Month: August 2018

In Drustvar woods


Since Blizzard announced Battle for Azeroth and showed the new zones, i (like many other) loved Drustvar from first sight, the wicker witches, wicker constructs, the creepy woods and theย  disgusting monsters, i find all of that enchanting, there is some connection between all of this and old religions, there is even connection to some new religions.

Also Drustvar offer a different kind of druidism, which i find more interesting than the usual druidism we know in the game.

Mild Spoilers ahead, if you didn’t do the zone then maybe skip this post and come back later.

Drustvar the zone

Story begin with the absent Mr and Ms Waycrest, lords of Drustvar, we are sent to investigate what’s going on, we find a whole village of people who are frozen by dark magic, we can’t dispel the magic easily, from here on we are dealing with witches and their foul magic.

Soon after saving a village there is a witch trial in which we meet the accused witch, lady Lucille Waycrest, daughter of Mr and Ms Waycrest, the villagers about to hang her for her crimes, we work to save her by convincing villagers that she is not a witch, using silly ways to do that.

After saving Lucille she will accompany us throughout the zone, fighting witches and the drust constructs, trying to find out what is this magic, who is behind it, who are the drust and what is their relation to the witches coven?


Drustvar is one of few zones which is better at night, unlike most of WoW zones; i waited for the night to do questing in Drustvar, there is one part of the zone which i think will be better at the day, the open mountain zone, covered with snow and important lore about the Drust.

I enjoyed the whole zone, the witches coven story and their creepy magic, finding out a different type of druidism (it’s a tiny part but important), trying to figure out who is the Drust, even the dungeon in the end was cool, i loved this zone, almost perfect, the music is sometimes annoying, and sometimes it does not stop so i have to switch it off.

Who are the Drust?

Mr. Rossi answered this in his article, i bookmarked the article to read it later after i finish the zone, i wrote down notes while questing in Drustvar, something i never did before, and i can see the benefit of doing that, i can follow the story lines and understand them better, but i need to learn what to write because writing every little quest and NPC means endless notes.

Most likely the Drust are ancient Vrykul, the ruins around Drustvar point to that, also The Coven use runes magic just like the Vrykul, other than that i could not find anything else tells me who are they, from some quests their images or spirits looks like big humans.

Of course Mr. Rossi’s article explain that better, read it.


Alchemy as class in WoW

Trade_alchemyIn Drustvar we meet with Master Ashton, we first hear about him from other NPC who need his alchemy talent to create liquid fire and burn the drust constructs, we find him, we do quests for him and in one of these quests he accompany us to fight an NPC.

In this quest i noticed him throwing a green potion at me, it was a healing potion, immediately i wished there is alchemy class in WoW.

After vanilla WoW Blizzard added these classes:

  • Death Knight, melee, damage and tank.
  • Monk, melee, damage, healing and tank.
  • Demon Hunter, melee, damage and tank.

All new classes are melee, 1 plate, 2 leather, Blizzard need to add at least 2 classes, one for mail one for cloth and both should be ranged.

Alchemy could be a class, call it Apothecary, Chemist, Potion Master, whatever the name is, the main idea here is a class dealing with potions and alchemy.

It should have just 2 specs: damage and Healing, no need for another spec, just like the Demon Hunters, as for the abilities, Blizzard could make stuff up, they can make the class feels different, i think it’ll be a DoT class.

If Blizzard wants to go out of their current class design, they can add my dream wish: support class, not good at damage or healing but offer both and some utility to make them good part of any group.

This idea is not new, Wopedia have a page for class ideas, one of them is alchemy class.

What class do you wish to see in WoW?

Tiragarde Sound done

Always goats … and i miss the clouds .. i real life i mean!

Quick report:

  • my main hunter is level 116.
  • did all quests in Tiragarde Sound, 2 war outposts in Zanadalri zones, 1 dungeon (Freehold).

