Month: September 2018

Inventory managment in Guild Wars 2

Inventory window

When you start a new character in Guild Wars 2, the game start with 20 slots bag, press “i” to open the inventory, i still press “b” to open my bags, old habits die hard, anyway … GW2 inventory system is different than WoW and many other games.

The game offer vendor bags, levels bags you get when you reach certain level, and three crafting professions have bags and they are the main way to make larger bags.

When you kill mobs some drop items and bags of loot, open the bags to get materials and vendor trash, sometimes useful items, you go around the map to gather materials like planets, wood and ore … and now your bags are full.

gw089GW2 offer a way to empty your bags or at least make some space, there is a feature to deposit all materials to account bank, there is a section just for materials and it’s shared between all characters in your account, no need to send mats between alts using mail.

To use this feature you only need to click on  a wheel then click “Deposit All Materials” and that’s it, no need to visit a bank.

In the bags window, there is account slots which are shared between all characters, right now i have only one and i can buy more, this is useful to put something like XP boosts to share between all characters.

The bank offer shared space between alts and you can add more space to it using the game shop, to access the bank you need to visit a banker or use crafting station.

One more thing is shared between all characters: currency, any thing you get in any alts is shared with others.

To summarize:

  • You can deposit materials from your bags to your bank, any where and any time.
  • Bank is shared between alts and you can add more space to it.
  • Currencies are shared between all characters.

Is this system better than say WoW inventory system? i’m sure it’s better about shared currencies, also shared account bank, i wish to see this feature in WoW.

As for sending all materials to the bank, in WoW i don’t see this necessary, it’s been a long time since i needed to go back to main city to empty my bags, there are vendors every where, bags are large, material stack reach to 200, and there are toys and tools to offer you a vendor … even pets!

This is quick overview for inventory managment in GW2, next i need to talk about transmog … or whatever they call it in GW2.

First look: Guild Wars 2


The first post in this weblog used a screenshot from Guild Wars 2, back then i have a laptop with the game installed but the cpu fan started making noise and soon or later i have to replace it, instead of doing that i moved to a desktop machine but i didn’t install Guild Wars 2, now i did.

This post is an overview for GW2, i think it’s a good game and it offers something different from WoW and many other MMOs, i’m a new player so whatever i’m writing here could be wrong or inaccurate, with this in mind let’s have a look at GW2 features.

Note: all images in this post taken from GW2 website.

MMORPG, it’s an online game made by ArenaNet, released in 2012, and 2 in the name means there is original Guild Wars which released in 2005 and you still can play it today,

Buy to play, no need for subscription, only buy the game and its expansions and you get access to the whole game, there is an in-game shop which sell cosmetics and different kind of items, you don’t need it, you can play the game without spending anything in the shop.

5 races 9 classes, the races are:

  • Humans: your average race in every game.
  • Norn: larger humans.
  • Charr: cat looking race with horns.
  • Asura: the gnomes of the game!
  • Sylvari: tree people.

All races can play all the classes, in GW2 classes called Professions:

  • Warriors.
  • Guardians
  • Revenant
  • Ranger, like a hunter in WoW, i will write a post about since this is my main class.
  • Thief
  • Engineer
  • Elementalists
  • Mesmer
  • Necromancer

3 types of armor, in GW2 there is heavy, medium or light armor, 3 profession for each type:

  • Heavy armor: Warrior, Guardian, Revenant.
  • Medium armor: Thief, Ranger, Engineer.
  • Light armor: Elementalists, Necromancer, Mesmer.


80 levels, other MMOs add levels with every expansion, GW2 does not do that, with its 2 expansions it kept the top level as it is, and most likely this won’t change with the next expansion.

Level scaling, high level players will still find low level zones a little challenging, the game scale them down to the zone level, but low level player will not scale up to high level zone.

No quests! now this is different from WoW, when you start a character you don’t go look for NPCs with yellow ! over their heads, the interface itself tells you to do something, go to that place, talk with this NPC, but after the starting event the map open up for you.

First thing you do is talking with a scout who have a telescope icon over their head, he or she tells you on the map where to go and what’s going on, they show you hearts which is the main way to level up in GW2.

This is a shield, and a Quaggan lives in it!

