Back to Ord Mantell

Since i tried SWTOR back in 2018 i wanted to come back, the game is fun to play, it feels like WoW but in a different world, game mechanics feel the same, the combat, the mobs dropping items, the equipments and the quests, all of that feel familiar to anyone who played an MMO.

I bought 2 months time for SWTOR, i made female cyborg smuggler, there are 11 races in the game, some need Cartel Coins to unlock them, Cartel Coins are the SWTOR store coins, and there are 8 classes each with its own story, Smugglers start their story in Ord Mantell planet.

I was here before and it feels nice to come back and do all these quests again, the place is horrible of course, there is civil war, refugees, corrupted officials, honorable soldiers who try to protect the innocent, and i’m a smuggler who is here for profit but i’m too kind, i always try to help instead of ignoring people … which you can do in this game, sometimes you can choose to kill an NPC but that will make you slide to the dark side.

I was planning on writing about some mechanics and story but i won’t, i think this game is perfect for some WoW players, if you haven’t played it before then try it, it’s free to play, the mechanics and the systems are easy to understand, just need time to learn them.

As for the story, you need to see that yourself, you need to choose what will you say or do, choices here matter, it’s a personal story.

And now some screenshots:


2 thoughts on “Back to Ord Mantell

    1. Me too, the game have its own charm, i can’t describe it, i thought i’ll just do some missions, hours later i’m done with everything in Ord Mantell! i didn’t want to stop … one more mission šŸ˜€

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