Tiragarde Sound done

Always goats … and i miss the clouds .. i real life i mean!

Quick report:

  • my main hunter is level 116.
  • did all quests in Tiragarde Sound, 2 war outposts in Zanadalri zones, 1 dungeon (Freehold).

I was doing all that slowly,  i go off the path to explore, try to climb mountains to find goats (always goats) on the top of the mountains, mine ore and open treasure chests, by the end of second zone i’ll reach 120.

Tiragrade Sound job is showing the player what Kul’tiran culture is, there is one main story and that ended quickly for me, the remain of the zone focus on common people and their problems, fishing, hunting, nobles who love hunting and think it’s a game, or enjoy good horse riding, some weird turtle dude who is terrifyied of riding horses yet he do it anyway.

This brought back memories, i was terrified of riding horses, yet people around me pushed me to do it and not in a good way, the horse maybe sensed my fear, but it was my mistake to lean on one side, the horse started to go around and around then jumped, i saw a chance to jump .. landed on my side, no harm done, except i thought i’ll never ride a horse again … i think i’m a half-dwarf!

Always hated anything forced on me, that’s explain why i never liked schools, some people need time, i think i can handle horse riding today.

Another Mountain, another goat

In general Tiragarde sound was great zone, the music was beautiful, it is background music, does not ask for attention but it add some flavor to the zone, and most importantly: the music stops from time to time, quietness is necessary, without it i’ll get sick of the music and turn it off.

Zone design is different in BfA, zones feels more natural and realistic, feels like a place not a fictional place, one end of the zone looks different than the other end,  and between them the land change gradually, even moving to another zone does not change that, the transition is smooth.

Compare that to say moving between Elwynn Forest in Westfall, one is a lush forest the other is a barren land, you can see the border between them, you know you moved between zones when you crossed the river, BfA zones don’t have that clear divide .. so far.

Monsters of wood and bones, a hint for what’s coming in another zone

Boralus is a great city hub, it brings back so many memories, my family used to be a fishing family, but almost everyone here was fishing decades ago, it was the only way to find something to eat and earn some living, things changed and people have jobs, but many never forgot our past, we still go fishing, even when the sea claim some of us.

Sometimes i feel lost in my past, on what places used to be, i miss the local harbor, the city claimed the place and changed it, it used to be simple place, fishermen and common folk used it everyday, it wasn’t modern by any means, it needed some improvements, they removed the old harbor, build new buildings, hotels, restaurants, shops, yachts harbor, the place was free for any fisherman, no one ask for permission to put a boat there, now everything looks clean, modern and soulless, and i lost a great place, now i go there once every two years or so just to get upset about the change.

Sorry … i know this have nothing to do with the game, but i can’t help it, places like Boralus and Booty Bay will always bring sweet memories.

I spent a lot of time in Boralus fishing, cooking and doing some crafting, still need a tour around the place, there are hostile mobs in Boralus and that’s something i never saw before, city hubs usually are safe places, but in Boralus to reach some unique vendors you need to fight!

In conclusion: Tragrade Sound is perfect, i could not find one thing i didn’t like about this zone, i tried, and i’m afraid that i will love Kul’tiras so much i’ll need to admit that it is better than Pandaria, a great problem to have!

Now into Drustvar … the zone i’m looking forward the most.

5 thoughts on “Tiragarde Sound done

    1. Thank you, “slow” could feel like a negative word, people use it to describe things they didn’t like “it was so slow” or a person, for me slow could be good or bad depend on the context, slow leveling is a positive thing 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Aw never apologize to go “off game topic” – I actually like to get some insight into the person behind the blog 🙂

    Oh, yeah, Drustvar? I have not heard much about it yet; what attracts you to it?


    1. Thank you, Drustvar should be the zone for Druids, it have druidic tradition with no connection to elves or Cenarius, druids who think death is important just like life, also the zone is creepy, i love that 🙂

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