Renown hearts, or simply hearts, they give you things to do, kill mobs, collect things, entertain cows! and fill a bar, when you do that an NPC will have a full heart over their heads, they are the karma vendors, karma is a currency, and these vendors will sell items using that currency.

Zone activities, while you are running around the zone, you gain experience by:

  • exploring the zone, go to points of interest to open up the map.
  • Open Waypoints, teleporting devices which you can use to teleport to any point in the game, but you should open the Waypoint first, just walk near it.
  • Vistas, point of views, it shows you something intersting in the zone.
  • Hero Challenges, Puzzles or hard NPC fights.

Jumping Puzzles, there are places which test your skills with jumping, places you can’t reach without solving a jumping puzzles, there is something in the end of the puzzle, is it worth it? sometimes yes, but i can’t deny that these puzzles makes me feel cold rage which is rare for me.

Dynamic events, while you are in a zone thing happen around you, an elite boss appear, someone started escorting a cart, a group of bandit took over a bridge and they need someone to take them out, you can participate in these events to gain experience, gold and karma.

Personal Story, this is a chain of events, a story driven quests but without quests, you go places, you talk with NPCs, things happen, sometimes you have to choose between 2 things, like recently i have to choose between saving a friend or protecting a lot of people from a dangerous gang, i chose the later and my friend payed the price.

After Personal stories there are seasons, or Living World Seasons, and currently there are 4 seasons.


Elite specs, when you reach level 80 you can choose an elite spec which change the way you play your class, and with 2 expansions you can choose between 2 elite specs, for example a ranger (like a hunter in WoW) can be a druid which is a healer or a Soulbeast, a DPS spec where you merge with your pet.

Action combat, moving around is important in GW2, you need to face enemies to hit them, a swing of a sword does not hit one mob but all mobs in front of you.

There is more, but i’ll talk about other features in different posts, i want to talk about inventory management because it is unique compared to many other MMOs, i need to talk about the interface and that alone could take many posts, also i want to talk about the transmog system, it’s not called that in GW2 but i’ll talk about it in a post.

If you only play WoW and for some reason you want to try another MMO, i highly recommend GW2, you can play it for free with limitations.

Try Classic WoW in Blizzcon .. or at home


Good news Classic fans … buying Blizzcon virtual ticket will give you different rewards for Blizzard’s games, and access to limited Classic WoW, just 2 zones, one for the Alliance and one for the Horde, and by that Blizzard already did one of two things i wanted to hear about in Blizzcon.

As for the rewards, 2 faction themed cloaks and 2 banners, not as impressive as the mounts from last year, but i don’t really care, Classic news is important.

The other thing i want to hear about in Blizzcon is anything related to Diablo:

  • New class for Diablo 3? ok, i’ll take it
  • Diablo 3 new expansion? good
  • Diabo 4? better
  • Diablo the MMO? even better.

Welcome Dark Irons

WoWScrnShot_092518_231043I was so close, i need few more World Quests and i’ll get exalted with 7th Legion, but sometimes the game don’t provide enough content to achieve what i want, so i have to go back next day.

I did more WQ to reach exalted, went back to Kul’tiras and bought some vendor gear from the 7th Legion with a tabard, by this point all this gear is not useful except for transmog, i have better gear.

Then went to Stormwind to start quest chain for the Dark Iron Dwarfs, it wasn’t short chain but it wasn’t too long, there is a dungeon in the middle of the chain, The MOTHERLODE!! (that’s the dungeon name!), it’s an open “dungeon” zone in Kezan, i’m a bit disappointed that returning to Kezan means this dungeon, i wish goblins or even other races can go to open zone and do some questing there, or rebuild the island as a zone for goblins.

Anyway, the dungeon is chock full with trash mobs, i even complained about that while doing the dungeon which went very well but it was tedious, in the end i got a nice gun, then back to complete the quest chain for Dark Irons, in the end i got a nice mount.

It was late at night, dark screenshot … but here is the good fire dog

I made a Dark Iron Paladin, while i have a paladin at level 110 i can’t resist Dark Iron Paladin Mounts.

If you want to see the whole quest chain then check Nobble’s video, about 45 min long.

Random screenshots from WoW

chatting with Granny Marl, helping her shooting birds
Planet vs Zombies
Leaning on walls … i need to do that Blizzard
Can i do that too Blizzard? i want to look bored!
I want glasses for transmog
Leaning and playing with knife .. nice details in Boralus
I feel sorry for them every time i pass by, i mean they are there all the time!
Best name for best gnome!
Bards next expansion? please!
that’s not how a lady sit on a chair!