I was doing all that slowly,ย  i go off the path to explore, try to climb mountains to find goats (always goats) on the top of the mountains, mine ore and open treasure chests, by the end of second zone i’ll reach 120.

Tiragrade Sound job is showing the player what Kul’tiran culture is, there is one main story and that ended quickly for me, the remain of the zone focus on common people and their problems, fishing, hunting, nobles who love hunting and think it’s a game, or enjoy good horse riding, some weird turtle dude who is terrifyied of riding horses yet he do it anyway.

This brought back memories, i was terrified of riding horses, yet people around me pushed me to do it and not in a good way, the horse maybe sensed my fear, but it was my mistake to lean on one side, the horse started to go around and around then jumped, i saw a chance to jump .. landed on my side, no harm done, except i thought i’ll never ride a horse again … i think i’m a half-dwarf!

Always hated anything forced on me, that’s explain why i never liked schools, some people need time, i think i can handle horse riding today.

Another Mountain, another goat

In general Tiragarde sound was great zone, the music was beautiful, it is background music, does not ask for attention but it add some flavor to the zone, and most importantly: the music stops from time to time, quietness is necessary, without it i’ll get sick of the music and turn it off.

Zone design is different in BfA, zones feels more natural and realistic, feels like a place not a fictional place, one end of the zone looks different than the other end,ย  and between them the land change gradually, even moving to another zone does not change that, the transition is smooth.

Compare that to say moving between Elwynn Forest in Westfall, one is a lush forest the other is a barren land, you can see the border between them, you know you moved between zones when you crossed the river, BfA zones don’t have that clear divide .. so far.

Monsters of wood and bones, a hint for what’s coming in another zone

Boralus is a great city hub, it brings back so many memories, my family used to be a fishing family, but almost everyone here was fishing decades ago, it was the only way to find something to eat and earn some living, things changed and people have jobs, but many never forgot our past, we still go fishing, even when the sea claim some of us.

Sometimes i feel lost in my past, on what places used to be, i miss the local harbor, the city claimed the place and changed it, it used to be simple place, fishermen and common folk used it everyday, it wasn’t modern by any means, it needed some improvements, they removed the old harbor, build new buildings, hotels, restaurants, shops, yachts harbor, the place was free for any fisherman, no one ask for permission to put a boat there, now everything looks clean, modern and soulless, and i lost a great place, now i go there once every two years or so just to get upset about the change.

Sorry … i know this have nothing to do with the game, but i can’t help it, places like Boralus and Booty Bay will always bring sweet memories.

I spent a lot of time in Boralus fishing, cooking and doing some crafting, still need a tour around the place, there are hostile mobs in Boralus and that’s something i never saw before, city hubs usually are safe places, but in Boralus to reach some unique vendors you need to fight!

In conclusion: Tragrade Sound is perfect, i could not find one thing i didn’t like about this zone, i tried, and i’m afraid that i will love Kul’tiras so much i’ll need to admit that it is better than Pandaria, a great problem to have!

Now into Drustvar … the zone i’m looking forward the most.

Battle for Azeroth: first imrpession


So far i think BFA offer better zones, better music, better quests, and Legion was not bad by any means, Legion made me think that Blizzard will have hard time outdoing itself, but they did it.

Let’t me start with side quests, i love side quests, deep down i don’t like big epic stories in MMOs, even if i feel excited by them from time to time, i always love the small stories, the world building stories, the quests that show you the culture of the place, and BFA is full of that it makes me feel lost some times.

In Kul Tiras we have humans and slightly larger humans with enormous mustaches, and thin humans, i love all of models for humans and i can’t wait to see Kul’tirans as allied race, will Blizzard offer thin humans as an option? i hope so.

I’m going as slow as possible, still level 111ย  while writing these words, i know i’ll reach another level after publishing this post, and i did nothing but small part of Tiragarde Sound.

So far i’m impressed, BfA offering better everything than Legion.

Cleaning my PC

I’m so stupid … i should know this stuff!

