Month: May 2019

WoW graphics setting comparison

Here are 4 screenshots for 2 places, the first for the recommended setting which is number 4 in the graphics setting panel in WoW, the other is ultra setting or number 10, first screenshots for Uldum:

And these screenshots for Valley of Four Winds:

In Uldum screenshots you can see the ultra setting add more details, more greenery, better water reflection, more items like stone bench, more depth of field, better lights and shadows.

In Valley of Four Winds you can see tha lower setting depth of field have a fog effect.

Why i’m talking about that? because my low-end PC means i can’t see WoW as it should be; full of details, the world at Ultra setting is beautiful but my PC can’t handle it, the frame rate is low.

The other problem my PC have is how large is WoW right now, i mean when i go to Legion Dalaran the HDD work so hard to load the graphics and the models, it takes time to show everything, this gets worse in BFA to a point where i started avoiding going into BFA content because my whole PC is slowing down, instead i go to old content.

I’m sure this is a part of my frustration with my PC, Windows 10 is not helping here because it is hungry for RAM and HDD.

To get better experience the PC need better graphic card, more ram, and SSD instead of HDD.

Anyway, with Classic i should not have these problems, but i hope i can upgrade this PC, i want to keep playing some MMOs 🙂



Say there is a contest about WoW zones, you have to write about your absolute favorite one, which zone you’ll write about? for me it’s Uldum, i love deserts zones and real life deserts, i love them more when there is water.

A Desert is harsh environment, you see them in movies and video games as a places with howling wind, endless sand dunes, animal skulls, sometimes they show people are about to die from the lack of water.

That’s why i love to see pictures of deserts full of life, and life comes from water, i search the web for these pictures, imagine people in the old times crossing deserts for weeks or months, can you imagine how they feel when they see an oasis in the horizon? there is water and life, the shade of trees, people to talk to and exchange stories and news, merchants sell and buy stuff.

Uldum is full of life and death, the zone itself is a weapon, and it became a desert because the Tol’vir used that weapon against the Mogu, but water gave it life.

I love flying around this zone, i wish there is more content or thing to do in it so i can come back more, but apart from 3 mounts, there isn’t much to do unless you want to do archeology.

Here are some screenshots and some comments on them, that’s all i wanted to say and show, i love this zone, even more than Pandaria.

In Classic Beta

So many players!

With less than 48 hours in my account time i got beta invite, it was so tempting, i thought i’ll give it a try, there is stress test, and the game size is just a little over 4GB, so downloading won’t take long time.

First thing i saw was a queue time and this main screen, i’m easily excited by anything, but this screen and the music gave me even more of this feeling, August 27 can’t come fast enough.

Clearly there are so many people trying beta stress test because i faced many login queues, i get disconnected from the server, login again and repeat, i could not login, i tried again after few hours.

Made a random paladin with a random name, walked around took some screenshots.

Cat lady is here since vanilla? with her cat and axe!
ahh good old models, i can’t believe i miss them!
Class trainers will be useful again
Resistances … old stats … libram, i’m looking forward to fill these empty spaces

That’s all, i’m not going to play Beta again, i can’t wait for classic, just need to wait 95 days from now, WoW website have a countdown for Classic.


How can seasons work in WoW?


Diablo 3 is known for its seasons, and WoW is known for borrowing some ideas from Diablo, so it’s not weird to think about seasons in WoW, but the seasons in WoW should never ever be about leveling from 1 to 120.

First quick look at Diablo seasons:

  • You create a new character for the seasons.
  • You start without gold, Blood Shards or items.
  • Empty inventory and no tabs, you have to buy tabs.
  • No Paragon levels, you start at level 1.
  • Teach recipes for crafting NPCs again.
  • Some buff that change the meta game style.
  • Each seasons have multi-chapters or to-do lists of things to achieve, each chapter gives a reward.
  • The season last few months, by the end everything you gained goes to your main characters.

Why i’m writing about this? because Blizzardwatch wrote about it and i have some ideas.

Seasons in WoW could work if Blizzard willing to make them, they could make seasonal realms where the realm run for 1 to 3 months, if you make a character you start from zero .. or level one.

