, then do this, then do that and keep pulling that chain because there is no other quests.

You can explore, talk with some NPCs, but for quests you have no other option but to follow the quest line and it offeres one quest at a time, this may change later.

there are many typical characters, The cute girl with short-short dress and rude attitude who love to boss everyone around, the uncle cook (a raccoon!) who care only about cooking and serving people, the disposable character to guide you in your first quests and i can’t even remember his name.

Busy interface, so many things ask for your attention

The world is beautiful, this is the main reason why i wanted to play the game, the game have no zones like WoW, but one seamless map, the world feels like a true place, moving from one town to another does not feel like you are moving from one world to another.

Take for example Elwynn Forest and Westfall in WoW, one is lush forest the other is almost dead farmland, it does not feel right, don’t get me wrong, i love WoW and i love both zones, i think RO way of building a world is better.

There is daily rewards, not only that, there is 5 min rewards, 10 min rewards, 15 min, 30 min, levels rewards … etc, the game want to give you stuff, and here is my opinion on such system in all MMOs: i hate it!

  • I prefer to get stuff by myself, with crafting or buying from vendor, this makes the world more immersive.
  • Login/daily rewards takes your attention from the game and add clutter to the interface.
  • Many MMOs offer limited bag space so you have to delete items or buy more space.


There is camera feature! now this is a cool point, i’m impressed by this feature, press the tiny camera icon or CTRL+F9 to open the camera interface, you can move the camera around and there is almost no limit how far you can move the camera, there is focus feature, zooming and filters!

Every MMO should have a camera feature.

Click to see larger screenshot

You can have mounts and wings, from what i understand mounts here means land mounts, you can’t use them to fly, for flying you can have wings, many style of wings and there are abilities while flying, some wings you earn from the world, other you craft.

The game gives new player early test for flying, just for one quest

You can run fast, double jump, land without damage and do other tricks to make your walk an epic walk … well and epic run, there is a stamina bar which you consume when you run, it takes few seconds to go back to full stamina.

Traveling in RO can be done with walking, running, mounts, wings and portals, you have to unlock the portals before using them.

Things i need to learn more about:

  • There is a cosmetics system like Transmog in WoW, but i don’t know how it works.
  • Crafting, i don’t know how to start or where to go to learn crafting.
  • Classes and abilities, there is so much details here.
  • housing, yes this game have them.

Ok, i didn’t mean to write all that, i just wanted to show some  screenshots! anyway, next post will be just screenshots, and big ones so you can see how beautiful is RO, and i’ll leave you with this:

temporary cosmetics .. to look silly, but i want that cow hat in real life


Before going back to WoW

Screenshot from Age of Wushu website

It’s been a while since i logged in to WoW, i miss the game and with the announcement for BfA release i think it’s time to go back, i still want to level void elf warlock, a highmountain shaman, and if there is time before BfA i’ll level up nightborne mage.

Before that, i want to try few games, to explore the world, try to understand the game’s systems, take screenshots, at least i want to try one of these games before going back to WoW.

  • Revelation online, just for screenshots.
  • Age of Wushu, also for screenshots but maybe i’ll play it more i like it.
  • MapleStory, i have strong desire to play 2D MMO, i’m yet to find one i like.
  • AQ3D, to test the game.

That’s it, see you soon with screenshots from Revelation online 🙂