Confession; i didn’t start BfA because of 2 reasons:

  1. I wanted to clean my computer.
  2. I wanted to install SSD, move WoW to it, so i can have faster loading time.

After procrastinating for months at last i decided to clean my computer today, the case is good enough to keep a lot of dust out of it, i’m impressed that there was less dust than i expected, and this is after almost 10 month of not cleaning it at all.

I used pressurized air canister, to clean the dust, a mistake since the canister says it is flammable, that is not healthy and not good for breathing, but that was the only option i have, i cleaned the fans, heat sinks, graphic card.

Then i found underneath the case a filter, it was dirty, clumps of dust falling from it, i didn’t know it was there, so i cleaned it, put it back and promised it that i will clean it every week, it didn’t say anything back, maybe next time i’ll ask about its name ๐Ÿ˜›

Then i tried to install the SSD, easy task for someone like me who lived with computers all my life …. wrong! so wrong i’m ashamed of myself, first i didn’t find screws for the SSD, and one wire to attach it to the motherboard, i searched for the motherboard box which have all these things, i could not find it.

I remembered later that i didn’t keep the box! i thought i’ll never need anything from it … sigh now i have to go to local shop to get some help, with my laziness i’ll do that in 2020 or later!

Maybe there is another way, to buy enclosure for it and use it as external hard drive, i wonder if this means i can move WoW between computers? i have no idea.

So in conclusion:

  • i need to take care of my computer more.
  • i need to update my computer knowledge, it’s been more than 12 years since i installed a hard drive by myself, things changed a lot.

In ths plus side:

I can use my standup desk as standup desk, since i bought this desktop i could not do that because of wires, now the desk is clean and ready for standing up, i like to do that, i feel more focused when i standup, more active.

Less wire clutter, a litte organizing helped, i need to learn more tricks to do better.

Diablo 3 on Switch


Let’s talk Diablo, do you play it? have you bought it? tell me what you think about Diablo franchise, if you have a weblog; why not write about it?

Diablo is a game i should not play, too much violence and gore, fast paced and it can kill your hand or your mouse with so much clicking, and yet i own it, i haven’t played it for a long time now but i like to go back and start a new character.

For a long time Blizzard didn’t do much for Diablo, there are seasons which award transmog items and other stuff, but that’s it, no new expansion, no new game, but i guess things are changing and some people are excited by that.


How things are changing? here is a list:

So i went to Diablo website and i was faced by this, i should tell the website that i’m an adult to let me in, i guess this is legally required because everyone knows it is a useless way to gate content, it’s like putting a gate on land without a wall!

Screenshot (36)

By that date i put there i’m 100 years old ๐Ÿ˜€

Blizzard have some collaboration with Nintendo, because Diablo 3 for switch have a chicken pet, if you played Legend of Zelda games you know what the chicken mean, there is also other items but i think the chicken is the most important here!

Diablo is a perfect game for Switch, and it makes the console more desirable for me, today i was at a local shop thinking about buying a Switch, it was there, i can buy it now but i thought i can wait, with Skyrim coming to Switch and other games; i see no better game console in the market today.


So, Diablo, Switch … tell me what you think about them.

Screenshots and dad jokes


Yes, you can fish here in the amber water.


This is a toy made by engineers in Legion, Blingtron’s Circuit Design Tutorial. it provide a mini-game which starts simple then get complex and it may give you headache, or worst makes you pull your hair.


But with some thinking and strategy you can solve 20 levels to get an achievement, here is a hint: each dot have either 2 or 3 or 4 connections, knowing that could help you know where that dot should be.


Happy Blizzard updated horses models and that includes Gilnean mounts, alas Stormwind mounts still look the same old model, sometimes i prefer simple horses as a mount, less visual noise.


Quilboar have new model in BfA, and i love it, so detailed and there is a model for femal quilboar, something i didn’t notice before.


And the wise orc said: ….


