Month: November 2019

Solo Mythic Hellfire Citadel

Thanks to Gnomecore for reminding me that Mythic Hellfire Citadel  could be done solo, so i did, and it was a smooth run, first boss is the problem in the past, now i did it with a hunter, i’ll try on other classes soon.

As for gold, i got 2967 gold, which is not much, in the old gold post you’ll see that LFR, normal and heroic HFC have more gold.

I also tested Siege of Origimmar, two runs on two alts, one who killed all the mobs and looted all the things, the other focused only on killing bosses:

  • Mobs looting = 3271 gold
  • Just killing bosses = 2196 gold

It seems Blizzard does not want to give the player more than about 3000 gold in raids, and i expect them to nerf the gold in the future, they did that with Cata raids.

What’s the point of a world boss?

With one main and three alts at level 120 i thought i’ll try to give them gear, a little of Benthic gear, doing war front, world quests, hitting the world pinatas, and slowly they get better gear while they upgrade Heart of Azeroth.

World bosses dropped nothing, just gold, even 15th anniversary bosses, i give up, it’s not worth the traveling and waiting, if they give a lot of gold it will be worth it but killing one mythic boss in SOO will give you more gold.

In the other hand, RNG was kind and gave me:

I’m just few days from getting flying in BFA, after that i’ll work more in giving alts better gear, or maybe i should just wait for 8.3.

Almost there


Reached revered with Rustbolt Resistance today, just need to reach revered with Waveblade Ankoan to get flying in BFA, the problem here is Nazjatar, i don’t like this zone, the terrain needs flying, so i’m stuck on the ground until i finish the grind to get flying.

I thought i’ll do Mechagon quests first, because the zone is much easier to navigate and reach any place without flying, now i have to do the same for Nazjatar.

Also i joined a guild at last, few months ago i tried to join a guild, even whispered to people but no one responded, this time someone talked with me and i thought why not, yes i’ll join, first thing i did is buying the guild tabard, it looks nice, dark green with white background, whoever made this tabard have a good taste.

This reminds me of old suggestion i sent for Blizzard, about updating the interface for the guild tabard and offering more choices for the symbols and offer new icons, the updated the guild chat interface which i like, they need to work on the tabard.

Anyway, trying to catch up with the players,  the anniversary buff is useful for reputation grind, so i’ll keep doing that.

Oh … i also have the anniversary mount, it was hard work! Outland bosses  were easy, the same for Cata bosses, but Northrend? now that took me a week of trying, Arthas was so hard, even when we did it, he killed most of the raid, i was one of 8 people fighting him 🙂


Screenshot (14)

Journey is an art piece, and it deserve its place an art museums, it’s a video game i can’t stop thinking about since its release in 2012, I played it back then and i was speechless, how can something be so beautiful? i don’t know how to talk about art, for me it’s a simple thing: i like it or not.

With this game not only i like it; i adore it, and i can’t find the words to describe why i feel this way, and now i can play it on PC, so i did, and i’ll do it many times later.

The game starts with showing the starting point and the end point at the same time, you start in a desert and your goal to reach a mountain, the journey between them is the game and the story, which the game tells it without a word, the environment is the story and the game let you interpret it in any way you want.

Screenshot (60)

If you never played the game then do it, and if you like the soundtrack then buy it too because it’s worth it.

That’s all i have.

How to get Shadowlands Transmog set?

If you bought Shadowlands Heroic or epic version, you’ll get a transmog set, or that what you thought, but there is no transmog set, you get a mount and that mount start the quest, but how? summon the mount, and look for a ball behind you, click on it:


you’ll summon an NPC who have a quest for you:


You need to collect 40 souls, which means a lot of killing, happy hunting 🙂

Back to WoW, and i’m lost

With more RAM and 2 SSDs i can finally see if they make any difference, and they do, the PC is faster, Windows is less annoying and my PC could live for more years, no need to buy a new one.

So now i’m in WoW and completely lost, i thought i’ll use the 120 boost on a gnome mage so i can finish the heritage armor quest line, but i need to grind some reputation for Gnomeregan first, but i could not do that, because i have to wait a day, for some reason Blizzard does not allow a boosted character to go into dungeons and raids, it’s not big deal.

After a day i went to Burning Crusade dungeons and cleared some of them, i went from revered to exalted quickly, teleported to Stormwind to pick the armor quest, it’s a short chain of quests starts in New Tinkertown and take the player into Northrend then back to Tinkertown, it’s a cool quest chain, not too long and give the Gnomes much needed lore.


I even changed how the my character looks to make her exactly like the character from Blizzard announcement.

One thing i enjoy so much after boosting a character is going into old raids and dungeons to collect transmog, and the mage with teleportation makes this so much fun, i even thought about switching my main to this character!

On my main (a hunter) i was lost, where to start? what to do? i stopped playing WoW in 8.1, so there is so much to do, but Genn Greymane didn’t leave me a choice, i’ll have to start with Nazjatar, after few quests i went to Mechagon and did many quests.

