Month: October 2018

Why i can’t play Cube World?


To anwser the question: because i can’t buy it, Cube World is (was?) a video game that use voxels for graphics, many people thought it is just another Minecraft clone but they are wrong, cubic/voxel graphics is not owned by Minecraft and this style is used in many different games.

Cube World offer something different, a randomly generated world filled with mobs, different biomes, dungeons, missions and many RPG features, there are 4 classes, 8 races, crafting and taming pets for all classes.

The game was charming, the developer offer it for a price and the business model was just like Minecraft, buy once and you’ll get updates, but then he stopped selling the game and made me regret not buying it, and since then there is no update for the game, the developer twitter account shows new features for the game, but last tweet was more than a year ago, many people think the game will never see the light … i hope they are wrong, i think it the developer can release it, it was a good game back then.

Here is 41 episode of someone playing the game, clearly the game is ready.

As you see in the videos, Cube World is all about adventure, while Minecraft offer that it lacks many RPG features and it focus more on building and crafting.

I’ve been waiting for years to play this game, i write this because some random person in a random website reminded me that Cube World is not released yet.

Hallow’s end and screenshots

Up and close to a world boss, i hate this boss, he can one shot many people at once

Few days remain for Hallow’s end in WoW, that mount will never drop for me or anyone else! it’s so rare i notice it when i see someone using that mount, it’s a green fire flying horse … you don’t see many of those everyday.

Things i did or get in Hallow’s end:

Dancing skeleton
Looking at it hurt my brain!
Garrison Hallow’s end decoration done
A rare sight of boat licking lizards!

Unlocking Kul’tiran allied race

Wowhead publised a post about Kul’tiran heritage armor, to unlock Kul’tiran as allied race players will need to finish Alliance War Campaign and finish Dazar’alor raid, which make me a little grumpy here, war campaign is ok, reputation is ok too, LFR? i guess i’ll do that but it means it will take Blizzard 3 to 4 weeks to unlock the whole raid for LFR.

For Horde side i guess they need to do the same to unlock Zandalari allied race, just different campaign and some different bosses.

And in totally different subject: who is excited for Classic news in Blizzcon? just few days and we’ll know more details about classic.

Wowhead already have some screenshots for Classic UI, they even have plans for Classic tools and database, i miss Wowhead old design.

What WoW can learn from GW2?


I reached level 80 in Guilds War 2, there are no more levels yet leveling does not stop, this is a post to talk about what i think of GW2, in short: i love it.


I repeated the complain that leveling in WoW is getting old and limited to few things, mostly questing and dungeons, in GW2 i found almost the same problem, no matter how many fun activities a game provide, in the end you’ll get bored after repeating them.

But in GW2 case it is different, to level you have to walk around a zone and do stuff, there is no take quest from NPC who tell you that troggs are attacking but there is no attack, the NPC is standing there doing nothing, and troggs are walking around a valley waiting to get killed!

In GW2 you see mobs attacking, the NPCs fighting back and doing stuff, they need help but they are not helpless, sometimes an NPC will talk to you and ask for help, sometimes you see something happening like a group of thieves attacking a farm and you have to take them out, or a farmer ask for help to collect apples.

Also there are other things to do in each map, like exploring, doing jumping puzzles, viewing vistas, crafting in some places, fighting world bosses and many elite mobs, sometimes elite mobs will appear from rifts and they need a group of players to drive them back, these events give so much experience and there is daily activities, doing them gives you experience and items.

There is also many experience items, boosters you can get from the game or the store or craft them, these items help so much in gaining levels.

But after reaching level 80 you unlock account-wide leveling system called Mastery, this system give you a way to level faster or gain better experience from crafting or revive players and NPCs faster.

Then there is leveling a glider, gaining knowledge of a race language, after that there is leveling mounts, you can do all of these in the same time, leveling mastery require zones to level the tracks, for example glider leveling needs Heart of Thorns zones experience.


Account-wide everything

This is a feature i like in some games and i don’t in others, in GW2 i find it useful and encourage leveling alts, since all characters share bank and crafting bank, achievements, gold and other currencies, they even share the daily log-in reward.

When a character reach level 80 they can start leveling account-wide mastery system, no need to repeat that with every alt, you start using level 80 characters to level your account.


