Battle for Azeroth: first imrpession


So far i think BFA offer better zones, better music, better quests, and Legion was not bad by any means, Legion made me think that Blizzard will have hard time outdoing itself, but they did it.

Let’t me start with side quests, i love side quests, deep down i don’t like big epic stories in MMOs, even if i feel excited by them from time to time, i always love the small stories, the world building stories, the quests that show you the culture of the place, and BFA is full of that it makes me feel lost some times.

In Kul Tiras we have humans and slightly larger humans with enormous mustaches, and thin humans, i love all of models for humans and i can’t wait to see Kul’tirans as allied race, will Blizzard offer thin humans as an option? i hope so.

I’m going as slow as possible, still level 111  while writing these words, i know i’ll reach another level after publishing this post, and i did nothing but small part of Tiragarde Sound.

So far i’m impressed, BfA offering better everything than Legion.

6 thoughts on “Battle for Azeroth: first imrpession

  1. I had the same thoughts. I actually really loved legion by the end and was wondering how BFA was going to follow it. I cant speak for the expansion as a whole yet, but the leveling experience so far has been great, better than legion for me actually.

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  2. I’m glad that you mention the side quests because they are fun and often memorable. It is here that the designers can create fun characters and mini-stories that make you laugh or really want to help the poor guy.

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    1. Going into Broken Isles with the knowledge that there is this big threat and we need these magical powerful titan relics, Legion was an epic story, BFA in the other hand starts with (Alliance side at least) simple folks, go help people, i love that.

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