One brings shadow, one brings light


As usual, i’m too distracted to focus on one game, i bought Final Fantasy XIV, it’s an MMO i wanted to play for a long time, i tried it twice on free account before but i felt it’s too slow and i wasn’t happy about the character i made, but i know it’s a game worth playing.

This time i spent a lot of time making my character, in FFXIV you really don’t need alts because you can play all classes on one character, that include all crafting classes, or i should say Jobs, and there is 17 of them not counting crafting and gathering classes .. or jobs.

Sometimes i wish all MMOs use same terminology!

Anyway, the game is like many MMOs but it have it’s own … feeling? taste? style! yes, different style, there are zones, quests, mobs, gathering, crafting and story driven progress, if you follow the main scenario quests (MSQ) you’ll find the game linear but that does not mean you can’t go and make your own fun.

Here are some things i noticed so far:

No bags, the character start with full inventory space, i don’t know if you can add more but so far there are no bags, and there is a plenty of space, unlike other MMOs FFXIV does not make inventory management a struggle.

No looting, when you kill a mob it may drop things but you don’t loot them like in WoW, whatever it drops goes to your inventory space, no looting required, which means no need to go to each mob to do that.

Day and Night cycle, in WoW a day takes 24 hours, in FFXIV it takes way less than that, i don’t know how long but in one playing session i saw many days come and go, the night is dark and i don’t like it, but it does not take long for the day to come.

Change jobs by changing weapons, each job have it’s own set of gear, even crafting jobs have their own gear, first time i tried to change job my character dropped all gear and was almost naked! it was a nightmare! why i feel embraced by that? it’s a digital world.

Anyway, you have special inventory space for gear, and you can make gear sets, so you can equip whatever gear usable by your class with a click, that’s how you change jobs, you have to carry gear with you, but so far this is not a problem.

Crafting is a mini game, you level crafting and you get better gear and abilities, an item could go from normal quality to high quality, depend on your luck and skill, and i don’t know if i can mass craft anything.

That’s it for now.

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