Addons i use in WoW

I’m at least sure this is not dung or beetle

Usually i prefer normal WoW interface without any addons, but using few of them can be useful, my rule here the addon should not change the interface, only improve it, so here is a list current addons.

DejaCharacter, i used this for most of Legion, basically it shows more stats for character, i really don’t care much about stats, but i don’t like it when Blizzard remove a feature without an option to bring it back, and i think they over-simplified the stats window.

dG Stripper, remove the silver gryphons from the action bars, that’s it, i just wanted cleaner action bars.

HandyNotes, i don’t use it much, just when i need help searching for something and i’m sick of wasting time i use this addon, of course the HandyNotes does not work on its own, it needs content like:

SquareMap, it makes the map square instead of circle, same place, same size, but showing a little more area than the circle.

That’s it, tell me what addons do you use?

7 thoughts on “Addons i use in WoW

  1. I use quite a few add-ons. But I’ll list my favorite ones.

    Bartender. I moved my action bars around. I removed the silver griffons and default bar background and resized and moved the backpack and character menu too.

    Sexy Map. It lets me change how the minimap looks. I can add some color to it or change it to a square or other options.

    Move Anything. This is a nifty tool. It can move the placement of everything. I use it to move the objectives area a little more to the right so its less in the way. I also moved the tooltip popup down to the bottom right area.

    Shadowed Unit Frames. This I edited my healthbar location and target healthbar location. I moved them to be down and to the left and right of my character. It helps me keep track of health and spellcasts a bit better when they are all roughly around the same area.

    I use quite a few more, but they are less noticeable. Those are the main UI add-ons I use however!

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