Diablo 3 on Switch


Let’s talk Diablo, do you play it? have you bought it? tell me what you think about Diablo franchise, if you have a weblog; why not write about it?

Diablo is a game i should not play, too much violence and gore, fast paced and it can kill your hand or your mouse with so much clicking, and yet i own it, i haven’t played it for a long time now but i like to go back and start a new character.

For a long time Blizzard didn’t do much for Diablo, there are seasons which award transmog items and other stuff, but that’s it, no new expansion, no new game, but i guess things are changing and some people are excited by that.


How things are changing? here is a list:

So i went to Diablo website and i was faced by this, i should tell the website that i’m an adult to let me in, i guess this is legally required because everyone knows it is a useless way to gate content, it’s like putting a gate on land without a wall!

Screenshot (36)

By that date i put there i’m 100 years old 😀

Blizzard have some collaboration with Nintendo, because Diablo 3 for switch have a chicken pet, if you played Legend of Zelda games you know what the chicken mean, there is also other items but i think the chicken is the most important here!

Diablo is a perfect game for Switch, and it makes the console more desirable for me, today i was at a local shop thinking about buying a Switch, it was there, i can buy it now but i thought i can wait, with Skyrim coming to Switch and other games; i see no better game console in the market today.


So, Diablo, Switch … tell me what you think about them.

4 thoughts on “Diablo 3 on Switch

  1. I only played Diablo 2 and it’s expansion, in fact, it was my very first video game on the computer (I mostly played on consoles while growing up). Now I’m all about WoW 🙂 Fascinating how, I imagine at least, a whole segment of players who never ever played Diablo might be going to now it’s coming on Switch?


  2. Yeah they keep bring more and more quality games to the switch which is good for Nintendo. I did read Diablo III will have more content on the switch than the PS4 and XOne counterparts.


    1. Hey, welcome to my weblog, what kind of content D3 on Switch will get that PS4 and Xbox won’t? just curious to know … and yeah, Switch is getting better every month, but i can wait, usually i’m late buyer, means i buy tech cheap … but late 😀


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