Alchemy as class in WoW

Trade_alchemyIn Drustvar we meet with Master Ashton, we first hear about him from other NPC who need his alchemy talent to create liquid fire and burn the drust constructs, we find him, we do quests for him and in one of these quests he accompany us to fight an NPC.

In this quest i noticed him throwing a green potion at me, it was a healing potion, immediately i wished there is alchemy class in WoW.

After vanilla WoW Blizzard added these classes:

  • Death Knight, melee, damage and tank.
  • Monk, melee, damage, healing and tank.
  • Demon Hunter, melee, damage and tank.

All new classes are melee, 1 plate, 2 leather, Blizzard need to add at least 2 classes, one for mail one for cloth and both should be ranged.

Alchemy could be a class, call it Apothecary, Chemist, Potion Master, whatever the name is, the main idea here is a class dealing with potions and alchemy.

It should have just 2 specs: damage and Healing, no need for another spec, just like the Demon Hunters, as for the abilities, Blizzard could make stuff up, they can make the class feels different, i think it’ll be a DoT class.

If Blizzard wants to go out of their current class design, they can add my dream wish: support class, not good at damage or healing but offer both and some utility to make them good part of any group.

This idea is not new, Wopedia have a page for class ideas, one of them is alchemy class.

What class do you wish to see in WoW?

4 thoughts on “Alchemy as class in WoW

  1. That sounds like a fun class. One that threw flasks and potions with that glass breaking sound would be great!

    New classes are some of my favorite additions to the game. I love speculating on what they could add too. My personal favorite is the Tinker style class. We could get another ranged with guns and building mechsuits like Mekkatorque or perhaps turrets like engineers in guild wars 2 do.

    Thanks for the link, I shall have fun browsing through that page of all the possible classes.

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    1. Yeah, that link is great, many people have good ideas, and i like your idea of Tinker class, i think that could be Mail armor class, and it could be tank and DPS class, or if Blizzard want to work more they can add healing, there are healing devices made by engineers 🙂


  2. Oh, that is a very neat idea, I could easily see that becoming a class. Cool link, that was a great read too.

    I’m always about the Druid, but I think many would be glad to see a class that fits well with the Gnomes – Engineering. They need some love, it feels.


    1. Gnomes always need more love, remember when they announced Gnome hunters? so many happy people in twitter and blogs, and in the lore Gnome can be any class, they learn quickly, that’s how they learned dealing with the light and become priests.

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