Month: November 2018

To miss virtual worlds is human


Everyday i’ll think of how i miss this game, i want to go back, i want to see the world again, to hear the same music, it’s the music that makes me feel nostalgic to older games, to a time when i have a controller in my hands, looking at the TV and being lost in the moving pictures, when i turn off the game i feel like going out of the virtual world and into the real world.

No games manage to make me feel this way like Legend of Zelda games, i search for a music list for any of Zelda games and listen to them while reading and writing or while browsing the web, and the music always make me wish i have this console or that one to play that game again.

I was there, in the sky island, where people have birds to fly from island to another, the game like many other before it managed to pull me to that world and make me happy, it’s a music for a colorful place with interesting people.

The Peaceful village, the utopia of my dreams, if this was a real place my life goal is to reach it and make a house there, live the simple life, but the game throw you into trouble, local at first, you have to save one of the kids, after that you have a quest, a mission from the village, when you go out into the world the trouble starts and with it the epic journey that i wish it never end.

This game managed to scare me, i mean really scare me, i could not play it at night for few days, and for that it is my favorite Zelda game.

Oh Grandma, you made me cry so many times! The Wind’s Waker is my second best Zelda game, it is the grand adventure of Zelda games, mostly because of the open sea, the many islands to explore, the music as usual is great, but i choose Grandma theme because … i still feel sorry for her!

Spoiler if you didn’t play the game: she is alright!

Do you miss virtual worlds?

Deleting alts


It’s like the sea tides, sometimes i’m in “create all the alts ” mode and recently i’m in “delete some alts” mode, and i deleted 5 of them, because i’m thinking about the next few months and what i want to do with the WoW.

Classic is coming in summer, when that happens i’ll stop playing the current WoW and focus only on Classic, which means sometimes i don’t think it’s worth it to do anything in current WoW, but foolishly i bought 6 months time recently and i don’t know if i can pause it or stop it for a while then come back in few months.

The alts i deleted

  • Dwarf warrior i made because i thought i love to get Dwarf heritage armor.
  • Highborne mage, a Highmountain shaman, both made for the armor too.
  • Night elf demon hunter because i honestly don’ enjoy the class. (thinking of deleting my blood elf DH for the same reason).
  • Pandarin Shaman, i tried to enjoy playing the class, but i couldn’t.

Two major reasons for deleting alts, one is leveling which i don’t enjoy, two is the combat in some classes, i also have to say not having time to level all alts.

Things i want to do in next few months:

  • Getting “The Insane” title, still need some leveling.
  • Leveling Durrzam the orc.
  • Trying to get Kul’tiran allied race, i just hope LFR raid in 8.1 will be easy, otherwise i’ll give up on Kul’tiran druid alt. Edit: Wowhead guide does not mention raids as a requirement to unlock Kul’tirans … good news!
  • Maybe leveling some of my 110 alts to 120.
  • Stop thinking i need to get every thing Blizzard announce, it’s ok to let it gooo 🎵

Movie: Behind Green Lights

From The Internet Archive, and from Film Noir collection, i found this movie: Behind Green Lights, one hour crime drama, the movie is fast, there is something happening every moment and not necessary action, the plot unravel at steady pace, it’s like a two hour movie but the editor removed all the useless shots and what remained is the essence of a good movie.

No gore or foul language, the setting is simple and mostly in one place, it sounds like a boring movie and maybe it is but i think it is a good movie.

In winter something happen and makes me want to watch movies, and i like old movies especially Film noir, the Internet Archive is full of old free movies, so check them out if you want to see more.

Flight of the Amazon Queen

Screenshot (109)

You play Joe King, a pilot for hire, the year is 1949 and the place is in Rio de Janeiro, the game follow the same patterns as other point and click games, you walk around places, try to click on things, look at them, use them, pick them, and the inventory is part of the puzzles you face.

I like this kind of games even when i find them frustrating at times, the puzzles are mostly gate keepers, you have to do something for the NPCs so they can you give you an item to progress and face another gate keeper, sometimes you have to say something to solve the puzzle, sometimes you have to move things, or use something.

Screenshot (105)

They story is cheesy, young man have to save the beautiful girl or girls, there is an evil german scientist, lots of pop-culture references and puns.

The setting itself is what makes me like this game, part of me wish to go back to the era before mass commercial flying, the world is just done with the WWII and ready to build again, in the game you walk around the Amazon, the forest not the company, and you are far away from any city and stuck in the jungle trying to save yourself and the girl.

Sometimes i try to imagine how the world was back in day before commercial flights, before computers and cheap phone calls, i know the world was slow back then, you have to read a newspaper to get the news, listen to the radio, and there is no mobile phone … what’s wrong with that?!

