Questing and dungeons transmog sets


Bellular the WoW youtuber have a good video showing BfA transmog sets, he starts with questing sets then dungeons sets, which for me are more interesting than raid sets.

Blizzard started adding dungeon sets since Vanilla, back then it was all about the stats and there is no transmog and yet the sets looks nice, they don’t look like a clown suit, Then Transmog system was added in Cataclsym and with it Blizzard started caring more about questing and dungeons transmog sets.

Now with BfA; it seems that Blizzard worked harder to provide good looking questing and dungeon sets, and it worked to provide 2 group of sets, one for the Alliance and the other for the Horde, both looks nice.

Legion questing sets are … well ugly, take a look at this mail set, i didn’t like it, while BFA Kul’tiran mail set looks much better, i can see myself using this set a lot, the same for cloth/plate/leather sets, in the Zandalari side the Horde players will find a lot of golden sets, i wonder if these sets are faction locked? i hope not.

The same thing for BfA dungeon sets, they look nice, better than Legion IMO, of course it all depend on your taste, you may dislike all these sets.

One more thing, Wowpedia have a list of all green sets, you may want to check some of them.

8 thoughts on “Questing and dungeons transmog sets

    1. I didn’t see any leather robe or kilt, notice that Blizzard focused on themes in all these sets, there are no class sets, just armor type sets, so druids are stuck with whatever rogues/monks/demon hunters will get, maybe 2nd raid tier we’ll see class sets?

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    1. There are many pirate hats in BfA, i think you get some of them from Island Expedition, the 3 players scenarios, i saw them in WoWhead weeks ago, add to that parrot pets and a mount and you get yourself a good set 😀

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    1. I was trying to get Outland Loremaster few weeks ago, 2 zones remains, i’m amazed by the unique weapons i get from quests, it’s worth doing these quests just for the weapons … for clown suits, i remember a website (reddit maybe?) made a competition for the ugliest transmog set, people did great job 😀

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