WoW goals and screenshots

I got flying recently in BFA and immediately i thought “now what?”, of course there is much to do, i just need a simple plan.

  • Shadow priest, level 114, grinding PVP AV for a mount, and maybe reach 120.
  • Arcane Mage, level 120, need to finish Class Hall quests and artifact looks.
  • Warlock, level 111, need leveling, i’ll try to do anniversary quests.
  • Unholy DK, level 100, leveling and Class hall quests + artifact look.

Darkmoon Faire is here, and it’s a good chance to grind reputation, and i miss the faire, i’m happy for what is coming in the faire in 8.3.

I found an addon called TodoChecklister, which you can use to make a todo list in WoW, you even can make a task to collect something, say 1000 Draenic Seeds and it’ll show for you the number of seeds you need to collect.

Alas the addon is account wide list not character based, it’ll be perfect if you can make a list for each character.

This addon should be part of many MMOs, you should be able to make your own quests, give yourself goals and do that in the game, and these quests have no reward and no experience, they are just goals to work on.

Since Warlords of Draenor i wanted this pet, at last i have it
New transmog for the Lightforged Draenei .. he make people stop to look, seriously!
Showing the light … tattoos? chandelier?
Working for this mount was fun, and it’s a great mount, i love it
Overly attached fire elemental … it did not want to leave!
First time to notice this, and the second English word in the game i found
Watermelon boat race!

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