So i have to grind reputation with both factions to unlock flying in BFA, i’m having fun, i even miss the music of  … well … every zone! Tiragarde Sound and Boralus makes me stop to just listen.

Playing hunter made me remembered why i like this class … i see elite i go RAAAAAAA and shoot it in the face (if it have one!) and my pet hold aggro and just kill it without much effort, i also like Feign Death, drop aggro and skip mobs!

So this is the plan, reputation and leveling professions.

As for alts, i think it’ll be wise to wait for Shadowlands to level them, no point to do that now.


Time slowed down in Friday morning

Trying to install SSDs in my PC was an exercise in frustration, i know what cables goes where but the cables themselves don’t know how to behave! i was afraid i’m going to break something so instead i sent the PC to a computer shop, told them i have everything just put it together, i’ll come back tomorrow.

It’s been more than 15 years since i built a PC, things changed and i need to learn a lot, i need to build a PC again.

So i’m back home without my source of distraction, i picked a novel by Blodwedd Malloray, it’s a novel based on Secret World Legends, if you played the game then you’ll read about a familiar places and characters, i started with To Sir With love then London Underground, i liked them and they made me think of going back to play the game.

Without my distraction i went to sleep early, woke up early and picked the novel, it was 4:30 am and there isn’t much to do, hours later i was looking out of the window, it was a starting of a great day, i keep checking the time on my phone and it does not go as it used to do when i’m sitting in front of my distraction.

I forgot this feeling, i used to do this every day, start the day with a book and the day feel slower, i have so much time to do whatever i want, more than that the day feel quiet and peaceful.

In reality the day is not really that different than yesterday, the books made me slow down my mind, focus on one thing, finish reading the book (it helps that the story was captivating), and that what helped me to see what i could not when i’m distracted.

I need to do this more.

Hildibrand: agent of inquiry! Inspector Extraordinaire!


I know this is coming and i could not wait for it, after finishing the first quest line for A Realm Reborn i started a series of quests for a famous (maybe infamous) NPC: Hildibrand Manderville.

He is an Inspector, incompetent and every one meet him realize that except for his helper Nashu, and yet he manage to solve “crimes” thanks mostly to the players and people around him.

It’s a slapstick quest line, a comic-relief and mostly useless, you don’t get anything from these quests except comedy and cosmetic items later.

These quests have many weird things, dapper zombies! a quest where you have to massage Hildibrand with oil many times, angry vegetables, a cat women who solve problems with bombs, a thief who didn’t know that they are looking for him and he was trying to help the inspector! and so much muscles flexing from Hildibrand .. or Hildy as he like to be called.

These quests alone makes FFXIV worth playing, they’re funny, they’re over the top and tell me that the developer have a sense of humor, they don’t take the game so seriously and i like that.

And here is some screenshots without context

Screenshots from FFXIV

I’m preparing my PC for an upgrade, so before i delete everything i want to show some screens from Final Fantasy XIV.

The game offer so much to look at and beautiful places to explore, this is just from the old zones, i’m yet to explore zones for other expansion, i can’t do that yet because the game does not allow it, i have to finish the story line first.

First impression for Shadowlands


It’s Blizzcon season, and i have my tea, so let’s get right into it.

Shadowlands, i think this is the first time i’m not impressed with a WoW cinematic, i mean the story here not the graphics and the animation, Blizzard cinematic team is doing great work for a long time and i’m still waiting for them to make a movie, they can be better than Pixar and Disney … just imagine animation movies but in WoW universe.

I hope Bolvar have a better role in Shadowlands, and by the end of the expansion the we see the end of Sylvanas, and the return of Khadgar because i miss his dad jokes!

Anyway, the expansion itself … i honestly thought BFA will be the last expansion but i can’t say no to a new zones, after all i’m a tourist and i like going to virtual spaces, so yes i’m going to play it.

  • In 8.3 allied races and Pandaren will have Death Knights as a new option, i like that.
  • More character customizations, more diverse options … at last.
  • Level squish to 60, i should be happy about this but it depend how it’ll works, so far i like what Blizzard is doing, leveling at any expansions could mean leveling only in places i like.
  • A new player experience for levels 1 to 10, i’m curious about this.

I hoped there will be a new class, but i guess there is no time for it with all these changes and a new expansion.

Diablo 4, well there isn’t much to say here, i loved Diablo 3 and i’m going to play the new game.

That’s all, i don’t play other games, but i’m happy for people who waited for Overwatch PVE.

In real life news, i bought 32GB of ram and 2 SSDs, i need just to install them, which means i can go back to playing WoW, i talked before about how frustrating it is to play it with my current setup, so this will improve the performance a lot.

Later if i have a chance i may upgrade the graphic cards, upgrading the CPU is out of question right now, Intel i7 is expansive and i don’t know if it is worth it.