Month: March 2019

What if you can click on all the things?

Why can’t i click on the board game to play mini-Hearthstone?

On of the earliest “oooh an aah” moments in WoW was clicking on a chair and see my character sitting on that chair, it was an exciting moment; i can click on things and something will happen, only to find that things to click on are few and mostly related to quests.

MassivelyOP published an article about Project Gorgon, the game have this great feature where you can click on almost anything and you’ll see a square around it with a button, which mean you can interact with that object, sometimes the game offer multi options to interact with things.

By doing that the game offer a rich world where the player can slow down and truly explore everything, and the game reward explorer by offering hidden content and new places.

Project Gorgon by the way is an MMO developed by a team of 2 people, the game is early access but unlike many early access games; the game is playable and the developers are active and adding more features and content.

Back to WoW, now i ask you to do this, go to your favorite place, a city or a quest hub, look at every object and imagine what the game could offer you if you clicked on that object, more than that, imagine the hidden content you can get by talking to random NPCs who offer no quests.

This kind of content is there in the game but it is rare, like getting a pet by offering a drink you can only get from a dungeon, i wish Blizzard make a small team just for adding content to old … content! i mean old zones where there is nothing but quests and when you finish them there is nothing else.

Back to Diablo

This game deserve some screenshots posts

I clicked on icon, the application started updating Diablo 3, i switched to its page to see what’s going on, there is an art book called Book of Adria, i really want this book now, and Diablo 3 itself is 50% off.

Ok, now i want to play WoW, clicked on the big blue button that says Play, and Diablo 3 started! i thought i’ll check the game, i haven’t played it for a long time, it’s season 16 and the reward include butterfly wings … i want that!


So i’m playing Diablo again, all becaue i clicked on the wrong “Play” button 😛

All for one screenshot


I showed before screenshots for a pink orc, i shared one of these screenshots in a MassivelyOP post, it’s a weekly post where people share screenshots for all kind of online games, someone asked me to do the same screenshot but for a pink gnome.

I didn’t have mail class gnome, mail class for gnomes mean hunter, so i made a new one, leveled her to level 60 because the pink transmog set open only at level 58, and i wanted to fly to Mulgore, why? because it’s a beautiful place.

So i took the one screenshot i need and many more:

Best quest in Badlands … i wish it’s a daily quest!
One of few puzzles in the game, i wish to see more and harder puzzles
Already have all pink set
Look at it … the eyes says so much … or maybe not!
Flying to Goldshire is always an adventure … what in the world is happening here?!
The druid denied charming any of the critters floating around him/her
The sheep army … the sharpy?!
Tamed Zhevera, at last hunters can tame them
Tamed Gazelle … even it’s old model, still looks good

Of course i’m not going to keep the pink theme … that was for a screenshot, now time to change the hair color and the transmog set to something more deadly 🙂


So i did some PVP

I have no screenshot from the PVP event .. so here is a random one

Thanks to Alunaria post about pvp event, i did some PVPing, but it’s not really PVP, it’s more like Player vs AI, and calling that PVAI sounds like an alien word for “go away”, the idea here you are fighting against software not real people so i’m ok with that.

The AI for Arathi Basin is much smarter than the ones in Warfront, and they can be challenging, it is impressive to see AI try to play like real player, even jumping around.

I took a quest from Boralus to win 4 battle grounds and i joined the PVP queue, it does not take more than a minute to find a group, and it seems everyone knows what to do except me, i went there knowing nothing.

First 4 battles i was almost the last in the score board, but with every battle i learn more how to use all my abilities, i have to press all the buttons, this P vs AI is so useful to learn PVPing without going against players who did PVP for years.

Changing my abilities and focusing on killing the other team players made me jump into the middle of score board, not bad.

As for the rewards, i got few honor points, few conquest points, i reached Friendly level with The League of Arathor, killing AI players does not count as Honorable Kills, and each battleground gives just 80 honors, compare that to random battleground which gives 300 honor.

More importantly i earned enough Mark of Honor to buy 2 PVP transmog sets, Fierce Combatant’s Chain Armor and Bloodthirsty Gladitor’s Chain Armor.

I wish i started joining these battle from the start of the event not in the last 2 days, i learn by doing much faster than reading, so i learned that as a hunter i’m good at kiting, hitting people from far and running away from them while killing them slowly, i did that to a demon hunter and i’m proud of this little achievement, also traps have big role and throwing them every where helps my team.

Next time i’ll try to prepare myself, reading some PVP tips, using macros, maybe i’ll start to enjoy PVP?

Free Transmog days

Trial of Style started today, which means transmog and barber shop are free of charge, a chance to go crazy and try different number of transmog sets, also chance to use enchants which i never use because they cost a lot of gold.

Also barber shop now can change skin color, it is a little weird to feel that my old main is new after changing skin color and hair color … anyway, since transmog is free, why not show some of your alts transmog? here are mine.


This is my monk, his old set was red and boring, gave him different set and i found that my leather items are lacking, i have no level 120 leather class to collect transmog, so whatever i have now is limited, it’s hard to come up with a good set, but i think this set looks nice.


My Lightforged Paladin, while the race have its own set, i was working hard to collect this set: Battlegear of Guiding Light (Mythic), the shoulders have moving parts, and the colors are beautiful, I don’t think i’ll change this set for coming months, the sword is Very Light Saber, good one Blizzard.


Kul’tiran druid, most of the time he is a wicker moonkin or a stag, trying to find good set for him is hard, Nobleman cosmetic set is the one i use for my alts when i can’t find good transmog for them, it always looks nice.

