Month: October 2019

My own Dust Bunny

In WoW Blizzard Call them battle pets, you collect them and maybe level them, in FFXIV they are called Minions, you can buy them with Gil (gold) or other currencies, also you get them from some quests.

First minion i bought was Wind-up Sun, it’s a light source but it does not move with you, and you need a potion to buy it, the vendor was hidden in some questing area, it’s like a reward for curious people.

In FFXIV there are factions called Beast Tribes, you gain reputation with them by doing daily quests and you get different currencies, i used the currency from one tribe to buy a Dust Bunny minion, and it is the cutest thing ever … just look:


I can’t tell you how cute this thing is when you /poke it and it drop the crystal and panic, i spent about 5 minutes doing just that 😀

PotD: 100+ levels dungeon

a trap turned me into a frog, waiting by the chest to open it!

Palace of the Dead is a 100+ levels Deep Dungeon in FFXIV, each floor is different and randomly generated, each floor have rooms (3 to 5 rooms at low levels more at high levels), mobs, chests and traps.

You can play it solo or with a group, your current level or gear does not matter, the dungeon have its own levels and gear.

Every 10th level you face a boss, if you defeated it you’ll get experience and save your progress so you can start at the next 10 levels, and outside the dungeon your character gain exp from the dungeon so it’s a nice way to gain some levels.

Also you get gear and loot from the dungeon … and that’s basically it, of course there is more details than that, this video explain it better:

I was doing the Main Scenario Quests but reached one part where my level is not high enough and i can’t get the quest, so i tried PotD and had so much fun, i gained few levels doing just that.

This is another idea i wish to see in more MMOs, random generated endless dungeons.

More from FFXIV


A new game is always fun to explore, so here is more notes about FFXIV.

Hiring a retainer, there is no bank in the game, i thought i have to carry everything with me, which means i’ll have to deal with the inventory, but i found out that you can hire a retainer, someone works for you and have inventory space to save anything, also works as auction house manager, and i read that you can send the retainer into quests and they level up, that is a cool feature.

Quests for features, the game explain itself with blue quests, you can’t use any feature without doing the quest first, and these quests are simple and elegant, instead of telling you what the features are it asks you to do something,

Breaking the fourth wall, sometimes the game itself talks to you directly, in other games an NPC will tell you to press CTRL+O to open something, in FFXIV the NPCs don’t do that, instead the game show text in a dark grey area explaining to you a feature.

Helpful help system, the guides in the game are so helpful and short, they explain the game so well i rarely need to look for information in webites.

Chocobo! the mounts that every one have, a yellow brid which can later fight with you or tank for you, it even heals you if you want, you can customize the bird with items or change its color, a mount here is investment not an item to collect.

The game provide other mounts to collect if you want.

Dungeon training, i love this feature, before going into dungeons you can join solo training which teach you the basics, then you can join group training, both are designed to be simple so you learn by doing stuff instead of reading about them.

Goofy! while the story can be dark in this game (and it will get darker in later levels), that does not stop it from being so goofy, silly and funny, i like it when developers don’t take the game so seriously.

That’s it for now, more to come later.

One brings shadow, one brings light


As usual, i’m too distracted to focus on one game, i bought Final Fantasy XIV, it’s an MMO i wanted to play for a long time, i tried it twice on free account before but i felt it’s too slow and i wasn’t happy about the character i made, but i know it’s a game worth playing.

This time i spent a lot of time making my character, in FFXIV you really don’t need alts because you can play all classes on one character, that include all crafting classes, or i should say Jobs, and there is 17 of them not counting crafting and gathering classes .. or jobs.

Sometimes i wish all MMOs use same terminology!

Anyway, the game is like many MMOs but it have it’s own … feeling? taste? style! yes, different style, there are zones, quests, mobs, gathering, crafting and story driven progress, if you follow the main scenario quests (MSQ) you’ll find the game linear but that does not mean you can’t go and make your own fun.

Here are some things i noticed so far:

No bags, the character start with full inventory space, i don’t know if you can add more but so far there are no bags, and there is a plenty of space, unlike other MMOs FFXIV does not make inventory management a struggle.

No looting, when you kill a mob it may drop things but you don’t loot them like in WoW, whatever it drops goes to your inventory space, no looting required, which means no need to go to each mob to do that.

Day and Night cycle, in WoW a day takes 24 hours, in FFXIV it takes way less than that, i don’t know how long but in one playing session i saw many days come and go, the night is dark and i don’t like it, but it does not take long for the day to come.

Change jobs by changing weapons, each job have it’s own set of gear, even crafting jobs have their own gear, first time i tried to change job my character dropped all gear and was almost naked! it was a nightmare! why i feel embraced by that? it’s a digital world.

Anyway, you have special inventory space for gear, and you can make gear sets, so you can equip whatever gear usable by your class with a click, that’s how you change jobs, you have to carry gear with you, but so far this is not a problem.

Crafting is a mini game, you level crafting and you get better gear and abilities, an item could go from normal quality to high quality, depend on your luck and skill, and i don’t know if i can mass craft anything.

That’s it for now.

All the coming void

At 12:40am i woke up from much needed sleep, it’s the curse of being light sleeper, any tiny noise wakes me up, and it’s hard to go back so i thought i’ll spend some times browsing the web, maybe i’ll feel the need to sleep later.

Nope! Blizzard decided to reveal the last patch of BFA, 8.3 named Visions of N’Zoth and it have all the deep purples and blues, or that is the theme colors anyway … so what do i do when i see something exciting? i make tea!


In last two weeks i didn’t play much WoW, i played some Maplestory, i’m starting to understand the game and that means i enjoy it even more, it’s a beautiful game and one of few that makes grinding fun, killing monsters is a valid way to level, even the game encourage that, so quests are often ignored.

Spoiler Alert I’m going to talk about some WoW 8.3 stuff, no story details but some new things, so maybe you don’t want to see that.


First, new allied races, Alliance gets Mechgnomes and Horde gets Vulpera, this alone makes me so happy, even if that means leveling another alt to 120, i know i’ll complain about leveling alts … but still, happy for the new races.


New hair style, cyborg parts, crazy looking mount and beautiful armor, what’s there not to love? some commenters are complaining about how the Horde getting the “easy” allied race … come on guys, look at this! for me i think the Alliance gets the better race.

Then there is Heritage armor for both goblins and worgens, i like them both but i wish the worgen one have less gold, the shoulders need some improvement, but i guess you can hide them.

Then there is the N’zoth visions, solo scenario like we’ve seen in Legion’s Mage Tower, but this time it scales for 1 to 5 players, and it have it’s own progress, you need a legendary cloak from Wrathion (yes … again!), i like this idea.

Anyway, will i play WoW again? no, Classic is enough, but there is a chance for me to upgrade my computer with better parts, more ram and some SSD, new CPU and graphic card, if i did that then yes .. i’ll go back to WoW.

Going to retail WoW with my current PC is going to be frustrating.