In Ashran, someone in Blizzard trolling with names ๐Ÿ˜€


In dad jokes scale, this one takes 2 out of 10, and i’m generous here.


In my many years of WoW, this is the first time i see this item in AH, it is useless for me, i can’t transmog it, and it is almost 5 million gold, i have a little more than 200k gold in my main.

Some title should be here

“So cold, but i have to make this silly pose … for screenshots!”

This is me rambling about not playing BFA yet … be warned of time wasted below ๐Ÿ˜›

BTW: what do you think of using emoji in blogs? in midย  2000s there was a debate between 3 blogger groups: the for emoji group, against emoji group and the best one: the meh group! they don’t care either way.

So BFA started and i didn’t play it yet, app is working and updated WoW, bug fixing most likely, when the expansion started i was tired, it’s time to sleep, and yet i could not help it to check few streamers, people are excited and i’m with them but tired, so i didn’t spend time watching much, i put my computer in sleeping mode and i went to my sleeping mode space AKA: Bed.

First thing in the morning: i need to do my laundry! so i’m doing that, then i need to do some cleaning and organizing, but most importantly: i need to drink some tea, it’s an age old addiction and i admit it.

So i’ll probably play WoW this afternoon, i prefer the WoW world to be in the day to take better screenshots, or at least to enjoy the world more, WoW at night is good for some questing and exploring.

Few days before BFA i was trying to reach level 100 with my Death knight, i did that and i’m at level 103 now, so far i think DK order hall have the best story, it is dark one, and i think it will have something to do with BFA or the expansion after that.


I thought my DK should look elegant, so i chose Nobelman‘s set as transmog, i just need a top hat, and black or white gloves, or better: hide gloves, i’m waiting for that.

I could not prepare for BFA as other people do, i love to read what other people did or planning to do, some prepare health meals for 7 days in advance, some prefer to buy snacks and soda drinks, some clean rooms and computers and take days off work.

I like reading all that but i can’t do it myself, whatever you are doing, have fun, and please don’t skip sleeping ๐Ÿ™‚

Addons i use in WoW

I’m at least sure this is not dung or beetle

Usually i prefer normal WoW interface without any addons, but using few of them can be useful, my rule here the addon should not change the interface, only improve it, so here is a list current addons.

DejaCharacter, i used this for most of Legion, basically it shows more stats for character, i really don’t care much about stats, but i don’t like it when Blizzard remove a feature without an option to bring it back, and i think they over-simplified the stats window.

dG Stripper, remove the silver gryphons from the action bars, that’s it, i just wanted cleaner action bars.

HandyNotes, i don’t use it much, just when i need help searching for something and i’m sick of wasting time i use this addon, of course the HandyNotes does not work on its own, it needs content like:

SquareMap, it makes the map square instead of circle, same place, same size, but showing a little more area than the circle.

That’s it, tell me what addons do you use?

Questing and dungeons transmog sets


Bellular the WoW youtuber have a good video showing BfA transmog sets, he starts with questing sets then dungeons sets, which for me are more interesting than raid sets.

Blizzard started adding dungeon sets since Vanilla, back then it was all about the stats and there is no transmog and yet the sets looks nice, they don’t look like a clown suit, Then Transmog system was added in Cataclsym and with it Blizzard started caring more about questing and dungeons transmog sets.

Now with BfA; it seems that Blizzard worked harder to provide good looking questing and dungeon sets, and it worked to provide 2 group of sets, one for the Alliance and the other for the Horde, both looks nice.

Legion questing sets are … well ugly, take a look at this mail set, i didn’t like it, while BFA Kul’tiran mail set looks much better, i can see myself using this set a lot, the same for cloth/plate/leather sets, in the Zandalari side the Horde players will find a lot of golden sets, i wonder if these sets are faction locked? i hope not.

The same thing for BfA dungeon sets, they look nice, better than Legion IMO, of course it all depend on your taste, you may dislike all these sets.

One more thing, Wowpedia have a list of all green sets, you may want to check some of them.