Cleaning my PC

I’m so stupid … i should know this stuff!

Confession; i didn’t start BfA because of 2 reasons:

  1. I wanted to clean my computer.
  2. I wanted to install SSD, move WoW to it, so i can have faster loading time.

After procrastinating for months at last i decided to clean my computer today, the case is good enough to keep a lot of dust out of it, i’m impressed that there was less dust than i expected, and this is after almost 10 month of not cleaning it at all.

I used pressurized air canister, to clean the dust, a mistake since the canister says it is flammable, that is not healthy and not good for breathing, but that was the only option i have, i cleaned the fans, heat sinks, graphic card.

Then i found underneath the case a filter, it was dirty, clumps of dust falling from it, i didn’t know it was there, so i cleaned it, put it back and promised it that i will clean it every week, it didn’t say anything back, maybe next time i’ll ask about its name πŸ˜›

Then i tried to install the SSD, easy task for someone like me who lived with computers all my life …. wrong! so wrong i’m ashamed of myself, first i didn’t find screws for the SSD, and one wire to attach it to the motherboard, i searched for the motherboard box which have all these things, i could not find it.

I remembered later that i didn’t keep the box! i thought i’ll never need anything from it … sigh now i have to go to local shop to get some help, with my laziness i’ll do that in 2020 or later!

Maybe there is another way, to buy enclosure for it and use it as external hard drive, i wonder if this means i can move WoW between computers? i have no idea.

So in conclusion:

  • i need to take care of my computer more.
  • i need to update my computer knowledge, it’s been more than 12 years since i installed a hard drive by myself, things changed a lot.

In ths plus side:

I can use my standup desk as standup desk, since i bought this desktop i could not do that because of wires, now the desk is clean and ready for standing up, i like to do that, i feel more focused when i standup, more active.

Less wire clutter, a litte organizing helped, i need to learn more tricks to do better.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning my PC

  1. Good luck on that techy stuff!

    We just got these very fancy “addons” (hah) for our vacuum cleaner, so it can reach small nooks. Super handy for cleaning, computers too πŸ™‚

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