So i did some PVP

I have no screenshot from the PVP event .. so here is a random one

Thanks to Alunaria post about pvp event, i did some PVPing, but it’s not really PVP, it’s more like Player vs AI, and calling that PVAI sounds like an alien word for “go away”, the idea here you are fighting against software not real people so i’m ok with that.

The AI for Arathi Basin is much smarter than the ones in Warfront, and they can be challenging, it is impressive to see AI try to play like real player, even jumping around.

I took a quest from Boralus to win 4 battle grounds and i joined the PVP queue, it does not take more than a minute to find a group, and it seems everyone knows what to do except me, i went there knowing nothing.

First 4 battles i was almost the last in the score board, but with every battle i learn more how to use all my abilities, i have to press all the buttons, this P vs AI is so useful to learn PVPing without going against players who did PVP for years.

Changing my abilities and focusing on killing the other team players made me jump into the middle of score board, not bad.

As for the rewards, i got few honor points, few conquest points, i reached Friendly level with The League of Arathor, killing AI players does not count as Honorable Kills, and each battleground gives just 80 honors, compare that to random battleground which gives 300 honor.

More importantly i earned enough Mark of Honor to buy 2 PVP transmog sets, Fierce Combatant’s Chain Armor and Bloodthirsty Gladitor’s Chain Armor.

I wish i started joining these battle from the start of the event not in the last 2 days, i learn by doing much faster than reading, so i learned that as a hunter i’m good at kiting, hitting people from far and running away from them while killing them slowly, i did that to a demon hunter and i’m proud of this little achievement, also traps have big role and throwing them every where helps my team.

Next time i’ll try to prepare myself, reading some PVP tips, using macros, maybe i’ll start to enjoy PVP?

3 thoughts on “So i did some PVP

    1. Now i’m thinking this AI is perfect to train healers and tanks, instead of going to dungeons with people you go with AI, and i guess this is part of Blizzard plan, i mean using AI even for dungeons and raids.

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      1. Yes. As I wrote, I think we might see AI as the new big thing. But I would suggest precaution. Or we will see the game move even further from encouraging the social aspect.


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