Screenshots and dad jokes


Yes, you can fish here in the amber water.


This is a toy made by engineers in Legion, Blingtron’s Circuit Design Tutorial. it provide a mini-game which starts simple then get complex and it may give you headache, or worst makes you pull your hair.


But with some thinking and strategy you can solve 20 levels to get an achievement, here is a hint: each dot have either 2 or 3 or 4 connections, knowing that could help you know where that dot should be.


Happy Blizzard updated horses models and that includes Gilnean mounts, alas Stormwind mounts still look the same old model, sometimes i prefer simple horses as a mount, less visual noise.


Quilboar have new model in BfA, and i love it, so detailed and there is a model for femal quilboar, something i didn’t notice before.


And the wise orc said: ….


In Ashran, someone in Blizzard trolling with names 😀


In dad jokes scale, this one takes 2 out of 10, and i’m generous here.


In my many years of WoW, this is the first time i see this item in AH, it is useless for me, i can’t transmog it, and it is almost 5 million gold, i have a little more than 200k gold in my main.

4 thoughts on “Screenshots and dad jokes

    1. Thank you, peons say more stuff, nice to watch them for a while 😀 the item is obtainable, but very rare, the pattern for it is rare, bind on pickup, so it should drop for a tailor, and tailors know this is a rare item so they don’t make many of them, keep prices high.

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