Stormsong Valley and The Questing fatigue


No spoilers here

By the end of second zone on Kul’tiras i  reached 120 and my limit for quests, that’s why Stormsong Valley is a victim of my fatigue, the zone is great, almost perfect except for density of the mobs, in some areas i can’t even run in the “safe” road without getting dazed and unmounted.

Let me explain it in a silly (maybe crazy) way, i go to NPCs and they tell me:

NPC: Hero! glad you could make it, i need your help, kill 12 quil…
me: no no no! nope … i don’t want to hear it!
NPC: boars, and while you’re at it, collect 12 piece of meat from wild boars!
me: i said no!
NPC: also go kill these big elite ettins, they have two heads … interesting to watch
me: [glare in hope to burn the NPC]
NPC: we have also pirate problem, kill 9 ..
me: why 9? why not 2 or 1? why not you go kill them and i’ll /cheer for you?! haa?
NPC: collect 50 coins and 9 …
me: what now?!
NPC: ship parts
me: sigh … i’ll log off
NPC: what’s “log off”?
me: going away, disappearing in the thin air
NPC: ah i see, like the witches! you’ll come back later, we have a new pants for you! 😀

Sigh … always goats on top of the mountains

So i come back later to do few quests, collect my new pants and then log off again, it didn’t help that reaching 120 made me weaker and mobs need more time to kill, so killing quests are getting more tedious than usual.

I was tired of questing by this point, i was like a drone, turned off sound and music,  put some podcast to listen to while i do mindless questing, not even reading the quest text, because in the end it is the same, kill, collect and don’t forget to milk the goats!

Don’t get me wrong, i enjoy the game when i do what i want to do, exploring, world quests are great because they are free-form questing, while i’m running around if the WQ is not tedious i’ll do it, if i’m not in the mode mood i’ll skip it, but i can’t skip zone quests, they are needed for the story to open up, needed for the reputation and flying later in the expansion, so i have to do them soon or later.

Anyway, Stormsong Valley, major zone, important one for the story on Alliance side, great zone design, lovely music, too many quests here, i think it’ll be a great starting zone.

4 thoughts on “Stormsong Valley and The Questing fatigue

    1. Oh i have a post idea about fishing, BFA is all about the sea and Legion have more content for fishing, it does not make sense, i thought they’ll make more content for it in BFA … anyway, logging off and playing short sessions help, get things done slowly 🙂

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  1. I am experiencing fatigue a tad too. But it’s more to do with the frequency of quests from the same NPC, I think. Dark Legacy Comic pretty much nailed it:


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