  • No titles, heirlooms, achievements, gold or anything else.
  • Do the season to-do list.
  • Get the rewards.
  • By the end of the season your account get the rewards, and the realm is wiped to start a new season after a week or two.
  • Each season have a theme.

Season themes could be anything, from basic ideas to some crazy ones, Blizzard could use seasons as a way to test ideas before implementing them in the main game.

For example, one season could focus one leveling from 1 to 60, do some dungeons, clear Molten Core and get the whole Tier 1 set, Monks, DK and DH are not allowed.

Another season could do the same for Burning Crusade expansion, but everyone start at level 60 with basic green gear, level to 70, do some dungeons, clear a raid and get a raid tier set.

These are basic ideas, but they could do something different.

Level from 1 to 10, finish quests in the starting zone, do one dungeon, if i’m not mistaken both Ragefire Chasm and Deadmines are open at level 10, win a PVP match!

Even i who hate PVP; i think PVP at low level is exciting and fun … you know, low stress.

Irongnome challenge! only gnomes allowed, level from 1 to 60, use only grey or white items, buy riding skill and a mount, level fishing and cooking to 300, don’t die!

Other ideas for seasons:

  • Stranglethorn only, the whole season is in this zone, include PVP arena activities.
  • Fishing season, because why not?!
  • Everyone is a druid, a druid only season.

As for rewards, this is a tricky part, seasons are much longer than micro-holidays so they need some rewards, achievements is an easy one, a title maybe, a pet or or cosmetic item for transmog, items from transmog sets removed from the game like dungeon set 1 in the post picture, consumables which gives cool effects, some coins like Darkmoon Faire tickets.

Of course Blizzard could do something better than what i wrote here, they can go crazy for the season themes and provide good rewards … if they are willing to work on the idea.

Three tokens for Classic

WoWScrnShot_052019_213537With the little gold i have i bought 3 WoW Tokens, my WoW time will end in 4 days, when Blizzard open Classic i’ll buy one month time then add the tokens which will give me 4 months.

I think this is it, time to say goodbye for WoW, i’m not going away, just waiting for Classic and then playing it, until then i’ll just play other games, Diablo season 17, some single player games.

I have a post for one zone i wanted to write for a long time, maybe i’ll write another post for the whole game.

Too soon to think about classic classes?

Epic_paladinWoW Classic is still few months away, but i can’t help it! i’m thinking about what will i play in Classic? have you thought about that? Classic was this thing that will come one day but now we know the date, i can start planning.

Ok, what class? first i’m thinking about playing Horde side this time, because why not? as for classes, i’m excited about playing these two:

Night Elf/Orc Hunter, taming a pet and taking care of it and train it, arrows and quivers, most weapons are hunter weapons, playing a hunter is not easy here, yes it’s easy to start but a little hard to master.

Also i love the idea of playing ranged and melee in the same time, in Classic a hunter can equip 2 one-handed axes and a bow at the same time, i find this idea so exciting.

Human Paladin, much slower to level than a hunter for sure, but the class fantasy (for a lack of better words) is appealing, there are auras, seals and healing, paladin class quests is something i’m looking forward to, there is the rich lore side too.

I’m not sure about other classes, later i may start a warlock or a shaman.

That’s all, it’s a hunter or a paladin 🙂

Classic is coming


It’s offical at last, WoW Classic is coming in August 27, and the game will open for everyone world-wide, that means some people have to stay late up at night to join the horde … er … i mean the crowd 🙂

As always, i’ll wait, i can see how starting areas will be so crowded it’ll be hard to finish any quest, remember there is no multi-tag mobs, once tagged by other players it does not count for you … but being in a huge crowd can be fun sometimes, so who know, maybe i’ll join them.

Also Blizzard announced 15th anniversary collector Edition, the Alabaster mounts alone makes me want to buy it.

Diablo season 17 coming in May 17

Some of season 17 rewards

Blizzard announced the date of the next season, the current one will end on May 12,  the next one will start in May 17, the main idea or theme for season 17 is this buff:

all Seasonal players will benefit from the Set bonus provided by Legacy of Nightmares.

