Month: January 2019

Watching Method

The time has come, mythic raid is open and Method guild is streaming, they already cleared some bosses, i’m watching to see who will be the first to finish the raid, it is exciting to see people do that, i didn’t know i’ll like it so much.

Of course watching does not mean i’m not doing anything else, the stream is in the background, i’m listening more than watching, it may take them weeks to finish the raid, let’s see.

It’s season 2 not 8.1.5


That’s the problem with unlocking content for a patch after more than one month of release, people (including me) get confused thinking there is a content we want coming sooner than we thought.

But as Wowhead says it’s season 2 not patch 8.1.5, i was confused by Wowhead itself since they started covering PTR for 8.1.5 which i guess will come in march.

Anyway, not a big deal, for some reason i went back to level my 110 alts and i’m having fun doing that, after months of leaving them in Boralus i’m back to leveling them, i bought 7th Legion Scouting Map for my alts, it’s account bound and each alt can use it and mail it to another alt, useful to move fast when there is incursion.

I used Coin of Many Faces on my Death Knight and i got a worgen, i never played worgen melee before, always a druid or hunter, let me tell you … it felt so good, i mean worgen DK is the right thing to do … it was so hard to not start another alt, i thought this DK is already in BFA … so keep going!

The goal here is to reach 120 then try to get good enough gear then go farm old raids for transmog, gold and hopefully mounts … also level up some crafting .. for transmog, toys and pets.

I miss Drustvar


It is so good to see the sun again, the cold is gone, i wanted to go outside to be under the sun, the weather was so nice, i need to remind myself to do that more, every winter i tell myself to go out more but i forget! the thing is … i like staying at home.

Anyway, going back inside i started WoW, there is World Quests event, so i did some in Stormsong Valley then went to Drustvar and miss this place, i miss questing here, while doing quests in Drustvar i was searching the web to read about old druids and witches, so going back to the zone reminded me of that.

Wednesday can’t come fast enough (Thursday for you US players), i want to do more, to unlock the allied races and to start a new character.

The cold is here .. let’s play WoW

Before battle … with my buddy Bailey the gorilla

I have cold, and it’s a nasty thing, it’s weak enough to make think i can do some stuff but as soon as i stand from my chair my body tells me “nope” and i have to sit back, doing anything is hard, even thinking … i was at the store looking at the cold medicine for about 3 minutes and my brain could not understand that i’m looking at what i need, i was upset a little about this … but now i find it funny 🙂

The new raid is coming, unlocking allied races is coming so i have to prepare, since releasing 8.1 i did only one quest, so i thought i’ll keep going because this is the only thing i can do apart from sleeping and watching dumb videos.

I have no intelligent thoughts here … i just did quests while my mind was in the fog, i did some world quests and battle thing … Darkshore and Arathi to collect that new currency and buy a heirloom but alas it is Alliance only heirloom, to get Horde ones i need to level a character and grind reputation and do all of what my main did … i don’t know if i’ll do it.

I thought i’ll give Durzzam another heirloom, anyway … that’s all, i hope unlocking allied races will not need LFR … i still don’t know if it needs LFR or not, some information says it does other says no it does not … can anyone help here?

I bought it but it says Alliance only … sigh
Before action meeting .. with gnomes, i have to sit down for them
Bailey found his clan

Back to Maplestory


I wrote about Maplestory before, i’m a fan of 2D online games, the simplicity of these games make them charming, but it does not mean these games can’t offer deep content and systems, Maplestory do that and it does not ask from you the best graphic card, older machine can run the game smoothly.

After writing about the game in April 2018 i didn’t play it much, then i removed it because i was trying other games and being busy with WoW i didn’t have much time for it.

But it’s back now because i made a simple choice, in 2019 i’m not going to play many games, WoW then switch to WoW Classic when Blizzard release it, and Maplestory, that’s it, all my plans to play so many MMOs? forget it, it’s ok to let it go 🎵

Maplestory looks simple but it have so much content and systems it needs some time to understand it all, i searched for guides but the community is writing them and making videos for people who know the game and speak the lingo.

By lingo i mean terms players use that a new player like me have no idea what they mean, so i need to spend so much time trying to understand the game and the community, this is part of the fun … it reminds me of WoW when i started playing it, i was so confused but happy to learn.

While waiting for a new raid

I spent most of my time leveling Durrzam the orc, ignoring everything else, but i thought yesterday i’ll check my main to see what i can do, i did Darkshore battle and i was confused honestly, maybe that’s what non-stop archeology did to my brain! anyway, Blizzard managed to make it feel different than Arathi Highland, i honestly like battle grounds … battle front? i don’t even remember what they’re called!

I killed rares in Arathi highland and got 1 pet and 1 mount, that’s the first mount i get from the zone, hopefully i’ll get more later.

Anyway, i can make Durrzam gain some rested XP while i play my main, i didn’t do much yesterday, i need to catch up, i need to do the current raid because i gave up on LFR, i’ll give it a try again, also i’ll join some island expeditions.

I’m looking forward for the new raid in Zandalar, mostly to watch Method streams for it and watch top players trying to clear Mythic raid.

That’s all, and here is some screenshots.


Between Mulgore and Ferals, there is a mountain lake with a a tauren boat and tent, large space perfect for meeting or RPing or just fishing.


Every time i think i saw everything the game prove me wrong, somewhere in Winterspring, a dwarf put a chair here with Ironforge flag, did he carry the chair from Ironforge to this place? why? and where is he .. or she?


I love the larger map when i click on flightmaster, more space, no more clicking on the wrong flightpoint … i hope.


Desolace, Valley of Bones, what is this thing? a large skeleton with a long trident, prehistoric monstrosity? oversized naga? there is another skeleton on the left of this valley, i wish the game provide something about them, Brann Bronzebeard could have a quest line about these things … come on Blizzard.


More Skeletons, in Tanaris this time, don’t you wish to see the zone before the Tol’vir turned it into dead desert? Blizzard need to make the Bronze dragons work a little here.


From Department of Forgotten NPCs, the so called “high elf” in Blasted land.


I call it the Sneezing Lion, look at it! come on Blizzard, more polygons please for the poor lion.


Glitch made me flying instead of showing the mount, my character was swimming in the air, witchcraft! and perfect zone to do that too … in Drustvar.




CTRL + click on the mount name show you the mount model … try it, yesterday i discovered this new feature.

Durzzam going to Panda land


That was quick, i thought it’ll take much more time, Durrzam is level 80.

  • Exploring + archeology in Outland and Northrend, that was the main way to gain XP from 60 to 80.
  • Not much mining or collecting herbs, also not much killing mobs.
  • I have some new toys and pets from archeology, and one mount.
  • Gold earned by AH spent on buying mount and flying skills and some gear upgrade.
  • Archeology is a good but slow source for gold.
  • I went back to Classic zones for archeology, digsites give same amount of XP, since mobs are grey it is easier to use Classic digsites.
  • Now i’m going to Cataclsym zones then Pandaria, which open for me gaining XP by collecting treasure and killing Pandaria rares.
Buying vendor items, that is a good upgrade