Month: June 2019

Flair … a simple idea

MMOs give players things to show off, we like to do that or at least i think most people like to show off in MMOs, we use rare mounts or beautiful armor sets, we use titles to show off achievements, all of that you can find in many MMOs … and SWTOR add one more thing i like so much and it is simple: flair.

This short video explain it

Basically it’s an icon added to your character name and a decor added to the nameplate, other players can see both, they need to hover the pointer on you or click on you.

The game offer many of them, a lot of them bought from Cartel Market, some of them need a lot of work.

Blizzard … take this idea, it’s a great way to give players something to show off.

SWTOR websites

This is just a small list of community websites for SWTOR, they provide a lot of things to read and watch, i’m making this list for myself but maybe someone will find it useful.

Swtorista, if you are totally new to SWTOR then Swtorista is the best place/person to guide you, her videos are useful and entertaining to watch, i started watching her videos months before playing SWTOR.

SWTOR Strongholds, everything about housing in one place., another website with news and guides, for SWTOR and other games.

TORCommunity, guides, database and tools for the game.

Going commando, a weblog, it have in the sidebar many links to other SWTOR websites.

This Week in Aurebesh, another weblog.

So much to do in SWTOR


Top level in Star Wars: The Old Republic is 70, i reached that yesterday and the game gave me another way to keep leveling, i’ll talk about it in another post, in this post i’ll talk about what i did while leveling.

My main is a smuggler, i tried to focus on doing the class story line and i managed to finish the first big part of it, my main enemy is dead and with that i started new chapter which i think will be short, there is a new cunning enemy and i’m working for the Republic.

Planet story, each planet i visit have its own story which is shared between all classes but each class have different missions and there are missions shared between all classes, also there are Republic missions and Empire missions.

Weekly heroic missions, each planet have weekly missions, a little bit harder than normal missions and provide good rewards and credits.

Daily missions, some planets have daily missions and they provide reputation with some factions.

Crafting and gathering, so far i haven’t used anything from crafting while leveling, but i leveled crafting as much as possible so i don’t need to do that after i’m done with the planet missions, soon enough i’ll be able to make mounts (speeders) and items for housing.

Housing, they are called Stronghold, collecting items for them while questing and exploring, using the items to decorate the house.

Flashpoints, other MMOs call them dungeons, there is story mode for them which is a solo mode, Flashpoints provide stories and some of them connected to other flashpoints, the game provide for solo players a droid tank, the player do most of the damage and the companion provide healing, it’s 3 person group but 2 of them are NPCs.

Droid seeker missions, these missions feels a lot like archeology in WoW, you use a droid to dig up something from the ground, there are variety of missions and places where you can use the droid, some places offer items used to buy mounts.

Macrobinoculars missions, use binoculars to find stuff, good way to add different kind of exploring to the game.

Space Combat, shoot laser, hit other space ships, confusing and fun.

Conquest points, doing any activity gives the player conquest points, after filling the bar with points you get good rewards.

Finding Datacrons, each planet have Datacrons, cube items offer account-wide stats, some of them are hard to find or reach.

There is so much to do while leveling which gave me enough experience to reach top level, being level 70 does not mean the mobs are too easy to kill because the game scale the player to the zone level + 2, most of the mobs provide no challenge at this point but the elite and higher mobs could still be hard to kill … no too hard.

The game still new for me, so i didn’t feel bored at any point, it provide so many things to do while leveling, and all of that is available for top level players and the game add more for them, i’ll write about that in the next post.

This is what i mean when i say make leveling fun, variety of things to do, if i feel tired of questing i can do flashpoint, or crafting or decorating the house, and the game offer a system to guide you to do many things and reward you.

My average brown Wookie

He is brown … and tall

Before finishing the first zone or planet in SWTOR, you’ll get your first companion, he or she can play the role of healer or tank or DPS, they are useful and it does not make any sense to go around without them.

Each class in SWTOR have different companions, my main is a smuggler and the first companion is a human, Corso is a nice guy i like him, then i saw the next companion, he is a Wookie, the game is almost telling smugglers: here is your Wookie, now you can pretend to be Han Solo!

To get my Wookie companion i have to finish the story quest line for Nar Shaddaa, a moon city full of lights, it is one of these places that makes me love SWTOR, every where i go i see things makes me stop to look at them.

SWTOR outfits

Call it transmog, outfit or any other word, it’s basically showing off, it’s fashion for digital avatars, we collect virtual items to dress up our avatars, to make them look good, to announce that we finish this content to get this reward.

In SWTOR you have 16 slots for outfits, 1 free and 15 you have to unlock with credits or buy them using Cartel Coins, in the outfit window you can put whatever you want then save the outfit which will cost you some credit but then you can keep using that outfit as much as you want.

It’s separate from the gear, you can upgrade and change the gear and the outfit will stay as it is.

