So much to do in SWTOR


Top level in Star Wars: The Old Republic is 70, i reached that yesterday and the game gave me another way to keep leveling, i’ll talk about it in another post, in this post i’ll talk about what i did while leveling.

My main is a smuggler, i tried to focus on doing the class story line and i managed to finish the first big part of it, my main enemy is dead and with that i started new chapter which i think will be short, there is a new cunning enemy and i’m working for the Republic.

Planet story, each planet i visit have its own story which is shared between all classes but each class have different missions and there are missions shared between all classes, also there are Republic missions and Empire missions.

Weekly heroic missions, each planet have weekly missions, a little bit harder than normal missions and provide good rewards and credits.

Daily missions, some planets have daily missions and they provide reputation with some factions.

Crafting and gathering, so far i haven’t used anything from crafting while leveling, but i leveled crafting as much as possible so i don’t need to do that after i’m done with the planet missions, soon enough i’ll be able to make mounts (speeders) and items for housing.

Housing, they are called Stronghold, collecting items for them while questing and exploring, using the items to decorate the house.

Flashpoints, other MMOs call them dungeons, there is story mode for them which is a solo mode, Flashpoints provide stories and some of them connected to other flashpoints, the game provide for solo players a droid tank, the player do most of the damage and the companion provide healing, it’s 3 person group but 2 of them are NPCs.

Droid seeker missions, these missions feels a lot like archeology in WoW, you use a droid to dig up something from the ground, there are variety of missions and places where you can use the droid, some places offer items used to buy mounts.

Macrobinoculars missions, use binoculars to find stuff, good way to add different kind of exploring to the game.

Space Combat, shoot laser, hit other space ships, confusing and fun.

Conquest points, doing any activity gives the player conquest points, after filling the bar with points you get good rewards.

Finding Datacrons, each planet have Datacrons, cube items offer account-wide stats, some of them are hard to find or reach.

There is so much to do while leveling which gave me enough experience to reach top level, being level 70 does not mean the mobs are too easy to kill because the game scale the player to the zone level + 2, most of the mobs provide no challenge at this point but the elite and higher mobs could still be hard to kill … no too hard.

The game still new for me, so i didn’t feel bored at any point, it provide so many things to do while leveling, and all of that is available for top level players and the game add more for them, i’ll write about that in the next post.

This is what i mean when i say make leveling fun, variety of things to do, if i feel tired of questing i can do flashpoint, or crafting or decorating the house, and the game offer a system to guide you to do many things and reward you.

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