My average brown Wookie

He is brown … and tall

Before finishing the first zone or planet in SWTOR, you’ll get your first companion, he or she can play the role of healer or tank or DPS, they are useful and it does not make any sense to go around without them.

Each class in SWTOR have different companions, my main is a smuggler and the first companion is a human, Corso is a nice guy i like him, then i saw the next companion, he is a Wookie, the game is almost telling smugglers: here is your Wookie, now you can pretend to be Han Solo!

To get my Wookie companion i have to finish the story quest line for Nar Shaddaa, a moon city full of lights, it is one of these places that makes me love SWTOR, every where i go i see things makes me stop to look at them.

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