This is one thing i think WoW is better at than GW2, so far i’m not impressed with the story telling, there is the world itself and what many NPCs say in voice lines (many NPCs have them); this part i like because it makes the world feels alive, and there is the story line which you unlock every 10 levels, this one is confusing sometimes, i needed to watch some youtube videos to understand what’s going on or the backstory of some events.

One thing i liked about GW2 voice acting is this: NPCs talk in normal way, in WoW many NPCs talk like they are in a cartoon, they feel childish sometimes, but i have to admit there is more emotional impact in WoW cinematic.


Classes and combat

I prefer GW2 in this area, don’t get me wrong, i like some classes in WoW and i think tab targeting in WoW is a good combat system, i’ll hate it if Blizzard changed that, and yet i prefer the active combat GW2 provide.

Also i like the idea of each class can do many roles, healing or buffs for everyone or shields and all classes can revive any player while being in combat, it takes time but it’s useful while fighting tough mobs.

The F key

I’m so used to using F key on the keyboard now i miss it in WoW! in GW2 the F key is used for many things:

  • talking to NPCs
  • Mining, harvesting, cutting wood
  • taking things to use them (temporary weapons for example).

So in WoW i sometimes stand in front of an NPC and keep pressing F until i feel silly!


So what can WoW learn from GW2?

  • Levels is not the only way to progress.
  • Expansions features are permanent, Blizzard like to introduce a major feature in an expansion then abandon it in the next.
  • Account-wide bank and crafting materials, i really want this feature in WoW.
  • Dynamic events and exploring as the main way to level, less usual questing please.

Reputation and horses

Doing stuff in WoW, mostly reputation and mounts.

Red Proto-Drake, first proto-drake i have, i just followed this guide to get the mount, also i tried to get the Blue Proto-Drake, for almost 2 weeks i tried with 6 alts daily, it didn’t drop, i’ll try again later.

I have better luck in Brewfest this year, 2 mounts dropped.

At last i made this engineering mount from WoLK.

Just wanted to add one more screenshot for gnome runs! i really love that rainbow toy.

Exalted with 3 reputation, soon i’ll add Storm’s Wake and with it another horse mount, not complaining here, i love horses as mounts, i use them.

Now with Proudmoore reputation is done, the only thing i’m waiting for is Kul’tirans as an allied race, nothing else matter for me, i’m done with BFA until they offer the new allied races, i hope we see them in 8.1, i made my mind, i’m going to change my main character from human hunter to Druid Kul’tiran.

White horse from Proudmoore, black one from Order of Embers.


There is a flight point in west of Drustvar called Anyport, to unlock it you have to start a quest line with Cesi Loosecannon, i was so sure i did all quests in Drustvar but i missed her quests, i did them and i have a new flight point in a good place.

Gnome running


Today was the day of Gnome runs, alas i could not do it in a group but i did it, someone asked me “no achives? no toys or mounts?” i told him “yes, i’m doing it just for fun” and that’s what people should do in games and in real life … do stuff because they are fun.

I choose a monk because my very first character was a monk, before i started, i made few macros, one for /wave, another for /cheer, i put them on the action bar and used them a lot to cheer and wave at everyone in the road, that was fun.

Screenshots after the break

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GW2: World Boss fail


Say you are in a group waiting to fight a world boss in WoW, usually everything goes well, the fight is easy, it’s rare to wipe on a world boss, not impossible because it could happen if you are unlucky, but you go back and fight again.

Anyway, i was playing Guilds War 2, i reached level 60 (just 20 more to go) and i have a new chapter in the personal story, fighting undead who are minions of a dragon, in GW2 dragons are the main threat and yet i didn’t see one of them, NPCs talk about them but i still deal with local problems and minions of dragons, not complaining here, i’m having fun.

Anyway, after being in an instance for the story, i quit it and immediately in front of me spawn a world boss, not any boss but Legendary Ley-Line Anomaly, it seems there is an event in the game, one great thing about GW2 is it does not matter what level you are, if you can be in a zone you can fight the boss, also there are no roles, no tank, no healer, everyone can start the fight …. maybe i need to explain this in a post, because there is some kind of healer and tank specs.