Taming a new pet, mythic only so at last i can do it, i named it Aberash, which by that website means “giving off light, shining” in Amharic.


Kul’tiran Balance druid

Highmountain moonkin form

Wowhead started mining patch 8.1 in PTR, so many interesting things coming in the patch, but the most interesting thing for me is new allied races, Kul’tiran for Alliance, Zandalari trolls for Horde, and both can be druids, and you can work for both of them right now, mostly reputation grind, by the offical release of 8.1 you should get exalted with the faction.

Wowhead have the models for moonkin form for the Kul’tiran druids, also for Highmountain druids, and aqua form for the Zandalari, the Highmountain moonkin form looks normal, just different colors and with moose horns, the Zandalari aqua form  looks dino-ish … and dionsaurs are cool, but look at this horror:


What is this?! it’s ugly, i love it! when i play druid i play mostly Balance, so this is how i will look while walking around Azeroth …. when i walk to NPCs they should run away from me.

One more thing, Kul’tiran heritage armor, one commenter in Wowhead noticed that there is no thin kul’tirans, i hope that just because  it’s too early for 8.1 in PTR, but i guess Blizzard will not offer that option since there is no thin female kul’tiran.

Watching Method’s world first

screenshot from the stream, G’huun is dead

Method, a WoW guild in EU was and still streaming their Uldir mythic raid, and they got world first kill for G’huun, it took them so many wipes to reach the last boss, it took them so many “so close” moments, from 4.8% to 3.3% to 1.8% to 0% and and exciting moment for more than 100k viewers from all Method channels.

This is the first time anyone streaming a raid like that, and for me as a very casual player i have a chance to see what the pro players do and how they play, first thing i noticed as the stream change the camera between the raiders; they have so much going in the interface, so many warnings and information flying around.

The other thing is they are studying the raid and what happened, and try to avoid falling into same mistake, slowly they progress from phase to phase, i saw them die at phase one and come back to do it again and again then they perfected this phase so now they have to learn phase two … and it goes like that slowly.

Playing like that is not for me, but watching others doing it? oh yes, it was exciting to see world first live on the net, we are lucky, just imagine people in 2004 have the tech we have today, will they stream first kill for Ragnaros?

Anyway … i rarely watch streams for WoW players, but Mythic world firsts? i think i’ll enjoy watching these streams, we know there is 2 raids in 8.1, that will be exciting to watch.

On island Expeditions


I didn’t know what to think of Island Expeditions, wasn’t excited about them but i liked the idea of 3 player scenarios, quick queue and short game-play, i thought i’ll give it a try, and the more i play them the more i like them.

Wowhead have a good guide, they always have good guides, but i prefer to try first then read guides, i confess: i never read dungeon or raid journal or guides, i prefer to just go there and try them, make mistakes and learn, then after that i read guides to learn more.

One main reason to keep me doing these expeditions is to get mounts, pets and transmog items, and in the last one i got a pet:


It’ll take time to collect all the rewards, so far that’s not a problem, i’m sure after few weeks i’ll feel bored with them, and that’s fine, but for now i’m enjoying them … a lot.

I’ve got the power


By the end of Balance of Power quest chain, i got the look and i’m not impressed, Beast Mastery gun looks ok, other classes have much better appearances, there is glowing bear for druids, for that alone the whole chain is worth repeating, in fact all classes have great weapon looks, the only ones i’m not impressed with are hunter weapons and warrior weapons.

Hints: most of quest chain is easy to solo at level 120, for raids it’s better to have item level of 310 or more, Emerald Nightmare is soloable but 2 bosses may give you trouble, Ursoc and Xavius, as a hunter i have no problem since my pet take the damage stacks, so it’s better to bring a group.

One run for Emerald Nightmare should be enough to finish the quest.

Nighthold needs a group, some bosses are hard or impossible to solo like Krosus or Star Augur Etraeus, with a group of five we cleared the whole place in no time, it was much quicker than trying to solo it, it took me 2 runs to finish the quest and it should not take you more than that.

Other than that everything else is just easy work, there is a lot of it, that’s it.