Which means players will focus on getting legendary items instead of using set items, but there are set items and other rewards, as Blizzard’s post said; they will reuse old season rewards which for someone like me is a great idea, means i can get some of the rewards i missed in most old seasons.

Of course there will be a set for each class, and they look like this:


Of course the look is not the only important thing here, the set bonuses are important too, they are important to farm legendary items, which in season 17 will drop more as Blizzard said.

Honestly i like Demon Hunter set, all black sets looks good, but i’m playing Barbrian next season.

Check Blizzard’s post for more information.

An Awesome Ancient Power

model-maleIt’s still season 16 in Diablo 3, and we know what’s coming in season 17, it should reach main game at any day now, the main feature of season 17 will be this buff:

Player’s damage dealt is increased by 750% and damage taken is reduced by 4% for every Ancient Item they have equipped while having no Set Bonuses Active.

Which means to get the best gear you should not use set items, and seek ancient Legendary items, in Diablo 3 you can get so many copies of the same item, some of them better than the other, an ancient Legendary is the best version of a legendary item.

This buff is available in the game right now, to get it you have to get two rings:

I found one of the rings but the other did not drop for weeks, until today, so i used them with for my Barbarian and i used many ancient legendary items, the result was amazing, i mean i went from being slow to killing bosses in 1 hit, so i increased the difficulty  and still everything die from 1 hit, so i’ll keep adding difficulty levels until i reach a point where mobs take too long to die.

If there is a way to link my build i’ll write another post, i don’t know if any one reading this playing D3, but i’ll share it any way.

I’m enjoying this game way too much … send help 😛

Quick look at Albion Online


This game do so many things i like, for years i read about it, watched streams for it, visited the website many times (which btw is beautiful i think), the only thing kept me from trying it is PVP, it’s the main combat content in the game and that’s fine, it means the game is not for me.

But here i’m talking about it anyway, i thought i should just try it, and yes i like the game.

First thing i noticed is everything about this game tells me that the developers cared for its quality, the website is well done, the client for the game works well and designed beautifully, the game itself works fine and the interface is joy to look at.

I really love this game interface, it’s clear, easy to understand and use, the style is joyous, i care so much about the UI of anything, games or applications, a good interface makes using the app or the game fun, and that’s important, if the interface is confusing then the user will get frustrated.

Albion starts with character creation, it provide simple choices, your character looks does not really matter much because in the game the camera is far and you don’t see much of your character.

Notice low-poly character model,

And this is how you see your character in the whole game:


The game starts in the tutorial island, there is a simple story here where it guides you and teach you how to play the game, most of every thing is crafted, almost nothing drops from mobs except money and sometimes crafting materials … and sometimes gear.

So first thing you learn is gathering and crafting, and gearing up, the game have ideas i really like:

No classes, you can change your abilities as you like, mix them as you like, there are so many builds you can make for yourself.

No levels, instead you level skills by using them, level combat skills by killing mobs, gathering skills by gathering resources.

Gear provide abilities, a staff gives you magic skills, a sword gives you warrior skills and so on, even the type of armor gives you abilities.

Destiny Board is your guide and skill map, it’s a huge map of skills, you unlock each level by doing the requirement, killing number of mobs, gathering number of things, or crafting number of items.

PVE content, yes it is a PVP centric game but there is PVE content, there are dungeons and even solo dungeons (hell yeah!) there are bosses, and something called Expeditions, so in a way you can focus on PVE content.

You can play combat-less character, the game allow you to focus on gathering and crafting if that’s what you want, there is even gathering gear, now this gathering gear is an exciting idea for me, i wish to see that in WoW!

There are some items in WoW gives you plus-something for gathering, like Herbalist’s Gloves, which gives you +5 Herbalism, what i want is gathering gear for hardcore gathering/crafting players … i know this will never happen, but one can dream 🙂

Player Island and housing, an island can be upgraded to build many buildings on it, and you can have your own house.

It works on Linux, i know this have nothing to do with the game’s systems, but i have to mention it, it also works on Andriod.

As usual i write too much, i didn’t mean to 🙂 anyway, this is a quick look on Albion Online, i like the game, and i wish other games learn from it … i’m looking at you Blizzard.