You can also change between outfits as you like, free of charge.

You can use any kind of gear even if you can’t equip it, for example a medium armor class can use heavy armor gear.

One thing i love about WoW transmog is the wardrobe, any unlocked gear is added to the wardrobe and you don’t need to store that piece of gear, in SWTOR there is no such system, you need to keep the item if you want to use it to make outfits in the future.

Also SWTOR outfits don’t include weapons, only armor.

I like the this system, except for the lack of wardrobe, unlike transmog; the outfit stays without change, which means no need to think about it, keep upgrading your gear, you’ll still look fabulous.

Current gear looks like this
Outfit 1


SWTOR Housing

Hologram NPC to start housing mission

After the first planet (zone) the new characters goes to the faction fleet station (major faction city) where they can find a hologram giving them a mission to buy a house, any house, but for new players the choices is limited, not complaining here because any house is better than none, and the game allow you to buy many houses later, you just need money.

You buy a house from these screens, each represent a planet
When clicking on a screen this UI shows, 2.5 million credits for a house in Yavin 4

The house i bought is an apartment in Coruscant, the whole planet is a city, the house costs just 7 credits! click on thumbnails to see the process for decorating the house.

The whole decorating system depend on hooks, which means you can’t do crazy stuff with it, compare that to Everquest 2 housing where you can’t put anything any where and put it in any size you want, players came up with creative ideas to use decorations in EQ2, SWTOR does not allow that … but … SWTOR housing is a million time better than no housing.

There is also guild housing, which gives guild member some useful perks and buffs.

Some decorations offer functions, like bank storage which is a character bank, there is Legacy storage which is account bank, and guild bank.

There are terminals to change your look and race, a mod table to improve your gear, cartel market terminal (auction house), mail box, vendor NPCs.

With these decorations you can have useful functions, and yet it does not mean players will stay there all the time, the house is a nice place to stay in when you wait for other stuff, like joining a group in a group finder to do flashpoints (dungeon-like instances).

I think SWTOR housing is good, the game offer you many housing items even before you get a chance to have a house, so when you start your house you have a large list of items ready to use in the house.

A stranger kindness


After finishing the missions in Ord Mantell i went to the Galactic fleet station, bought a speeder (mount), crew crafting skills and an apartment in another planet, i’ll write about it later, i didn’t want to go to the next planet after Ord Mantell, i wanted to do finish some achievements in Ord first.

So i went back and there someone whispered me about having a better speeder, so i talked with him and he offered me a cool new one, not only that he offered another speeder, both comes from Cartel Market, which means i can use them both with any alt … or that’s what i understood.

Then he asked me to go back to the fleet because he is going to give me better gear.

Now i was conflicted here, usually i will say “no, thanks” and keep going because part of me want to do that alone, to learn everything by myself, but i remembered how frustrating it is to try helping other people in WoW and they refuse it, so i agreed.

There he gave me 50k credits which is a lot for a new player, showed me a vendor to buy gear which was worse than what i have but it is upgradable, showed me another vendor to buy upgrades and the gear went from bad to the best i can have, my health for example went from about 1990 points to more than 3400, and i learned how to find the vendors and keep upgrading my gear.

He also gave me one crystal and one good looking blaster, both from Cartel Market, and the blaster is upgradable too, and after upgrading all my gear i still have about 35k of credits.

Then he invited me to his guild, how could i say no? so i agreed, now i’m in a guild.

Thank you Mikekirby, people like you make MMOs a better place.

First speeder, cool design
The other speeder


This is how my gear looks like now, it’s a whole set, i’m hiding the helmet.

Next post will be about my apartment, or housing in in SWTOR.

Back to Ord Mantell

Since i tried SWTOR back in 2018 i wanted to come back, the game is fun to play, it feels like WoW but in a different world, game mechanics feel the same, the combat, the mobs dropping items, the equipments and the quests, all of that feel familiar to anyone who played an MMO.

I bought 2 months time for SWTOR, i made female cyborg smuggler, there are 11 races in the game, some need Cartel Coins to unlock them, Cartel Coins are the SWTOR store coins, and there are 8 classes each with its own story, Smugglers start their story in Ord Mantell planet.

I was here before and it feels nice to come back and do all these quests again, the place is horrible of course, there is civil war, refugees, corrupted officials, honorable soldiers who try to protect the innocent, and i’m a smuggler who is here for profit but i’m too kind, i always try to help instead of ignoring people … which you can do in this game, sometimes you can choose to kill an NPC but that will make you slide to the dark side.

I was planning on writing about some mechanics and story but i won’t, i think this game is perfect for some WoW players, if you haven’t played it before then try it, it’s free to play, the mechanics and the systems are easy to understand, just need time to learn them.

As for the story, you need to see that yourself, you need to choose what will you say or do, choices here matter, it’s a personal story.

And now some screenshots: