SWTOR: First impression


When it comes to genres of video games, i always prefer fantasy or real-life settings, it’s hard for me to like any space or sci-fi games, so it’s a happy moment when i find a space game i like, and that’s what happened with SWTOR or Star Wars: The Old Republic.

I  don’t know much about Star Wars world, i watched the movies and like them all, but the world of SW is vast, there are many comic books, novels, TV shows and video games, i never touched any of them, so my knowledge is limited here.

This is the second time i try SWTOR and clearly my first time was not fair, i don’t think i gave the game more than 10 minutes then i uninstalled, but this time i gave it more than an hour and my first impressions is: this game is dangerous!

Let me explain; Battle for Azeroth is coming in few days, i don’t want any other game for at least a month, so why try another game now? but i did, i thought i’ll just test it, leave it for later.

But trying the game gave a taste of what SWTOR can provide, story driven MMO, more than WoW and other games, you live a story and your choices have different result, unlike many MMOs where your choice is irrelevant.

There is so much voice acting, the game need that, the combat is easy and not tedious, the basic game mechanics are familiar to anyone play few MMOs, the game feels like WoW but in space, and the game provide a new world to explore, that will be fun for few months.

The main problem i faced is the limited free-to-play, there are many things i can’t do because i’m not a subscriber, i can’t have a bank for example, bag space is limited but i can grind for it at least.

SWTOR convinced me to pay subscription (i haven’t done that yet),  yes i want to play it, i enjoyed it, and i thought this game could replace WoW for me one day, but not now, i’m going back to SWTOR and i’ll subscribe … someday.

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