In Drustvar woods


Since Blizzard announced Battle for Azeroth and showed the new zones, i (like many other) loved Drustvar from first sight, the wicker witches, wicker constructs, the creepy woods and the  disgusting monsters, i find all of that enchanting, there is some connection between all of this and old religions, there is even connection to some new religions.

Also Drustvar offer a different kind of druidism, which i find more interesting than the usual druidism we know in the game.

Mild Spoilers ahead, if you didn’t do the zone then maybe skip this post and come back later.

Drustvar the zone

Story begin with the absent Mr and Ms Waycrest, lords of Drustvar, we are sent to investigate what’s going on, we find a whole village of people who are frozen by dark magic, we can’t dispel the magic easily, from here on we are dealing with witches and their foul magic.

Soon after saving a village there is a witch trial in which we meet the accused witch, lady Lucille Waycrest, daughter of Mr and Ms Waycrest, the villagers about to hang her for her crimes, we work to save her by convincing villagers that she is not a witch, using silly ways to do that.

After saving Lucille she will accompany us throughout the zone, fighting witches and the drust constructs, trying to find out what is this magic, who is behind it, who are the drust and what is their relation to the witches coven?


Drustvar is one of few zones which is better at night, unlike most of WoW zones; i waited for the night to do questing in Drustvar, there is one part of the zone which i think will be better at the day, the open mountain zone, covered with snow and important lore about the Drust.

I enjoyed the whole zone, the witches coven story and their creepy magic, finding out a different type of druidism (it’s a tiny part but important), trying to figure out who is the Drust, even the dungeon in the end was cool, i loved this zone, almost perfect, the music is sometimes annoying, and sometimes it does not stop so i have to switch it off.

Who are the Drust?

Mr. Rossi answered this in his article, i bookmarked the article to read it later after i finish the zone, i wrote down notes while questing in Drustvar, something i never did before, and i can see the benefit of doing that, i can follow the story lines and understand them better, but i need to learn what to write because writing every little quest and NPC means endless notes.

Most likely the Drust are ancient Vrykul, the ruins around Drustvar point to that, also The Coven use runes magic just like the Vrykul, other than that i could not find anything else tells me who are they, from some quests their images or spirits looks like big humans.

Of course Mr. Rossi’s article explain that better, read it.


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