Screenshot (111)

Anyway, the game is available for free in GOG, download it, play it, and don’t give up quickly, the puzzles are frustrating sometimes but if you like this kind of game you have to reach the end, how many video games we buy without ever reaching the end?

Save your progress, there is no death in this game, it was well designed so you can’t get stuck at any point.

Edit: if you want to read about this game development, here is an article by the developer, full of details.

I like the idea of Blue Mage

I love this thing and i don’t know what it is!

Final Fantasy XIV is getting a new expansion and a new class, Blue Mage, now i don’t know much about Final Fantasy series, i always preferred Legend of Zelda games, but there is no Legend of Zelda MMO; no matter how many fans pray for that!

Anyway, the Blue Mage, now this is an interesting class, because it learns abilities from mobs, more than that the class is not balanced and limited, Blue Mage can’t do group content or PVP because it is not balanced, it meant for soloing content.

Can you see why this is fascinating? almost no MMO will dare to do the same, in many online games balance is important so no class dominate any kind of content which make some games feel the same no matter what class you play.

Blue Mage learn powerful abilities from monster which makes it hard to balance, instead of trying to balance it the game designers decided not to do that an make it powerful and unbalanced but don’t let it join group content, let the solo player enjoy the class.

The other interesting thing about Blue Mage is collecting abilities, instead of having them by leveling you have to fight mobs or watch them to learn, i love this idea so much it made me want to try FFXIV once more.

Survival hunter twink level 19


To try Survival spec i wanted to start another character, trying new spec on high level character makes it hard to get used to the spec, dealing with a lot of abilities and talents at once is frustrating.

I thought i’ll try twinking this time, if you don’t know what twinking is check Wowpedia page about it, basically it is the a way of getting best gear for your level, and you probably have to turn off XP gain to remain at that level.

When i reached level 19 i turned off XP gain, and this was my stats:

  • Item level: 8
  • Health: 792
  • Agility: 81
  • Stamina: 88
  • Armor: 40
  • Damage: 54 – 62

My gear at this point was all questing gear, no heirlooms or dungeons items, so i started doing dungeons and quickly i started getting better gear to fill all slots, then i used heirlooms to fill some slots.



This is a spreadsheet i used to track stats while i’m trying to get better gear, heirlooms are not always the best gear, using some of them helped

I reached item level of 21, remember that i started at ilvl 8, that is a big jump in numbers and i can see the result in combat with mobs, they used to take 4-6 hits to die now i can 1-2 shot them, even large group of mobs can’t do much damage before they all drop dead, in dungeons i’m always top DPS unless there is another twink in the group.

I need to add one ring that does not want to drop! no matter how many times i do Shadowfang Keep the ring in the second boss does not drop, when i don’t need it i see it all the time! also i need to add enchants for all items, that will take some farming.

I’m using 3 items from The Scale’s Embrace set, a dungeon set from Wailing Caverns, which means adding +3 haste and +4 intellect but i’m not sure int is useful for hunters now, alas Blizzard removed most bonus stats from raid sets and by that they removed a way to customize characters.

Anyway, that’s all, i’ll leave you with current transmog for the hunter:


Quick look: Therian Saga

Screenshot (78)

Do you think sometimes that you don’t like something and that’s why you are going to try it? because that’s what i did with two games, there is a genre of video games called idle games or clicking games, they are casual games that don’t ask for much of your attention, sometimes they auto-play the game for you! you need just to click few things.

Therian Saga is one of these games, i found it in Stream and since its free i thought why not try it? just quick test, i know it’s not the kind of game i’ll like but sometimes i try things i don’t like just to see if i’ll change my mind.

The game start with creating a character, then you start on small island where you learn the basics of the game, there are quests, places to visit, NPCs to talk to and take quests from them and buy stuff from them, there are dangerous dungeons with mobs, there is gathering materials and crafting.

Sound like an MMO or an RPG game, right? well it is, but it plays differently, the map is main interface, you click at places to travel to them but traveling takes time and energy, some places need 10 seconds, far places may need 1 minute.

At each place you find things to do like working at a workshop or an Inn, you can sleep in the inn to gain energy, or take a quest from an NPCs, the quests system is just like WoW with yellow ! and ?, with rewards and quest text.

Quest text is important here, i could say it’s a text game since you need to read to immerse yourself in the game.

In the starting island thing were interesting to keep me entertained, tasks did not take long and there was a dungeon with combat and a companion fighting beside me, and from the different features and graphics the game looks well crafted, that is a good start.

Screenshot (81)
Dungeon combat, with a companion against a snake … poor thing put a good fight

After the starting island i left for the mainland, there i started doing few quests, and some tasks need 30 minutes or more to finish, you can add a queue of tasks but then you need for them to finish before adding more.