Is this a feature or a bug?

I’m questing with my new Kul’tiran druid, everything is normal then i see this:


A green item upgraded to blue, this idea or system started in Warlords of Draenor as i remember, when did they change that? or is it a bug? it happened again in another zone:


Ok .. i’ll check 8.1.5 patch notes, maybe i missed that ….. and yes i missed this:

All Quest rewards from Classic through the Warlords of Draenor expansion now have a chance to upgrade up to Epic quality.

It’s nice to get an upgrade while questing, so this is a feature not a bug.

Happiness Sha is here


Pet Journal says “This thing is equally as evil as it is adorable.” and that’s true, when you get this pet just click on it.

Collecting pets for this achievement was much easier than other ones, for example i still can’t get Fiendish Imp no matter how many times i tried with my alts, same thing for other pets.

Now it’s time to get a mechanical bird.

Screenshots from 8.1.5

Warning: a lot of screenshots … here we go

So first thing i did was going to Magni to help him moving MOTHER to Silithus.


Someone did quests on both sides, got a nice wolf mount.


I like the portal room, still i think removing some portal is a mistake.


Starting Kul Tiran allied race quest line, it’s a long line but nothing too hard, just fly around Kul’tiras to do quests.


While searching for a person i found cats! …. and in real life news, we have a stray cat who i love so much, we feed him and he stays near the house, he never allowed me to pet him, recently he didn’t run away when i tried to pet him, it is the best gift … at last he trust me enough to allow me to pet him 😀


This bring back some memories, of old shipyards and old men working on making ships from wood, crafted by hand, takes months to finish one ship.


Brother Pike praying for the new ship.


Then he shoot laser from his hand!


After the quests i have a new horse, this looks great, i know some people sick of horses as mounts for the alliance … but this is not “another horse” it is another great horse.


Old, grumpy and will haunt your dreams.


This is the first thing i saw from my new druid, moonkin form, someone /fear me in the first minute! yeah i’m bringing balance to the world!

WoWScrnShot_031319_121237Running in Stormwind with another druid, scaring the light out of that guard!


New feature, when you kill a raid boss you’ll see a red X on its icon, on the map.

Gold from old raids

I wanted to do this for a long time, record how much gold i get in some old raids, so i took my alts to Warlords of Dreanor raids and cleared each one on all difficulties, after the raid i sell all items, sometimes i find Bind on Equip items which i try to sell in the Auction House, never sold one so i vendor them.

I used a spreadsheet:

Screenshot (218)

  • You can clear WoD raids on all difficulties.
  • Skip trash mobs, they rarely drop anything.
  • Highmaul end boss room provide a portal to go back to entrance, use it to start over.
  • Blackrock Foundry does not provide a portal in the end, sometimes i switch to another alt to clear the raid then go back to find my character at the entrance, sometimes i just use Garrison hearthstone.
  • Red number for LFR (2200) is a guess, i forgot to record how much gold i got.
  • Mythic Hellfire Citadel is really hard to solo, i mean the first boss.
  • First boss of HFC is easy but depend on the class, fast moving + good AoE is what you need, if you don’t have them then a friend.
  • Edit: 0 means i didn’t clear the raid on this alt and difficulty .. because i’m lazy 🙂

As you can see, these raids provide good amount of gold but they need time to clear them and more alts mean more time, you have to think about time spent vs. gold earned, i think playing the Auction House game is more profitable.

I tried Pandaria raids and 2 Cataclysm raids:

Screenshot (219)

All in Heroic 25 except SOO was on Mythic, notice i put * for SOO because i killed all trash mobs, they provide good amount of gold, also i logged off at one point, went back the next day to find some trash mobs spawned again.

If you want gold from old raids then start with Warlords of Dreanor raids, then mythic SOO and if you have time do Throne of Thunder, skip other raids and focus on mining and collecting herbs, fishing and farming food from beasts, sell that in AH.

Gold from transmog? depend on the server, the server i’m in is beyond hopeless when it comes to selling transmog.

Quick look: AzeriteUI addon

Yesterday i wrote about an addon and the next day the developer released his new addon: AzeriteUI.

Installing the addon is easy, copy it to the addons folder, and that’s it, using the addon is easy too, the addon just works, no setting needed, and it disable the action bars even from the options.

AzeruteUI try to hide the interface when not needed or used, for example:


I’m in snow area to make the screen clear, when not targeting anything all you see is the mini-map and the quest log, target something and it change:


In the lower left corner you see the character name plate with few buttons and buffs, upper right corenr shows the target nameplate, if you attack it shows more:


More buttons, but no pet action bar and that’s a problem for me, i searched the bug report for the addon and clearly the pet action bar is not in the plan, the developer said that with keybindings and macros you can add them to the action bars.

Which means i need to work to do that, but for pet-less classes the addon work fine.

Notice on the lower right corner there is a button, it provides 3 functions depend on which mouse button you press:


This is the Micro Menu functions in one list:


I like that the designer used words instead of just icons, i think using icons with the words will help more to make each one looks a little different, or use different colors, this menu looks beautiful but still takes from me few seconds to find what i want.


pressing right-click on the button brings settings for the addon, this is the only way to change some settings, “Bind Mode” gives you a way to change keybinds.

The developers of this Addon made it for themselves and they are not planning adding many features or providing more setting, which means: use it or leave it.

I admire that, they know what they want and they made it and if you like what they made then you’ll be happy to use it, it looks elegant and provide what a casual player need from an interface.

For me? i need pet action-bar, so maybe i’ll use it only for pet-less classes? i’ll see.