Gold from old raids

I wanted to do this for a long time, record how much gold i get in some old raids, so i took my alts to Warlords of Dreanor raids and cleared each one on all difficulties, after the raid i sell all items, sometimes i find Bind on Equip items which i try to sell in the Auction House, never sold one so i vendor them.

I used a spreadsheet:

Screenshot (218)

  • You can clear WoD raids on all difficulties.
  • Skip trash mobs, they rarely drop anything.
  • Highmaul end boss room provide a portal to go back to entrance, use it to start over.
  • Blackrock Foundry does not provide a portal in the end, sometimes i switch to another alt to clear the raid then go back to find my character at the entrance, sometimes i just use Garrison hearthstone.
  • Red number for LFR (2200) is a guess, i forgot to record how much gold i got.
  • Mythic Hellfire Citadel is really hard to solo, i mean the first boss.
  • First boss of HFC is easy but depend on the class, fast moving + good AoE is what you need, if you don’t have them then a friend.
  • Edit: 0 means i didn’t clear the raid on this alt and difficulty .. because i’m lazy πŸ™‚

As you can see, these raids provide good amount of gold but they need time to clear them and more alts mean more time, you have to think about time spent vs. gold earned, i think playing the Auction House game is more profitable.

I tried Pandaria raids and 2 Cataclysm raids:

Screenshot (219)

All in Heroic 25 except SOO was on Mythic, notice i put * for SOO because i killed all trash mobs, they provide good amount of gold, also i logged off at one point, went back the next day to find some trash mobs spawned again.

If you want gold from old raids then start with Warlords of Dreanor raids, then mythic SOO and if you have time do Throne of Thunder, skip other raids and focus on mining and collecting herbs, fishing and farming food from beasts, sell that in AH.

Gold from transmog? depend on the server, the server i’m in is beyond hopeless when it comes to selling transmog.

9 thoughts on “Gold from old raids

  1. super nice chart. I’ve always looked forward to a bit a gold to go along with my adventures. Tomorrow is Raiding with Leashes which will surely rely on several visits to the Pandaria raids. Let’s hope I get rich!

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