Screenshot (86)

In the screenshot above i’m sleeping in the inn to gain energy, then traveling to a place where i’ll do a task then traveling to another place to do another task, i can cancel any task and i can’t add more tasks without paying real money for that, i can skip waiting by also paying real money.

Now the game started to feel like work, i know i should just leave it then come back later which i did for some tasks that take hours to finish, that’s hours of real time, means 30 min in the game equal 30 min in your day.

Paying for quicker play is not bad, but do i want to do that? i’m glad i tried this game because it changed my mind about this genre of casual games, i can see myself playing some of them but not “wait for a long time or pay to skip waiting” type of game.

Therian Saga is an online game so there are other people online playing it and you can see them in the game by this interface feature:

Screenshot (88)

Hovering over people names show this square, Das_Ork is cutting down some yew wood, if you click on the name you’ll see full window like this:

Screenshot (90)

Looking good Aiken, interacting with other players is important, you may need stuff from them or sell them stuff, the chat always have someone buying or selling.

So in conclusion: i liked the game, i think it’s well crafted but the long waiting kills the fun.

The game reminded me of something, old Massively wrote about it and i found Therian saga post in the Internet Archive, also there is a video by the same writer, i put here just for pure nostalgia, i miss old Massively, i miss that green color and clean layout, i miss Beau’s articles and streams for casual online games.

Which hunter spec to play at low level?

Since Blizzard is planning to nerf the XP required for leveling in 8.1, i stopped leveling most alts, that include Durrzam the orc, yes i haven’t forgot him, he is level 53 now and i have a lot of fun with him, he is my second hunter and he is Markmanship spec.

My main is Beast Mastery spec and i made another human hunter to play Survival spec.

From level 1 to 10 you play Beast Mastery and it’s boring, you get Cobra shot first then at level 4 Concussive Shot then at level 8 disengage, at level 10 you get Kill command and some pet ability, now things getting a little interesting and you can change specs.

I’ll admit that BM is boring even at high level, maybe because i played it for a long time, but at low level it’s even more boring, if you play BM safely you can solo almost anything even elite mobs, but the combat is slow and sometimes you have to wait to regain focus while you auto-shot the mobs.

Marksmanship is a little more exciting, sometimes you can one-shot mobs, you can play without a pet to get 10% damage, you spend focus then build it to spend it, you fight from far and you kite mobs around, better than standing in one spot and killing mobs easily like BM hunter.

Survival is melee spec, and because i rarely play it i’m having fun with it right now, i like the idea of a hunter with an axe or a polearm, Serpent Sting put a DoT on mobs and it’s a ranged ability, harpoon pulls you to the mobs, then you hit them with your weapon to spend focus and you build focus by Kill Command.

I find Survival more dynamic, more active and fast but not one-shot fast, and it reminds me of one reason why i like Classic: there are no specs, you can choose talents from 3 different trees, which for a hunters means being both ranged and melee class.

My answer: play Survival spec, it’s fun and rarely anyone play it.

Transmog weapons from ToT

Throne of Thunder raid have weapon drop chance for every boss, these weapons looks good and have low drop chance, and for me they are the reason why i keep going there.

These weapons have different colors for each raid tier (LFR, Normal, Heroic), this is a list for them and which colors i like.

Screenshot (29)

Invocation of the Dawn, Normal, 2H mace and for this is the best looking weapon of them all, farm it with these classes: shaman, druid, paladin … some WoWhead comments said it does not drop for other classes, which is not true, it dropped for my priest and i could not equip it, for some reasons priests forgot how to use both hands when it comes to heavy maces!

Screenshot (29).png

Miracoran, the Vehement Chord, Normal, Bow, so hunters only, warriors can farm it i guess.


Do-Tharak, the Swordbreaker, normal, one hand sword.

Quick notes on Blizzcon

I’ll try to keep this short … so here goes

Classic, Blizzard said they’ll release the content in patches, so not every thing is open from day one, i like that, Blizzard is doing great here.

Diablo, disappointed that Diablo 3 didn’t get anything new, going mobile is good for Blizzard so they’ll reach more people with their games, i’m more disappointed by people’s reaction.

While people melting down in many forums and comment sections over a mobile game, i was reading about recent war crimes in the last 20 years, and this put things in perspective, in one side there are gamers who are upset because they didn’t get what they want, in the other people who saw massacres and the ugliness of the world.

For me i’m not going to play Immortal, i don’t play mobile games, i don’t even own a smartphone, but i hope the business model for the game is fair, and i hope it find success.

Warcraft 3 Reforged, i pre-ordered the game, enough said for now, i’ll write another post about it when Blizzard release it, i’m excited about this game.