Month: February 2019

The all pink orc


Love is in the Air event will end soon (Feb 26), i’m almost done with it, i have the bird mount but not the rocket mount, and as soon as i bought the pink bird i returned to Durzzam the orc to make him all pink set … transmog, hunter pet, battle pet.


The transmog is not very good but very pink and that’s the most important thing at the moment, i also bought the transmog suits and dresses, the hearthstone toy which i think is so beautiful, this idea of hearthstone with event style is great.

I read the Love Tokens go away with the event, i’m not sure about this but i hope it’s not true, restarting farming them every year is tedious … i’ll see soon if that’s true or not.

Blue skeleton dragon


Switching between alts, trying to finish some goals, and trying to get that pink rocket mount, there is so much to do in the game at the moment, My DK is grinding some Legion content, class hall mount and some artifact weapon appearance.

As for the mount, Gnomecore wrote a detailed post about it, i read when it was published and i remember some people complaining about the quest-line and the achievement (which was removed later), in one quest you have a choice to kill any number of red dragons, i chose not to kill any and take the item i need while ignoring the dragons, i could do that since my DK is level 120.

I can see why some people are uncomfortable with DK quests, the Lich King is going far and asking DKs to do things they don’t want to do, the game did not offer any choice, like trying to make Tirion Fordring the leader of the horsemen and raise him as undead, but these quests; this story is what makes DK an interesting class.


Clearly i should’ve thought of changing my transmog before doing this quest, it’s not really a transmog i just don’t change my set every time i get a new item.


After getting the mount i went back to class hall, found Slimy offering 3 pets, now i’m doing Balance of Power quest line to unlock the artifact weapon transmog.


Ash the cat and random stuff

This is truly horrifying … what is wrong with his eyes?!

Watching … or rather listening to Method live stream was exciting, Method made something out of raiding, for years first kill videos used to be that; a video, published in a platform like youtube after the kill, Method turned that into something more than 100k people watched it at one point … that is impressive.

And here is some random stuff


This is Ash, i sent Bailey the gorilla to the stable to take some earned rest, Ash comes from the new Darkshore, the new cat model looks nice, the name comes from the color, i just hope to get the cat mount from Darkshore … and soon in 8.1.5 hunters will be able to use one pet as a mount 😀


I want to see this quilboar as a raid boss … world boss? or make him fight in an arena where mobs fight and the players watch … i’ll watch that, make it a micro-holiday! turn yourself into a quilboar for 12 hours by watching a match.


Engineers can make boats, very useful while we don’t have flying now.


How long i waited for this world quest to appear? i wasn’t lucky in Legion, when this quest appeared i wasn’t playing then it never showed up, the other quest offer a pet and i did that in Legion, now i have the mount at last.


I like doing these quests every time i take an alt to Drustvar.


Every time visit the pet shop i see this big man and his corgi and i go “ahhh … cute!” 🙂


No kid, you don’t, you really really don’t want to be a Death Knight, first there is death then you have to go back to Warth of Lich King which was in the past, you’ll make a mess of a timeline and Chromie is not going to clean after you.


Yep, fishing in the blood of the planet … Magni is not amused.


Every time in Siege of Orgrimmar i use Piccolo of the Flaming Fire and watch Varain dance, everyone dance there … it makes me laugh every time, serious situation with silly dance!


Somewhere in Wetlands, flying over this circle of flowers, me and the player in the middle there found it for the first time as he flew down to check it out as i did later, the game hide details like this very well.

Ready for 8.1.5

Blizzard Watch published a post about the coming allied race and how to unlock them, the Zandalari and Kul’tirans, and at last i’m sure … so sure that Dazar’alor raid is not required, and i’m happy, nothing against the raid because from the videos and the streams the raid look exiting and well designed, i’m just not in the mood for LFR, i did enough of it in Legion.

These are the requirment to unlock Kul’tiran:

The last point is where i stopped months ago, i had a quest for Waycrest Manor dungeon and i just could not push myself to do it, so after reading Blizzard Watch post i did it, nice quick run and then do few quests to finish the story.

But then i have to do Siege of Boralus … which was Mythic only dungeon untill 8.1 now it’s heroic, in the Horde side no need for dungeons to unlock the Zandalari … or that’s what i read from people’s comments.

Anyway, i joined a group, i pulled mobs without meaning to, the place is full of them .. but they were normal mobs, so killed them fast, but later i disengaged by mistake and pulled a team (The A-team?!) of elite mobs, almost killed the group in the process, i said “sorry again” and kept going, the healer did a great job keeping us alive, no more mistake after that, we cleared the dungeon and i got my achievement.

Now i’m just waiting to make Mr.Moustache … just like this:


Or better, like Birchgrove, who add a magnificent beard, and he is a druid.