The boss started running, i was alone behind it, shortly after players started to join the fight and in less than 30 second a horde of players running behind the boss who kept running around the zone, players are fighting  and pulling with them all kind of mobs in the zone.

It was epic moment for me, i was having fun trying my best to help other players, revive them, heal them since as a ranger i can provide healing, and shoot the boss, keep running while trying to do all that.

The boss will stop at few points, change its tactics then run again, at the last stop there was a huge explosion, many players died, then a bigger one and everyone died, the boss despawned and we failed!

I was so happy! yes the boss will spawn again hours later, but i love it that we are not good enough, we didn’t get the loot, no achievement, we were so close but needed just to do more.

You see, i was so impressed by the whole event i wanted to write about it 🙂

GW2 combat

In WoW my main is a hunter, so when  i started playing GW2 the closest profession to hunter is Ranger, but as many things in GW2, profession (or classes) designed in a different way.

First take a look at this action bar:


  • buttons 1 to 5 are weapons kills, they change depend on the weapon you are using.
  • above them there is a profession bar, it’s different for each profession.
  • Red circle in the middle is for health, yellow line above it for dodge energy.
  • Number 6 is for healing.
  • 7 to 9 is for utility skills, you can choose from many.
  • Number 0 is for elite skill.

This is the action bar, the only one, you can’t add more, you can’t change it, and all classes have the same action bar, it makes it easier to play other classes or profession.

Weapons Skills

Every profession in GW2 can use different weapons, there are 3 type of weapons:

  • 2 hand weapon, gives 5 skills.
  • main hand weapon, 3 skills.
  • off-hand weapon, 2 skills.

As a ranger i can use a bow or a sword which mean i can fight from range or melee, but i also can use two weapons at the same time:

  • Main hand: Axe or sword (one handed).
  • Off hand: Warhorn or Torch

At level 15 you unlock Weapon swap feature, and now you can equip 2 sets of weapons and you can swap between them while you are fighting mobs, for example, my ranger currently use:

  • Long Bow.
  • Axe + Warhorn

By pressing ~ (the key to the left of number one on the keyboard) i can swap between weapons, useful when one weapon skills on cooldown.

Utility Skills

As you level up you gain hero point to spend on unlocking traits and skills, here is healing skills:


They all provide healing but each one works in a different way, one is HoT, one just flat healing, one is area healing like Druid healing circle in WoW.

And then there is utility skills which you can choose 3 of them:


As ranger there are traps, pet skills, passive skills provide some stats, some useful for groups even if you are not a group but you are fighting a world boss for example.

Action Combat

The combat in GW2 is mix between tab-target (like WoW) and action combat, some skills need a target others need to use them while facing mobs, many skills are both single target and AoE, if you swing a sword at 3 mobs you’ll hit them all not just the one you are targeting.

Underwater combat

In many games underwater combat or anything else is dreadful thing, you avoid it if you can, in GW2 it is different, early on you get a breathing mask and a spear or a harpoon gun so you can swim fast and fight underwater, the game makes underwater content pleasant, no breath meter, no slowing down, just go explore and fight.

And that’s all i have, for more details visit Combat page on GW2 Wiki.

Dear Postmaster

I’m writing this in a lovely day, sunny and warm, the winter is coming and it is the best time of the year, i write to you in hope to reach an agreement about recent mails i got from you.

While i’m scouring caves, mines, castles and dungeons, i killed countless enemies, took their gold and silver with my trusty Loot-A-Rang, took some of their gear and left anything i considered trash, unworthy things that have no place in my bags.

Yet i find all the trash in my mailbox! what in the world are you doing?! are stalking me?! because there is no other explanation, you come after me to loot the dead and empty their pockets from all the trash i left there then you send it all to me? in the name of all old gods: WHY?!

You even sent me troll sweat you sick sick man! how did you do that?! did you find sweaty dead trolls and starting to “harvest” their sweat?! this is beyond disgusting.

Sir, you need help, in the name of all holy things you need to learn what to send and what to leave on the ground, ask Katy for help, or better, let her be the new Postmaster … or Postmistress.

A grumpy hunter

Seriously, the postmaster have a problem, who send cheese in the mailbox?! tell me, did it happen to you? after doing many dungeons you find your mailbox full of trash?