SWTOR outfits

Call it transmog, outfit or any other word, it’s basically showing off, it’s fashion for digital avatars, we collect virtual items to dress up our avatars, to make them look good, to announce that we finish this content to get this reward.

In SWTOR you have 16 slots for outfits, 1 free and 15 you have to unlock with credits or buy them using Cartel Coins, in the outfit window you can put whatever you want then save the outfit which will cost you some credit but then you can keep using that outfit as much as you want.

It’s separate from the gear, you can upgrade and change the gear and the outfit will stay as it is.

You can also change between outfits as you like, free of charge.

You can use any kind of gear even if you can’t equip it, for example a medium armor class can use heavy armor gear.

One thing i love about WoW transmog is the wardrobe, any unlocked gear is added to the wardrobe and you don’t need to store that piece of gear, in SWTOR there is no such system, you need to keep the item if you want to use it to make outfits in the future.

Also SWTOR outfits don’t include weapons, only armor.

I like the this system, except for the lack of wardrobe, unlike transmog; the outfit stays without change, which means no need to think about it, keep upgrading your gear, you’ll still look fabulous.

Current gear looks like this
Outfit 1


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