Solo Mythic Hellfire Citadel

Thanks to Gnomecore for reminding me that Mythic Hellfire Citadel  could be done solo, so i did, and it was a smooth run, first boss is the problem in the past, now i did it with a hunter, i’ll try on other classes soon.

As for gold, i got 2967 gold, which is not much, in the old gold post you’ll see that LFR, normal and heroic HFC have more gold.

I also tested Siege of Origimmar, two runs on two alts, one who killed all the mobs and looted all the things, the other focused only on killing bosses:

  • Mobs looting = 3271 gold
  • Just killing bosses = 2196 gold

It seems Blizzard does not want to give the player more than about 3000 gold in raids, and i expect them to nerf the gold in the future, they did that with Cata raids.

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