Some title should be here

“So cold, but i have to make this silly pose … for screenshots!”

This is me rambling about not playing BFA yet … be warned of time wasted below 😛

BTW: what do you think of using emoji in blogs? in mid  2000s there was a debate between 3 blogger groups: the for emoji group, against emoji group and the best one: the meh group! they don’t care either way.

So BFA started and i didn’t play it yet, app is working and updated WoW, bug fixing most likely, when the expansion started i was tired, it’s time to sleep, and yet i could not help it to check few streamers, people are excited and i’m with them but tired, so i didn’t spend time watching much, i put my computer in sleeping mode and i went to my sleeping mode space AKA: Bed.

First thing in the morning: i need to do my laundry! so i’m doing that, then i need to do some cleaning and organizing, but most importantly: i need to drink some tea, it’s an age old addiction and i admit it.

So i’ll probably play WoW this afternoon, i prefer the WoW world to be in the day to take better screenshots, or at least to enjoy the world more, WoW at night is good for some questing and exploring.

Few days before BFA i was trying to reach level 100 with my Death knight, i did that and i’m at level 103 now, so far i think DK order hall have the best story, it is dark one, and i think it will have something to do with BFA or the expansion after that.


I thought my DK should look elegant, so i chose Nobelman‘s set as transmog, i just need a top hat, and black or white gloves, or better: hide gloves, i’m waiting for that.

I could not prepare for BFA as other people do, i love to read what other people did or planning to do, some prepare health meals for 7 days in advance, some prefer to buy snacks and soda drinks, some clean rooms and computers and take days off work.

I like reading all that but i can’t do it myself, whatever you are doing, have fun, and please don’t skip sleeping 🙂

5 thoughts on “Some title should be here

  1. Aw I miss playing WoW at night, so much. There is something about that time, where the night gets darker. I haven’t done that since we became parents. Up at 5 am every morning. I look forward to it again someday. You are more than welcome to take some shots for me until then!

    I actually played on a US server some time ago, because of the time differences meant I could be lucky to play “at night” hah.


    1. I think it’s time for Blizzard to end this 24 time cycle, some people can’t play in the day so all the see is the night, and some people see only the day, in other MMOs the cycle is faster, 15 mins or 30 mins, Blizzard can make it 2 hours cycle or more, like 12 hours cycle.

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      1. I would love it, if they would just add it as a function in the interface. Want storm, rain, night or day? Toggle it on and off. Like the Inky Black Potion.


    1. There is a top hat in the game, alas it’s white item so no transmog, and it is beyond legendary-level, i mean all my years in WoW i finally found one in AH and it was almost 5 million gold, the pattern for it is BoP and it is low-drop rate, so when it drop pray it drops for your tailor 😀

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