A stranger kindness


After finishing the missions in Ord Mantell i went to the Galactic fleet station, bought a speeder (mount), crew crafting skills and an apartment in another planet, i’ll write about it later, i didn’t want to go to the next planet after Ord Mantell, i wanted to do finish some achievements in Ord first.

So i went back and there someone whispered me about having a better speeder, so i talked with him and he offered me a cool new one, not only that he offered another speeder, both comes from Cartel Market, which means i can use them both with any alt … or that’s what i understood.

Then he asked me to go back to the fleet because he is going to give me better gear.

Now i was conflicted here, usually i will say “no, thanks” and keep going because part of me want to do that alone, to learn everything by myself, but i remembered how frustrating it is to try helping other people in WoW and they refuse it, so i agreed.

There he gave me 50k credits which is a lot for a new player, showed me a vendor to buy gear which was worse than what i have but it is upgradable, showed me another vendor to buy upgrades and the gear went from bad to the best i can have, my health for example went from about 1990 points to more than 3400, and i learned how to find the vendors and keep upgrading my gear.

He also gave me one crystal and one good looking blaster, both from Cartel Market, and the blaster is upgradable too, and after upgrading all my gear i still have about 35k of credits.

Then he invited me to his guild, how could i say no? so i agreed, now i’m in a guild.

Thank you Mikekirby, people like you make MMOs a better place.

First speeder, cool design
The other speeder


This is how my gear looks like now, it’s a whole set, i’m hiding the helmet.

Next post will be about my apartment, or housing in in SWTOR.

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